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5 Best Dielectric Grease Substitute For Mechanical Keyboards

Greases and lubricants can be what would help you keep your keyboards in an excellent working condition. Of course, we are referring to the mechanical keyboards which are quite widely used in almost all day to day activities. Lubes and greases can be one of the best options from that perspective.

Grease is one such best option that can prove to be quite effective in letting you keep your keyboards in good standing. Grease can be a great solution that can prove to be effective in lubricating the surfaces that tend to move along each other. Greases and other similar lubricating surfaces can help reduce the friction and make the switches move relatively smoother.  

Why Do Mechanical Keyboards Need Greasing?

What makes the greasing necessary in mechanical keyboards? You use the lube or grease on a mechanical keyboard to make the switch work smoother and silence the switch to certain extent to make the keyboard a quiet keyboard. They will help you make the switch, and thus your keystrokes work relatively smoother. It can also help you avoid the clatter.

A mechanical switch can have three inherent bad qualities: 

  • A louder spring crunching 
  • A bumpy texture when pressing.
  • The upstroke is louder.

A grease or lube used in a mechanical keyboard can be one of the excellent options to ensure that these inherent bad qualities of the switch can be reduced or removed. A proper lubing can help the switch to get lighter and feel a little smoother. 

Some users tend to use the lubrication only for the stabilisers than for the switches. That way, you would find that the stabilised keys perform better. 

What is Dielectric Grease?

Dielectric Grease is a type of grease or lubricant used in cleaning up stabilisers and switches. It is a chemical formula used in most of the DIY applications. Of course, the dielectric grease that you use should be of high quality and versatile in nature. 


There are several options available for the best dielectric grease substitute in the auto parts. Still, it is advisable to check out the best options that can offer you a genuinely high voltage electric contact grease. Of course, as long as cleaning and lubing the mechanical keyboards, it may not be necessary to go with the high-end dielectric grease substitute. 

Dielectric grease is a tune-up grease and is a type of silicone-based grease used for most of the electric contact lubrication needs. It can be helpful in repelling moisture and protecting the electrical connections from being affected by corrosion. It can also be a great option for keeping the dirt, water, and other elements away from the electrical connections. Make sure not to apply it at the mating electrical surfaces as it cannot conduct electricity. Of course, you can even check out the best Lowes silicone grease or any other similar dielectric grease options. 

Benefits of Dielectric Grease

The dielectric grease can be a great option when used in an appropriate manner. It has been used for proper protection of corrosion and improves the functionality of the parts where it has been applied.

Some of the benefits of using a Dielectric grease or a dielectric substitute can include the following: 

  • It can withstand extremely high temperatures and can help you arrive at the best experience in applying it for the high-temperature areas and thus can withstand high-temperature applications 
  • It can be the best option for rubber and plastic casings. 
  • They help reduce the occurrence of fire or other catastrophes. 
  • It can work in an effective and efficient manner in high voltage connections. 

While it is possible to clean a mechanical keyboard without removing keys, using a proper lubricant such as dielectric grease or any other dielectric grease substitute can prove to be much efficient. 

Best Dielectric Grease Substitute You Can Check Out

Having understood dielectric grease and how beneficial it can be, there are a few great options that can prove to be helpful enough in arriving at the best results in achieving the best electrical connection and with respect to mechanical keyboards, a smoother action. 

  1. Silicone Based Grease

Silicone based grease can be one of the excellent options for the best dielectric grease substitute. It can be one of the good options for your needs in lubricating the parts and provide you access to electrical insulation. It has an excellent fluidity for achieving a better standard of low volatility and a great thermal conductivity. 

The silicone based grease can be a great option in providing a wider and useful temperature range. However, not all silicone-based greases may be suitable for use with a keyboard. It may be worthwhile to check the right silicone grease when picking the best options for your needs. The perfect water resistance is what would make it one of the prominent options as the best dielectric grease substitute. Since it can work as a perfect sealant between the electrical contacts, it can be your best option. 

  1. Conductive Grease

The Coductive grease can be a good dielectric grease alternative. The grease comes with suspended base metal powder. It can provide a perfect insulation for your connectors and thereby provide you a good keyboard application. 

The grease is completely conductive. That means, when it is pressed, it squeezes itself out of the way. It has only a thin metal base that fills the voids. The conductive grease needs to be application specific. If the metal powder used in the grease is not compatible with the surface, it can create issues and the connectivity will fail. 

  1. White Lithium Grease

The White Lithium Grease is one of the good options for your needs in the best dielectric grease substitute options. While it has been widely used in the metal to metal applications. You can even use it in heavy duty application areas. 

The white lithium grease can be one of the excellent options for the best experience in handling all your needs in an enhanced and improved experience. They can efficiently gel well with the metals and a wide range of other surfaces. They can efficiently tolerate the extreme temperatures. The white lithium grease has been considered to be one of the best options for an all-metal application arena. 

  1. Synthetic Grease

Synthetic grease does not contain any petroleum products and thus can be a good protection against the possible dissolution of plastic. It  is a multi-purpose lubricant that comes with synthetic base fluids and PTFE micro powders. The synthetic grease such as Super Lube has been observed to be extremely environment friendly and offers a better mechanical stability. 

The synthetic grease is one of the excellent options for the best dielectric grease substitute. It can provide an outstanding protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion. It does come with huge temperature range. You can be assured of a long lasting performance of your machine parts, and in this case the keyboards and switches.

  1. Vaseline

Vaseline is one of the most popular dielectric grease substitute and should be one of the excellent choices for cleaning your keyboards. While dielectric grease and Vaseline do share most of the features between them, they do have their own differences. 

The Vaseline which is used for most of the home applications, it can also be an excellent option for almost all uses in terms of lubricator and insulator. It helps you prevent and protect the components from dirt, salt and other adhesives. It is not heat resistant and not a good conductor either. It can be used for a wide range of application areas that include plasticizes, coating wood, condition leather, and other industrial use, that includes keyboard switches and stabilisers. 

The Concluding Thoughts

Picking the best dielectric grease or dielectric grease substitute is an easier task. Especially after you have gone through the best options outlined here. You can check out the best options outlined here and pick the right choices that can be helpful in keeping your mechanical keyboards in good condition.

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