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12 Best Romantic Bedtime Story for Girlfriend

Girls are generally habituated to listening to bedtime stories while they go to sleep. So, it is of course a very good way to make them dream of you. Romantic bedtime story for girlfriend can stand out to be a game-changer.

Here, in this article, we have prepared a long collection of cute short stories to tell girlfriend before they go to sleep. You can add details from your own relationship experience as well. This will grow her interest rather more.

Why are Bedtime Stories Important for Your Girlfriend?

What is your opinion? Do you think that bedtime stories are important? Yes, they are. It will strengthen your bond with your girlfriend. Moreover, your girlfriend is going to have a sound sleep after listening to such amusing stories. 

Make her feel how much you love her. Be her Prince Charming. Gather more stories to tell your girlfriend before bed and surprise her with the twists and turns. She needs to listen to stories with happy endings. It will help her stay positive with your relationship forever.

Best bedtime story for girlfriend

Love in difficult times

Gerald and Elaine are on a lunch date. Elaine, who always dresses as sharply as she could, was wearing her sweater inside out. He chided himself inside his head. He was not supposed to let these things happen. Their waitress wished them with their order in her hands, with a smile.

She asked Elaine about her day.

Elaine flinched and looked around blankly. Gerald motioned to the waitress to leave them alone. 

Elaine suddenly looked at him.

“When are we marrying?”

“Soon, my love” he sighed.

They were married for the last four decades and her dementia was worsening every day. 

“You’ll have to talk to your father soon…” she went on.

After they were done with their lunch, the couple got up and walked away into the sunset, hand in hand.

Blind sight 

There was once a girl who was in love with a boy. She loved everything about him but there was this one regret she had – she was blind and that meant she had no idea what he looked like. 

One day her parents gave her the best news of her life. There will be an operation and it will be possible for her to have her vision. All she could think was that at last she would be able to see the love of her life.

After the operation she asked the doctors to bring the boy. The boy came into the room. He was perfect.

But that’s when the doctors told her the truth – it was the boy who donated her the eyes. 

Love against all odds

One a catholic student got curious about the reasons behind her teacher choosing her way of life. So she asked her teacher why she decided to be religious. She told her a very heartwarming love story.

In her youth, the teacher had fallen in love with a man. A young man of rich lineage. The two of them started going out and quickly developed a bond. Unfortunately, the family of the man turned against them and threatened to send their son away overseas. The poor girl didn’t have enough money to follow him. Not being able to bear the thought of being away from each other the pair decided to elope. 

But, alas, the man’s family came to know about the plan. Not giving in they joined the church together and thus started living their life. Both of them stayed together for 40 happy years.

The student stared at her teacher in awe.

This is an immensely romantic bedtime story for girlfriend.

Worthy Relationship

It is one of the most beautiful stories for her. One day, a daughter saw her father coming home with a bunch of roses and asked him the reason. 

The father sat the daughter down and told her that in his office that day, his colleagues were all complaining about their marital lives but he was not able to join in as he didn’t share their negative mindset about marriage. This experience made him realise how lucky he was to have got his wife and couldn’t help but spoil her for a day with her favourite flowers.

Night of love

This is one of the most incredibly good bedtime stories to tell a girl. The girl has serious commitment issues. One night, staying over with her boyfriend, she decided to profess her love for him while he slept. Going over to his side, she whispered her declaration of love. She had thought he was asleep, but he wasn’t. The boy opened his eyes, pulled her closer in a hug and reassured her of his love. 

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Love at first sight

Juan never used to believe in love at first sight. According to him, love cannot occur until two individuals know each other completely. But it was before he met Mary. 

It was a rainy day and Juan was completely drenched. Mary was also in a similar condition. She came running to catch the bus but slipped on the road and fell down. All of her belongings fell on the road. Juan went close to her in order to help. Juan picked up some of her files. As he was about to give them back, he felt as if his world had shifted. Her blonde hair and blue eyes were mesmerizing. 

Juan didn’t even know the woman but felt like she was the most important one in his life. And from then started a new love story with a new change in thought.

