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Why You Should Upgrade Your Printing Equipment?

Print can be one of the most essential mediums for communication, regardless of how large your business might be or how far it can reach. Whether you are passing around internal documents or mass-producing a promotional booklet to capture new customers, having good printing equipment and technology can improve the quality of every sheet of paper you print. If you are still using a standard printer and haven’t explored your other options, here are some brief overviews of improved tools that can open up hundreds of new branding and marketing opportunities. 

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Cutters and Creasers

Many businesses will print smaller items – such as business cards – on a single large sheet of material to improve paper efficiency. However, when it comes to cutting them apart or creating the creases that you need between each one, it can be almost impossible to do it by hand. An accurate cutting machine can get every single item on the sheet down to the same size, eliminating any messy edges or mismatched sizes.

With creasers, you can help fold up brochures or other documents that might be spread across both sides of a single page. It can even be used for folding up restaurant menus or other important customer-facing items, ensuring that they look professional and well-made. Even if you could crease them perfectly by hand, it would take a lot of time and effort to do a whole batch of identical sheets.

Booklet Makers

Good booklet makers, no matter how small, can be the perfect way to pump out a large supply of booklets with barely any effort. Many of them are customisable and can be set up to create booklets of different sizes and shapes, meaning that you can adjust it for every document you will be feeding in. Whether you are creating promotional materials, booklets for use in your business or internal training materials, having a way to pump out a large supply of folded booklets can save you plenty of time and free up staff for other tasks.

This also helps you get a consistent level of quality with the manuals and catalogues you create, removing the need to fold them manually. More consistency means less wasted materials, cutting down on how much it costs to produce a large run of booklets in the process.


If booklets aren’t enough for you, a binding machine can help you create built-to-last books, notepads, brochures, and other softback or hardback products and documents for almost any purpose. It can save money on creating company-branded items that employees can use, such as notebooks, but also gives you a way to create a much more valuable and high-quality item for sale to customers.

Many of these machines will also give you the option of using different binding glues and changing the specific kinds of cover you create, opening up many more choices, and allowing you to tailor each product to your needs.

Printers and Duplicators

The main type of printing-related work you will encounter, of course, is printing itself. Upgrading to something like a Duplo International Duplicator can remove all of the flaws that come with a cheaper or older printer: smeared images, missing colours, unwanted marks, misaligned letters, and banding across pieces of text, to name just a few. Even at a basic level, an improved printer can help you produce vastly improved documents or products without introducing any new flaws or problems.

Even better, many modern printers can do more than simply print onto paper: they can be faster, more varied in terms of print options, and some can even be cheaper to run if they don’t use ink in the same way. If you need to mass-produce copies of a document or make multiple alternate versions of the same piece of physical content, this could save you a significant amount of money in the short-term and give you far more opportunities to cut down on costs in the long run.

No matter what kind of business you are running, printing could become a major part of it. Even some small businesses will print out at least one document per day, and having a reliable way to print them at a high quality can make a massive difference to that company’s image, as well as providing them more ways to push their business forward and attract customers.

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