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What Type of Hosting should You Go With?

If you have a business and want to get access to the best possible exposure to it, creating a website should be one of the prime options you need to go with. With hundreds of service providers vying for attention, choosing the best web hosting service can prove to be a very tough task. As if the marketing jargon used by the service providers, you also have that vast list of technical jargon such as bandwidth, DNS and whatnot, it can further get more confusing.  

Don’t worry. We will help you understand the difference between the different web hosting services and how effective they can be in picking the best possible experience in achieving excellent performance. 

Types of Different Web Hosting Services Available

If you are looking to start a business, there are several options for a website hosting service. Each of the websites has a host, and no website can run without a web host. There are plenty of options available that include Free web hosting services, shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Picking the right web hosting service option would be dependent on your individual preferences. 

Free Hosting Service

Suitable for – New Businesses, Hobby blogging and newbie bloggers

A free web hosting plan can be a great option if you are just starting a new business. The best benefit shared by the free hosting service is that it can help you create a static website or a homepage alone website. It can also be an excellent option for starting a small website for sharing with your family and friends.

Of course, you may not have the right degree of service quality, as you would expect from a web hosting service. You may face a few shortcomings with respect to the features, security, customer support, and other issues. It can be a good option for maintaining a small, non-business oriented website. If you are checking out the control, security and reliability for your website, the free web hosting may not be the right one to go with.

Shared Web Hosting

Suitable for – Best meant for smaller websites and beginners. It is a relatively cost-effective and efficient options.

The name itself should indicate that – A shared hosting runs on a server that is shared between different users. This can help share the costing between the different users on the same server. In most of the cases, you are likely to end up paying just around $5 to $10 per month for sharing the server with other users.

Image – PCMag

One of the issues would be that if one of the websites experiences a spike in traffic, you will end up affecting the other websites on the same server as well. These situations can practically go out of your control and can cause severe site issues. You may not experience a high-quality web hosting experience in some instances.

VPS Hosting

Suitable for – It can be a great solution for those of you looking for the better uptime. VPS Hosting is for those who cannot afford an unexpected downtime on their website. It can also be a great option for those of you who may be looking to achieve the best customisation on your hosting configuration. It should also be a great option if your website comes with large files and videos. 

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. The service is one step ahead of the shared hosting service. If you face a growth with your shared hosting capability, it should be a good idea to migrate to VPS Hosting. It is quite similar to the Shared Hosting service, but each of the websites on the service behaves as if they are individual and separate servers.

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VPS Hosting is a step above shared hosting and a step below dedicated hosting. You share your server with multiple users, but you have your own dedicated resources that you do not need to share with other users on the same physical server. That would ensure that your services are not taken down or affected by your neighbour on your physical server. 

The pricing of these services tends to range across $50 to $200. The exact pricing may be dependent on the RAM, and other resources you tend to get. 

WordPress Hosting

Suitable for – Best suited for WordPress users. If you have been a WordPress user for your website, WordPress Hosting can be a great choice. 

As the term implies, WordPress Hosting is a type of hosting that works best for a WordPress built website. Choosing the best performing WordPress hosting provider for your particular needs will give you the correct storage, uptime, security, and customer support features that work for you. It’s best to compare what the providers offer upfront to limit any possible site issues down the road.

One of the huge advantages offered by WordPress Hosting lies in the fact that it provides you with an enhanced security for your WordPress site. You can either opt for a Managed WordPress Hosting and Shared WordPress Hosting. 

Shared WordPress Hosting is similar to regular shared hosting. The only difference between a shared Hosting and Shared WordPress Hosting lies in the fact that the latter comes with WordPress preinstalled. The Managed WordPress Hosting provides you access to additional benefits such as security, server caching, staging, and faster loading performance.

Dedicated Hosting

Suitable for – The dedicated hosting services are meant for enterprise-level websites. They can be one of the excellent options for the high volumes of traffic. We would recommend opting for dedicated hosting if your site has more than 100,000 monthly websites. 

This can be your best bet for the excellent option for the perfect hosting efficiency ever. As the name itself should clearly indicate, Dedicated Hosting is all about having your own server for hosting your website. There would be nobody to bother you at all. As you would be sharing your resources with no one, your site will keep working at its best possible performance. 

Image – PCMag

A dedicated server provides you with complete control over all your website and its resources. The service has been considered to be one of the excellent options and has been treated to be the top-end hosting plans. Since you have complete control of everything related to your server and hosting plan, you would need to have a good knowledge of configuring your server and other parameters. You can go for high-speed 10Gbps Dedicated hosting that will give super fast speed and bandwidth which can fulfill high traffic spikes easily.

A dedicated hosting service ensures that you have access to a great degree of uptime rates and a faster loading of your website. Nothing will affect your website in terms of enhanced traffic and performance. 

Cloud Hosting

Suitable for – Cloud Hosting has been one of the excellent options if you have a medium and large business website. In case your site is growing rapid rate, we would definitely recommend opting for a cloud hosting service

This is the newer type of hosting service that has come into the being only recently. In essence, it can be equivalent to VPS hosting. That is precisely what would make it one of the excellent options for a cost-effective solution with the added benefits of a VPS hosting service. The cloud hosting services come with multiple remote servers. Each of the servers would have different requirements. The other servers undertake the responsibilities when one of the servers fails.

That would ensure that cloud hosting is one of the excellent options more secure than the traditional mode of hosting. The cloud hosting will provide you access to a higher uptime rate. You would ideally have no issues with the functioning with no downtime at all. Your site will keep working at its best and in providing a fluid and high-level performance.

One of the huge advantages offered by cloud hosting can include the best possible scalability provided by the service. Since you cannot predict specific traffic for your site when you begin it, paying for the resources that are not needed right from the beginning in the traditional model of hosting. Cloud hosting lets you scale up based on how your site grows up. 

Reseller Hosting

Suitable for – The service is a good option for agencies and web designers. It can also work well for the web developers who can provide both web hosting and web development services to their clients with the right service quality.

Reseller Hosting is not for every kind of user or any kind of business. In case you are a small website, and trying to build it from scratch, Reseller Hosting would not be a great choice for your needs. Reseller hosting is all about selling web hosting to other sites. 

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Reseller Hosting is not used for creating your websites. It is a typical white label website hosting service. You will buy hosting from the hosting service provider and sell it to the website owners. 

Which Hosting is Good for Your business? 

Having checked out the different web hosting services, here is a complete insight into what suits what type of users: 

  • Shared Hosting – Best meant for the entry-level websites
  • VPS Hosting – Best if you have already grown beyond shared hosting 
  • WordPress Hosting – Completely Optimised Hosting for WordPress 
  • Dedicated Hosting – Best suited for large scale and enterprise-level websites  
  • Cloud Hosting – Best suited for sites which have been growing rapidly 
  • Reseller Hosting – Best for agencies, web developers, and web designers 

Well, go through a thorough analysis of your need in the host and pick the best hosting plan for your requirements. 

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