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How to Brighten Up Your Web Designs with Cool Vector Illustrations?

In today’s era of digital progress, content creators and marketers find it challenging to retain consumers on their text-filled platforms. This is because video content is progressing at pretty much speed, and they are somehow replacing text-based platforms. But, if you have a text-based content site or platform, you have to think out of the box to retain the audience. You need to include unique and appealing visuals to attract the audience’s attention which further helps in reducing bounce rates of your website. Further, it helps in getting more organic traffic, and the chances of conversion increases. Besides, recent scientific studies show that images are processed by the human brain 60,000 times faster than text. That says it all, that images are superior to text.

Moreover, if you club your text along with amazing attention-grabbing images and art, it will really help you to keep your audience on your site for longer.

Vector illustrations offer many benefits, like crisp lines, vibrant colors, and flexible editing options. These high-quality graphics help you deliver correct messages and keep users hooked to browse further on your website.

In this article, I am going to explain the various uses of vector images in design and highlight trendy illustrations that can enhance your creative materials. Check it out!


What Are Vectors in Web Design?

Vector illustrations are digital graphics created in specialized software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW) using mathematical formulas, which allow them to be infinitely scalable without losing image quality. Unlike raster images that consist of pixels, vector images are based on paths, curves, and anchor points. To make it simple in words, vectors look like drawings composed of lines, shapes, and colors.

Vectors offer unique properties that make them highly versatile and valuable in web design:

  • Scalability: Since a vector image doesn’t lose its quality on zooming or stretching in the right ratio, it allows you to scale it to any extent based on your requirements. Scalability is crucial for web design, as the images can be resized without any loss of clarity which ensures a seamless viewing experience across different sized devices and screen resolutions.
  • Editability: Each line, shape, and curve is a separate element in a vector image which allows you to manipulate the entire composition the way you want. For example, adjust a shape, change colors, or add and resize new visual elements. This flexibility grants endless creative possibilities and ensures that you can use vector graphics to suit specific design requirements and brand aesthetics.
  • Small size: In a vector file, all data is stored in mathematical formulas rather than individual pixels; therefore, it is simple for the computer system to process. Thus, they are smaller in size. In general, vectors weigh two times less than rasters. This efficiency makes vector graphics ideal for web design and digital applications, as smaller file sizes contribute to faster loading times and a smoother user experience. And, needless to say, if your website has a good loading time and a smooth user experience, Google ranks you higher than slow-loading websites.
  • Unique formats: You can save vectors in different file formats, choosing them depending on your goals. The most common vector formats are SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, and CDR. For example, SVG, widely utilized for web graphics, provides excellent scalability and supports rotations and filter effects, making it ideal for animated scenes.

How Can Vector Graphics Be Used in Designs?

Vectors in graphic design can bring creators plenty of opportunities. All thanks to their unique properties. Here is how you can use vector graphics in projects.


The logo is one of the parts of a business or website that represents the whole business. Audiences know a lot of companies not with their name but their logo. If your logo is attention-grabbing, it is easy for audiences to remember it.

If you are looking for a creative logo for your brand, the use of Vector Graphics can be great. An excellent example is the logo of the brand Adidas which is a sportswear brand. Its logo features three vector lines representing the obstacles athletes overcome. To create such metaphors, all elements of your logo must be easily editable, allowing for changes in color and the depiction of various objects using simple lines. Since vector graphics are highly editable and scalable, creating such logos can be great using them. 


Every successful brand is easily recognizable by its specific color palette, such as Coca-Cola’s iconic red. However, brand identity goes beyond color and includes other elements that make a brand uniquely identifiable, such as repetitive patterns. To design these distinctive branding elements, you need editable graphics. Vectors offer the perfect solution, allowing designers to easily modify colors and incorporate unique patterns, reinforcing the brand’s visual language and creating a cohesive and recognizable image.


The use of light, unobtrusive illustrations in web design has become increasingly popular, thanks to the versatility of vectors. Digital illustrators offer their work as separate vector elements, allowing designers to download and combine various characters, flowers, and geometric shapes to create striking and cohesive website illustrations. 


Icons are very important elements in designing user interfaces. They provide intuitive visual cues and represent various actions or functionalities. For example, when you see a magnifying glass picture, you intuitively understand that it represents a search bar on a website. When you see Hut icon in menu, you understand that clicking on that will take you to the home page of the website. The advantage of working with vector icons lies in their editability, allowing for easy customization to make them distinct and consistent with a brand’s identity and style.


