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How to Make Money Using ChatGPT? (Earn Upto $1500/Month)

ChatGPT is one of the most talked about things in the tech world, and it deserves all the attention. It is an AI chatbot that can do a lot when you ask it to do such as Writing a blog post, an email, or anything. It can even code for you. A few days ago, I read news about how it helped a person find his old gone money.Where everyone is scared of losing jobs because of ChatGPT, it is, at least for now, a great tool for making some quick cash as well. You can earn more than $1500 a month if you know how. In this article, I will be explaining how you can make money with ChatGPT.

If you want to read more about what people are giving their statements about ChatGPT, you should read various Surveys, as nowadays, there are many online surveys available that help you know the impact of ChatGPT, and how people are taking this. For example, a Survey says that ChatGPT started to replace humans in America already which may leave you thinking about the future. You can read more surveys to stay informed! Moreover, I would advise you not to think much, and consider ChatGPT as a helping hand in your work, and you will be amazed that how it improves your quality and quantity of work quickly.

Moreover, let me get back to the main topic where I was talking about making money with ChatGPT

Ways to Earn Money Through ChatGPT

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1. Copywriting

Although the speculations are that ChatGPT will either readily or completely replace Copywriting in near future, you can make money with ChatGPT by copywriting as of now.

Copywriting is writing text that is used for sales and marketing. You have to spend hours thinking of some creative headlines and ad copies. It has been a great job for a long time. But, nowadays, as ChatGPT is there, you can take help from it to generate great sales copies, and then give your creative touch to those copies to make them unforgettable.

Earlier if you were writing 2 ad copies in an hour, you can write 10-20 such ad copies with the help of ChatGPT in the same time duration. This way, if you are a freelancer, you can earn more because you can do more jobs in less time.

How to Go About it?

  • Prepare a sort-out plan regarding the framing outline of your copy.
  • Extract valuable keywords and frame a better meta description via AI.
  • Research results generation regarding the product performance on the market.
  • Frame a cohesive flow with exact samples generated via Chat GPT.
  • Draft your copy, send it, and take payment.

For Example, I asked ChatGPT to write an ad copy, and it gave a good one, then again, I gave it a keyword and asked to include that and then write an ad copy, and it did that pretty well too.Example ad copies generated by ChatGPT

These are well written but, you can add your human touch to them to make them even better, and then give them to your client. He will be impressed for sure.

!When Humans and AI come together Magic happens!

2. Content Editing

ChatGPT is best known for Content writing, and so in editing. You can just give your content to ChatGPT, and ask what you want to edit in that. It will do that in seconds. Manual editing will not allow you to take up more jobs at once if you are working as a freelancer. But, with ChatGPT, you can take up more jobs at once, and get help from it to make things quicker. However, I would always advise giving your personal touch before finalizing the work you got done by ChatGPT.

How to Go About it?

  • Write in Please edit the following content, “……………………………….”  And you will get well-drawn AI standard content edited and readymade handed over to you.
  • Ask ChatGPT for specialized edits on text. It will do it for you. Please edit the following content in the past tense, “……………………………….” 
  • ChatGPT also has features of language-specific editing assistance. You can ask for the rules to apply to American, British, and Australian English. Please edit the content piece in British English, “……………………………….” 
  • With top-notch editing requisites, you can get as many clients as you want. Willing to pay good money.

3. Online Research Assistance

We all know that research takes a lot of time. Research Assistance is another work that you can do via ChatGPT without worry. If you do research online, then ChatGPT can help you do your work quicker. I won’t advise you to do the research completely with ChatGPT but for a fraction of the research where you think you are not getting good material, you can ask ChatGPT to do it, and it will give you some good data. You can then cross-check that, and finalize.

Point to note that, ChatGPT may provide some wrong stats as well. So you must always cross check the information.

How to go About it?

  • You can take up publicly available research queries with big think tanks and journals.
  • Prepare a draft of necessary questions.
  • Keep the draft handy and get ChatGPT to answer them.
  • Prepare a composite draft of the material. 
  • Send it to a journal, publications, and think tanks, and take your payment.

4. YouTube SEO

There are many YouTubers who are good at making videos but are not good at SEO. Thus, they hire professional YouTube Marketing Professionals to optimize their Titles, descriptions, and tags.

This is an amazing job, and you can do that easily if you know SEO but being a human you may not be able to do a lot of jobs at once. But, when you have ChatGPT along, you can take up more jobs, generate amazing Titles and descriptions for each video, then make some edits, and send it to the client, he will be impressed by the speed and quality of work.

Additionally, you can write scripts for YouTube videos as well. There are many YouTubers who keep looking for Scriptwriters. ChatGPT will help you pretty well in this job as well.

5. Writing and Selling Poems

If you have been working on Writing Poems for your blogs or for clients. Then, ChatGPT can help you so well here as well. You can ask it to write a Poem related to anything. You can give your requirement, and it can do your job so well.

Poem writing manually is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time and thoughts to complete even a small poem but ChatGPT makes it very quickly which can boost your poem-writing business.

For example, I asked ChatGPT to write a poem based on Moon for kids, and here is what it is written…

Moon Poem by ChatGPT

Being a poet, you can make changes a bit and give them to your client. I don’t advise you to just get anything from ChatGPT and give it to the client rather get help from ChatGPT, and then add your personal touch then share it with your client or even publish it on your blog.


I have just shared a few jobs that you can do using ChatGPT and make money online quickly. All it does is make your job easier, and thus, you can take more work, and earn more money. There are other jobs as well such as Content writing, Coding, creating courses, and so on which you can do using ChatGPT, and earn a lot of money! So, these are how you can make money Using ChatGPT.

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