When Did I started Shopping Online?
I have been looking for ways and means that I can use to shop online conveniently even when I have less money for a long time now. I know how much some items are important and if I do not have them, then I will feel like I do not have life. The best thing… (1 comment)

How to Back up and Restore MS Exchange Server Data Offline?
Steps for taking Backup of an Exchange database offline: Before starting the process, you must know some basic information. Always determine that whether the circular logging is enabled, not for the storage group as it is disabled by default. To check, in Exchange System Manager, open the properties of the storage_group object and view the… (2 comments)

How to Improve Your Typing Speed?
Typing speed is something I love to improve even my job is not of a typist but I love when I type faster.  I started using computer late in the year 2006, I used to type by seeing the letters one by one. Gradually I became used to of computers during my BCA studies but… (33 comments)

Apple Mac OS X Yosemite Released
Finally the much awaited update of the year is here. Yes, we are talking about Mac OS X Yosemite which is now available for the public. In this post you will get to know everything about Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. There is also a how to upgrade section where you can learn how to… (8 comments)

How to Remove Duplicate files from Mac based Systems
There are many different reasons for the accumulation of duplicate files on Mac. Some practices like keeping more than one copy of the file on the system, often leads to data redundancy. For example, while synchronizing your mobile devices with iPhoto library on Mac, you might experience data replication. In addition, you might need to… (2 comments)