In industries where businesses offer complex products or services like IT and marketing solutions, effectively communicating benefits to customers can be challenging, especially with numerous similar offerings on the market. Infographics facilitate an appealing and easily understandable manner of presenting information. The combination of vector icons, illustrations, charts, and diagrams enhances storytelling and fosters a more digestible information presentation. Such shareable projects allow you to communicate your business benefits effectively and increase brand visibility.

Typography and Lettering

Typography and lettering can help you convey different emotions and messages. For modern brands seeking a stylish and clean aesthetic, the Montserrat font is a popular choice. A vast selection of typefaces allows you to create unique and impactful designs for branding or UX purposes. Using vector-based software, designers can modify existing fonts, tailoring them to align perfectly with their desired style. 

User interface (UI) design

Modern UI design emphasizes simplicity and flatness, favoring clean aesthetics over complex, realistic images. Vectors offer streamlined visuals that align with minimalist principles in web design, avoiding excessive details and color complexity. 


The flexibility of vector files allows you to create simple animations. You can duplicate and modify elements within an image, transforming and manipulating colors, shapes, and sizes. You can also combine these modified elements into interactive scenes, bringing static visuals to life using specialized animation software like Visme or Adobe Animate.

5 Popular and Cool Vector Designs For Your Projects

To create legal, commercial projects using vector images, you must ensure that downloaded visuals have appropriate licenses for your business needs. The best sources to find licensed content are photo stocks. 

Depositphotos is a reputable stock content marketplace that offers millions of royalty-free visual and audio files. Browsing https://depositphotos.com/stock-vectors.html, you can discover 60+ million HD vector art and graphics created by professional illustrators and designers. I am mentioning this platform because I have been using their website for such illustrations for my various blogs for more than 5 years, and they never dissappointed me by offering amazing vectors. Files are sorted into trendy collections and thematic categories, making your search process quick and efficient. After you find a liked vector picture, you can download it in various sizes, resolutions, and file formats, simplifying the integration into your design project.

Here are some of the most demanded vector illustration styles on photo stocks: 

#1. Flat designs 

Flat designs have become a prominent trend in the design world, characterized by minimalistic and two-dimensional objects. This style has become a canon thanks to Apple, which deviated from the dominant skeuomorphism with the release of its iOS 7 in 2013. Flat vector illustrations are highly sought after because they greatly simplify design perception. They are particularly suitable for web design and mobile application interfaces, offering functional convenience through their graphic simplicity and two-dimensionality. 

#2. Isometric illustrations

In design, isometry refers to a visual technique representing three-dimensional objects in a 2D space. Isometric illustrations are a long-term trend in web and application projects because they allow creators to show more surface details with less complexity. 

Isometric vector designs are especially popular in video games, infographics, and mobile applications. The isometric style offers a visually appealing way to represent complex subjects in a simple manner, making it a go-to choice for technological companies. 

#3. Geometric patterns

Despite their simple appearance, geometric patterns hold a unique charm and deep symbolism. Shapes like circles and rectangles carry specific meanings, such as balance, harmony, stability, and order. Incorporating geometric vector patterns into web design allows you to effectively convey your company’s vision and values. Moreover, these visuals enhance aesthetics and establish visual hierarchy, guiding user attention and prioritizing information.

#4. Line art

Line art vectors emphasize clean shapes and the absence of shading. Such images have become especially popular in web design in recent years because they deliver a sense of elegance and minimalism. By playing with a degree of touch, illustrators can create a special atmosphere in their art. For example, bold lines allow you to highlight a specific scene. The line art style is especially popular in corporate branding, logos, and product packaging.

#5. Floral motifs

Floral motifs hold symbolic meanings, with each flower representing concepts such as love, growth, or beauty. By incorporating flower motifs into designs, you can highlight special brand features and convey specific messages. For example, Chanel utilizes camellia images in their designs, advertisements, and product packaging to represent elegance and luxury. 

Floral illustrations are especially suitable in the beauty industry, where brands aim to convey eco-friendliness and natural product composition. Using flower motifs, companies can evoke a sense of purity and organic beauty. 


Vector graphics are a powerful resource for enhancing digital design projects. Their ability to deliver simplified and minimalistic aesthetics, with clean lines and concise information, contributes to visually pleasing and uncluttered designs. This minimalist approach adds an element of elegance and sophistication, enhancing the overall appeal of your digital project. To download trendy vector illustrations, you can browse the Depositphotos platform which is one of my favorites for getting vectors. Moreover, there are many platforms you can check as per your requirements. 

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