A Dozen Flowers

One day a husband came home with 12 flowers for his wife. Eleven of the flowers were fresh whereas one was a fake. She became curious about his intent. She asked him the reason for just one artificial flower. 

He smiled and said that he would love her till that artificial flower died. She had no words for this gesture and hugged him with tears in her eyes. 

Fairy-tale romance after all these years

It was a busy life for Charles. All he cared about was his career and what project he had next. His wife, Venessa, was a quiet little woman and never complained. Even when it was her birthday or their anniversary, he would be overseas or busy in his office for a night shift. Sometimes she pondered over their yesteryears and how romantic he used to be. 

It was an important day for Charles. He had a big meeting and he was in absolute need of a certain folder. He went about his hotel room trying to find it. It was in none of his luggages. 

She didn’t usually make these types of mistakes. 

And then he suddenly found it and picked it up with relief. A pink envelope fell out. Inside was a picture of them from two decades back. She was laughing like she never does now. 

Charles missed his meeting the next day and flew back home. Get some more princess stories to tell your girlfriend.

The reasons to love

One day a girl asked her boyfriend the reason why he used to love her. The boy was shocked as he did not expect such a question. But then something astonishing happened. The boy took out a sheet of paper from his bag and started writing. Though the girl was unable to understand his motive yet she kept quiet till he finished his writing. Then the boy handed the paper to the girl. 

Then he told her, “I have written a hundred reasons to love you. Now you write one reason why I should not.”

The worst fight

One day a husband and a wife had one of the biggest fights of their life. The wife got so angry that she packed the bags and asked her husband to leave the house. The husband repeatedly tried to calm her down. But she did not listen to him. The husband slowly picked up the bag and left. 

A few hours later, the wife calmed down. Now she started to worry about her husband. She called his friends but no one could answer her queries. Now she started to worry even more. She went out that stormy night. It was extremely cold outside. She started to search for him in every possible place but failed. 

It was merely impossible to walk but she had a valid reason to. Then suddenly she saw a shadow near the lamppost. She doubted whether it was her husband. She went close to the shadow and found her husband sitting over there. She expressed her worries. 

The husband told her, “ How can I leave when I know that you will be alone if I leave. You may throw me out of the house, but I love you and care for you deeply.”

The wife broke into tears and then vowed not to fight with him ever in life.

Like or love

Are they the same? For some people, it has no difference but in true sense, they are not the same. Once a girl confessed her feelings in front of a boy. She told him how much she liked him. 

She also asked him, “ Do you like me?”

The boy immediately replied, “No, I don’t like you and I can never like you”. 

This reply was extremely hurting for the girl. She was sad and was about to leave. As soon as she turned around, the boy held her hand and stopped her. She could not understand what was happening. She stared at the boy in confusion. 

The boy told her, “ I told you that I don’t like  you, but I love you.” The girl broke into tears and hugged him. She started kissing him all over his face. It is one of the most amusing stories for her.

Invited bride

One day a boyfriend asked his girlfriend, “ Are you going to come to my wedding if I invite you? Or are you going to ignore the invitation?”

The girlfriend was shocked. She thought that her boyfriend was no more serious about her and thus was planning to marry someone else. This broke her heart deeply. 

She asked her boyfriend in a husky voice, “ Have you got someone else? Do you love someone else? Don’t you love me anymore? Have your parents chosen someone else for you?”

Her boyfriend silently stared at her face as she was going on asking hundreds of questions. Then the boyfriend suddenly started laughing. He told her that he was not planning the future with someone else. It was just that he wanted to invite his girlfriend to his wedding as a bride but he is worried whether his girl is going to accept the proposal or reject it.

A big smile gathered in the face of the girlfriend and she started kissing her boyfriend madly. This is perhaps one of the most fascinating good bedtime stories to tell a girl.


Is your girl complaining about the fact that she can’t fall asleep without you beside her? Call her and wish her a good night with one of the most romantic bedtime stories for her. You can always opt for some princess stories to tell your girlfriend and make her feel special.

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