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What Little Business Can I Start at Home?

If you are like most people, you have been spending a lot of time at home recently. You may also have found yourself in need of funds. Chances are, you do not have the time or resources to start a major corporation at home. However, there are many things you can do for a little extra money that won’t take up too much time and have no start-up costs. These projects can be fun and profitable. Even If they do not end up being profitable, you won’t lose anything.

Start a T-Shirt Business

Do your friends always tell you that you are witty? Can you always think of something sarcastic to say on Facebook or Twitter? If so, you have probably thought about being a writer, but you may not have the time or the patients for such an endeavor. 

Starting a t-shirt business is a great way to share your thoughts with the world and make a little extra money on the side. You may think that you will need a warehouse, a printer, and a shop to start such a business, but you really do not. 

There are several companies that will let you design your shirt on their site and then sell it on any one of many platforms. When someone wants to buy one of your shirts, the company will simply print the shirt and ship it to them. They will take the fee for the shipping and printing out of your profits.

Make YouTube Videos

If you are up on all the latest video games, and you have an opinion about each one, you may be able to make a little bit of money by just telling other gamers how you feel. Videos that review video games are amongst the most popular on YouTube. Vloggers revenue is generated by a combination of the number of plays and advertising.

If video games aren’t your thing, you may want to try makeup tutorials. They are quite well received. If you have a strong opinion about politics, you might want to try starting a vlog discussing those views. Passionate people are almost always the most interesting to listen to.

Tell Fortunes

2020 was a rough year and everyone is looking forward to the future. Mystics, psychics, and similar entertainers are always at their most popular during troubling times. People want to know all the good things that will happen to them if they just hang in there a little longer.

You can get a deck of tarot cards at any online bookstore for about $20. You can work for an established company or simply advertise your services on Facebook or Craigslist. If you simply read people’s tarot cards, it cannot be considered in any way deceptive. You are just letting them know what the cards say will happen to them. 

If they want you to tell them their future without use of the cards, you can have a disclaimer that says your services are for entertainment purposes only.

Tips for Starting a New Business

Here are a few tips for starting a new business just in case you decide to take one of our suggestions or pursue a plan of your own:

  • Learn a little basic bookkeeping: You may not necessarily “be in this for the money,” but it’s important to know what your profits are after it’s all said and done. You may find that you’re investing too much time in your new endeavor to make it worthwhile. Knowing how to calculate revenues, expenses, profits, and the value of your time can help you make informed decisions about how you want to proceed. 
  • Talk to an accountant: You may be able to write off expenses associated with your new home business. Even if your business isn’t turning a huge profit for you, the write offs may be worth it. Your accountant may find advantages in you registering as an LLC. 
  • Keep meticulous records: You’ll be thankful you did this when you have to sit down to do your taxes. 
  • Keep an eye on the competition: Google is a great way to see what the competition is doing. You can just search for your product or service in your market and see who’s ranking up at the top
  • Solicit reviews: One way to get your business on the map is to have people write reviews. When you’re starting out, you can ask friends, but it also never hurts to include a note asking clients to write a review on Yelp or Google reviews. 

Starting a small business from home can be fun and exciting. It certainly beats sitting around watching a Friends marathon for the 90th time. You are sure to learn something and meet new people. If you work hard and are smart about advertising, you can make a tidy little profit as well.

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