How to Add Time in Google Sheets?
Google Sheets has been one of the favourite spreadsheet solutions for most of us. It offers extensively useful functionality and provides access to a wonderful online mode of spreadsheet creation and editing. However, if you are one of the later adopters of the program, you may come across a few hiccups every now and then.… (2 comments)

How to Get Top Ranking for Your Website in Google
SEO short for Search Engine Optimization has been the best marketing tactic to grow your online business. SEO is done to increase a website’s ranking in search engines, especially Google, and when you rank your website well on the search for popular terms, called “keywords”, your business improves. If we talk about SEO 10-12 years… (11 comments)

Comprehensive Guide to Google Chrome Bookmarks
What are bookmarks? Bookmark is an entirely familiar term to ordinary people, especially to novel readers or book lovers.  A novel bookmark is a thin card or plastic or fabric used to mark the reader’s last read page and enable the reader to get back to further reading with ease. We have a relatively similar… (5 comments)