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5 Best Alternatives For ChatGPT for Coding in 2023

In this article, I am going to list a few of the best ChatGPT alternatives but since it is the first article on ChatGPT on this blog, I would explain What is ChatGPT, its capabilities as well as the list of its coding alternatives. 

Best ChatGPT Alternatives for Coding

ChatGPT as a platform has been creating huge waves in the tech world. It was launched on 30th November 2022, and within one week of its launch it had already achieved 1 Million users, and by January 2023, it has already 100 Million users. These data show how quickly ChatGPT’s popularity is increasing.  Basically, ChatGPT is mostly used for writing and related stuff but it can do a lot of things as well.

If you are thinking that ChatGPT is only for getting answers in text form, then you are wrong, it can write codes too. For example, if I ask it to write code for making a login page in HTML and CSS. See what it did…

chatgpt codes

As you see, it gives detailed code for the same, and now, if you write to add CSS to this login page, it will do that too.  And, not only in HTML, it can code in almost all the programming languages such as Python, PHP, ASP, and so on.

The coding capability of ChatGPT is tremendous as far as I tried testing it, and you would also find it quite interesting when you sit for some time, and play with it with various commands.

I am a blogger, and I manage all the techs myself, so at times, I have to deal with some HTML, CSS, and PHP codes as well, so while fixing some of the problems on my site, I tried taking the help of ChatGPT, and found its ability to write accurate codes with ease to be quite impressive. When put to an actual test, it excelled with its outstanding performance. 

For example, I tried testing it to make a small program Calculator. It gave me a simple calculator without much design, then I asked it to add some CSS to make it look better, and it gave me this finally.

ChatGPT made a calculator for me

So, you can easily say that ChatGPT is great for coding. Don’t worry if you are a programmer, it cannot take your job but it will help you do things more efficiently while working on a big software development project.

ChatGPT is great for coding, and I am sure its new versions will be coming with more smartness as well. Although it is great, it is always good to have some alternatives. In this article, I will discuss 5 ChatGPT alternatives, especially for coding.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It is an AI Chatbot developed by OpenAI based on the GPT 3.5 and 4

It is a powerful tool for the powerful large language model chatbot. The chatbot is based on GPT 3, and now GPT 4 is launched as well. It is trained on the basis of millions of words from the internet and from among human users. ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI which is a company founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman. Microsoft also invested $10 Billion in ChatGPT development

ChatGPT is capable of decoding and understanding a vast amount of data to handle complex conversations with higher accuracy and intelligence. It can work for several purposes that include creating codes and writing content. 

Is ChatGPT Smart Enough?

I tested its smartness by giving the command “Please write code for browser alert box in Python” to which it responded that Python is not a suitable language for displaying an alert box in browser. And, also it suggested Javascript which is primarily used for client-side alert boxes, and wrote the code as well with details as you can see below in the screenshot…

Smart ChatGPT

So, we can easily conclude that ChatGPT is quite smart. You can try its smartness in different ways. However, it is still in its early phase; it will be more powerful, more accurate, and smarter in near future.

Best ChatGPT Alternative for Coding

If you have been creating codes using ChatGPT and enjoying the best possible experience with it and yet want to explore further betterment and improvement in your coding, it is advisable to check out the right alternatives for coding that can replace ChatGPT. 

Here we go with a few perfect alternatives for ChatGPT for coding. 

Note: Many of the alternatives of ChatGPT are based on GPT only on which ChatGPT is based but each tool has added various features to make things even easier for the users.

1. CoPilot

CoPilot is based on GPT 3 model developed by OpenAI Codex. The auto-completion capabilities of the tool have indeed been much impressive and interesting. The chatbot is quite a good option for working with the coding platforms such as VS Code, Neovim, and JetBrains. It is developed and offered by GitHub and has options for cloud workflows with GitHub Codespaces. 

CoPilot does provide support for multiple language support – it can work with as many as 12 languages. This would include JavaScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby/Swift/TypeScript, and BASH. The model is trained by billions of lines of open-source code which is obtained from the public domain. 

A few features offered by CoPilot can include:

  • It is one of the best options for multi-language support
  • Compatibility with multiple coding platforms 
  • Even when it may not provide the best code ever, it works well with the best human interaction.
  • Easy import of CDNs
  • Ease of getting an algorithm 
  • Quicker snippets 
  • Helps learn the coding at its best 
  • Expensive price tag
  • Slower code generation

2. Tabnine

Tabline is yet another unique and excellent option for the best alternative to ChatGPT for coding. It has been able to earn a name for itself in the IDE market. The support for multiple languages is what would make it a formidable pick for almost every need that you may have. 

