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All You Need To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

The end of the world or “The Apocalypse” is a term that we are all familiar with. You’ve seen it in your favorite movies and television shows. You’ve probably read about it in any religious book as well. It is something that almost all of us believe is going to happen, sooner or later. 

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Zombies in simple words are the walking dead. You don’t have to dig too deep to find out how much people love the idea of them. Shows like “The Walking Dead” and films like “World War Z”, even video games such as “Left 4 Dead” are proof of their popularity. 


The popularity of the concept has sparked an interesting debate. “How would you be able to survive such an event?” A lot of companies such as OpticsPlanet have introduced survival kits for such an event. Here is our take on all the tech you need to survive an invasion from the walking dead:

Combat Helmet

The first area anyone would want to protect is their head. A ballistic military helmet will shield your head from any direct attack and can withstand low mm bullets as well. Helmets that cover your entire face are the best option and provide maximum protection.

Combat helmets can also be fitted with Tactical goggles. These are designed to keep your eyes safe from any foreign attack. It could be a physical attack or any gas that may burn your eyes. 

 Once you’re set with that you don’t need to worry about any head injuries. 

Filtration Straw

A filtration straw is a device used to purify water. All you need to do is put the straw in any water and use it like any ordinary straw. The water you pull in will be purified. A clean water source is one of the most important things for survival. Once you are equipped with this gadget you won’t need to worry about finding a clean water source. Any source you find will be clean to you.

Power Pot

Food is something that you can’t overlook even during an apocalypse. In order to survive, you will need to take in the appropriate amount of calories. No food will result in no energy and that’s a slippery slide to your death.  Nonperishables are your best friends but eventually, you will have to cook once you start hunting animals eventually. A power pot will harness energy from fire and cook your food as well as generate electricity to charge up any electronics you may have. Even though it requires a fire source, its ability to produce electricity makes it a must-have in an apocalyptic world. 

Solar Satellite Phone

Your iPhone or Android will eventually at one point die out on you. Chances are they won’t survive the first few weeks and break. A satellite phone will be the best thing you could have for communication. Chances are satellites will stay up and running, and so will your satellite phone. They are built sturdier than smartphones and won’t be as receptive to breaking down. Using a solar-powered variant will also eliminate the risk of your battery running out. Thus making it the perfect communication gadget. 

Solar Lantern

Once daylight runs out you might need a light source. Battery-powered torches are good but after some time you will run out of batteries. To avoid that situation a solar lantern is your best choice. Its capacity to be solar charged makes it the most useful and long-lasting light source that you can buy.

First Aid Kit

At one point or another, there will be injuries and you will need medical attention. Basic first aid kits are good enough to treat small-scale injuries and can even be the difference between life and death.

 However high-tech kits such as those made by RubrixAid not only provide the essentials but teach you along the way as well. Not everyone is informed about how to use first aid kits. In such situations, these kits can also teach you how to deal with any injury through text and images as well. These interactive medical kits are a must-have in case of any survival situation especially if you have no prior training.


A sturdy backpack will allow you to carry all your essentials without the fear of losing them. A survival backpack, also known as a bug-out bag will be very easy to carry around. Its lightweight material will ensure you carry the minimum amount of extra baggage. In any survival situation, you will need the maximum amount of space you can get to store your essentials. Their spacious storage and lightweight make them the best option for such a situation. 


Although surviving the apocalypse will be a miracle on its own, being well prepared is the least you can do. Equipping yourself with these products will give you the highest chance of surviving a zombie invasion. So if you are someone who believes in being prepared for such a situation these are your must-haves.

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    Nice post. I love it when we let our imagination wonder. Just to add to the other stuff to have to survive a zombie attack, I seriously think companies should start producing zombie-repellent products. These products should be applied all over the body and they should smell gross to zombies so none of them will want to sink their nasty teeth into your flesh.

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