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6 Tips On How To Increase Your Conversion Rate

If you have your own business in 2021, then you already know how important it is to market it online as well. While the years of handing out flyers and using billboards are certainly not gone and probably will never be, the truth is that those marketing techniques alone cannot help you reach the success that you are striving for. In other words, you will need to turn towards the online world as well, since that’s the only way you can grab people’s attention and increase your online visibility. Go here to learn why you need a website.

Creating a website, though, is far from being the only thing that you will need to do. After all, you do want that site to be seen by someone other than your friends and family members. That is precisely why you will need to invest in all kinds of online marketing techniques, with the aim of increasing your visibility and your audience. Of course, that needs to be the right type of audience, because you want to convert your visitors into customers.

Given that you are here, I believe it’s safe to assume that you are already aware of the importance of conversion. It’s also pretty logical that you have a website already and that you are aware of its importance as well. So, today we are going to talk about something more concrete, something that will actually help your website become more successful. In case you couldn’t have guessed it, I’m talking about improving your conversion rate.

As you probably know, there are quite a few tricks and techniques that you can use with the aim of increasing your conversion rate. Well, it’s time to take a look at some of those. This way, you will know precisely what to do in order to convert more visitors into customers and thus drive your whole business towards success. So, let’s get started.

If you are still confused about what conversion rates specifically are, you should read this: https://www.marketingterms.com/dictionary/conversion_rate/

  • Add Testimonials And Reviews

In order to attract customers, you’ll need to start thinking like one. Everyone knows how important psychology is in marketing and I am sure that you already use it to your advantage. Well, you should continue using it when you go online and you should start with realizing that nobody wants to be the first buyer of any products and services. What can you do about it, though?

I am sure that you have already had at least a few buyers, and that is something that you should certainly use to your advantage. If you want to convince your future customers that they aren’t the first ones to use your products or services, you’ll need to show it. In simple words, you should add testimonials and reviews to your site, so that any future visitors can see what your previous buyers have to say.

  • Don’t Add Unnecessary Form Fields

Using forms is absolutely necessary, since you get to collect people’s emails, which can lead towards turning them into paying customers. Yet, when people see a form that has too many fields, most of which are unnecessary, they will get discouraged from leaving your information. If you think about it closely, you’ll realize that you would do the same thing. You would either decide that filling out the form is not worth the trouble, or you would get sort of scared about all the information that you need to reveal.

The bottom line is that you should remove any unnecessary form fields. Make sure to keep only those fields that play a critical role. You will get much more leads this way, which is the whole point. Keeping the form fields to a necessary minimum will most certainly help increase your conversion rate, so don’t forget to keep this trick in mind at all times.

  • Create The Perfect Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages are probably the most important tools when it comes to converting visitors into customers. There is absolutely no way that you will be able to increase your conversion rate without creating squeeze pages that are perfectly designed. Now, I am quite certain that you know what squeeze pages actually are, but the truth is that you might not be sure about how to actually create a perfect one.

Sure, you can create one without thinking too much about it, but it probably won’t be as effective as you would want it to be. If you want your squeeze page to have any effect at all, you will need to put some great effort into it. Of course, in case you are creating it for the first time, it’s perfectly normal for you to be a bit confused about how to actually do it.

Well, here’s the thing. There’s no need to worry, since you will be able to find all the information you need on the Internet. There are quite a few useful sources that can offer you some great tips and guidelines on how to create a squeeze page that will convert. So, make sure to find a reliable source or two and use their tips in order to create the perfect squeeze page. You’ll be surprise with just how big of a difference this can make.

  • Add Live Chat Option

Imagine that you are interested in buying a certain product or a specific service. You found it online and you are one step away from ordering it from a particular website. Yet, you have a question or two and that’s making you uncertain of your purchase. You figure that sending an e-mail won’t be much of a solution since you will probably have to wait for ages for a reply and chances are that you won’t get a reply at all. This is how most customers feel and you can rest assured that your potential customers will feel that way too.

Most of those customers will give up their purchasing intention because they won’t get those answers to their questions and concerns. Is there, however, a way to solve this problem? Fortunately for you, there is a solution. All you have to do is add a live chat option to your website. This will undoubtedly lead to an increase in your conversion rate (additional info), which is basically the whole point.

  • Strengthen Call To Action Copy

Your CTA copy is one of the most important things that will either make you or break you. People are sort of tired of the old “sign up” and similar buttons and formulas, which means that you should put some effort into strengthening this copy. Checking out what your competitors are doing in this regard is a good idea. So is hiring an expert to help you find the right formula for you.

  • Add A Countdown Timer

Here is another simple trick that might make a huge difference. People will get worried that they might miss out on a great opportunity when they see a countdown timer on your landing page. So, adding this timer might just be what you need in order to increase that conversion rate. Try it out and see for yourself.

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