A few features that you would find on Tabline include:

  • A powerful code completion plugin on the platform 
  • Adheres to the open-source licensing 
  • Your code is free from plagiarism and copyright infringement 
  • The private AI model is trained to create the code in your own personal style.
  • Helps create your own AI model 
  • Requires  a very minimal context 
  • Easy to install and configure 
  • Available for all major coding platforms 
  • It comes with a heavy extension
  • May not work with the low system memory 

3. Amazon Codewhisperer

Amazon has proudly developed a powerful option in the form of Amazon Codewhisperer for an enhanced experience in coding. It is designed for an excellent ability in pinpointing, comprehending and debugging code problems. The use of sophisticated machine learning is one of the huge strengths offered by the platform. 

A few of the features offered by the platform would include:

  • The tool has access to both natural language processing and machine learning protocols. 
  • It can review any code and pinpoint the errors. 
  • The tool is known for providing you with the best in-depth analysis of your code.
  • Works best with Amazon AWS
  • A hugely powerful security strength 
  • It can help with comment suggestions along with code suggestions 
  • You may need to be in the waiting list to get access
  • Limited language support 

4. Polycoder

Polycoder is yet another excellent option for coding that you would find quite impressive in achieving a great degree of experience when it comes to the best coding. It is based on OpenAI’s Codex and is built on GPT 2 model. It is trained on over 49 GB codebase written in 12 distinct programming languages. 

Some features that you stand to gain with the Polycoder would include:

  • You can create code for web applications, machine learning, natural language processing and more.
  • Faster generation of codes is appreciated among the developers
  • The model is created by the researchers at  the Carnegie Mellon University
  • An affordable option for the basic coders 
  • A powerful natural language processing capabilities 
  • Open source features 
  • Based on GPT 2 and may appear outdated

5. DeepCode

DeepCode is a powerful AI based platform that assists you in writing the code with ease and simple steps. The tool can write the code more efficiently and securely. The platform makes use of the machine learning algorithm for analysing the code and suggest you the improvements dependent on the best practices and the right coding norms. It does support multiple coding languages such as JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, and more.

A few of the features that you would find interesting can include:

  • It provides you with an intelligent code analysis for addressing common code errors and other vulnerabilities 
  • It doubles up as a great learning tool 
  • The support for collaborative coding is yet another unique option.
  • Enhanced code security that detects possible code errors.
  • While writing the code by yourself, there are suggestions to write code better and faster.
  • Integration with various code editors, including Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ, and GitHub.
  • You can learn coding with it if you use it wisely. 
  • Limited language capability
  • It can come up with false positives at times. It would require an internet connection to work.

    Why ChatGPT Alternatives for Coding Required?

    If you ask me, I don’t need any alternatives to ChatGPT because I am loving it, and I can simply work with it quite well to get some amazing codes for developing amazing applications. But, there are many users who look for the alternatives, and that is why I shared 5 of such alternatives.

    A few of the reasons that would make it obvious and a good  option to go with the ChatGPT alternatives for coding and writing would include:

    • Specialised tools can provide an outstanding performance: ChatGPT is a general-purpose tool and that is why it may not be the right option if you are into the specialized coding requirements. If you want an application specifically designed for specific coding, it is always advisable to choose the right code that goes well with your requirements and expectations 
    • Collaborative work option: If you are working on a project with your team, you will need to work on the same tool across all the members of your team. While you can use ChatGPT for an effective collaboration, it may not be as efficient as the other special tools that are specifically created for the purpose. 
    • Personal Preferences: Your own personal preferences may be yet another  reason why you may need to look for ChatGPT alternatives for coding. 
    • Limitations in ChatGPT:  ChatGPT is definitely a powerful tool, but it may not have all the features that you would be expecting in a powerful coding solution. It does come with its own limitations. It is likely to struggle when it comes to certain complex tasks. 


    ChatGPT is definitely a great tool to write content, code apps & websites, and does so many jobs but, when it comes to coding, a coder may want more features in the tool that offer things in a different and easier way to get the job done more quickly.  Thus, there is need of alternatives to it, and there are many such tools which are even based on the same technology but have various feature in the GUI that helps the user in a big way. Hope you loved these alternatives to ChatGPT for coding purpose.

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