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What Is IoT Technology All About?

The internet of things or IoT promises everyone a brighter future. This is because one can just turn on their devices with the sound of their voices. You can read more about this topic when you click here.

As an example, you can get Google’s Assistant, Alexa, to turn on the lights in your home. Google Home is an AI-powered software that lets you communicate with your devices. Amazon has developed the same technology, and they called it Alexa. For iPhone users, these pieces of software can be compared to commands given to Siri.

Extended Beyond Devices Used in Daily Life

IoT has extended its connectivity beyond the usual devices. Many people before were only aware of connecting their mobile, tablets, desktops, and laptops to the internet. Today, one can embed modern technology on air conditioners, television, cars, thermostats, security systems, lights, speakers, vending machines, and commercial establishments to interact and connect them.

In other industries, there is software that collects data without the need for human intervention. Most of them operate in a world where they automatically record, adjust, monitor, and store data that they have gathered from workers or machines.

What Makes this Technology Possible?

Low-Cost and Low-Power Sensors: The technology of sensors has revolutionized people’s lives in the past and present. Lots of manufacturers develop affordable and high-quality sensors, capacitors, resistors, and more than made Internet of Things (IoT) possible.

Internet Connectivity: Most of the hosts connect because of the internet. The highly-efficient and massive storage of the “cloud” make it easier for data transmitted to reach its destination. An example of this is that instead of connecting the home’s light through wires up to the power source, one can install small accessories that make power on and off more accessible through commands.

Cloud Platforms: Most of the cloud platforms have big storage that many are having a hard time filling up. With cloud computing platforms, lots of people can scale up their operations and build their businesses without the need to manage everything. They can access data everywhere they go because of the cloud.

Machine Analytics: Most of the machines are learning because of the way that they were programmed. Because of analytics, they gather useful insights into what works and how data can be processed faster. There are allied technologies developed from different countries that are believed to move the boundaries. The data that machines gather are also useful for various tech companies to move forward with their projects.

Conversations with AI: Artificial intelligence has improved with each update that they get. You can more about AI here: https://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Artificial_intelligence. Most of them were pre-programmed with natural-language processing. Some of the examples are Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. They are more appealing and viable because of these. If you try to ask Siri to call your mother, she will do so in a huff. The convenience that this AI offers is one of the reasons why they are becoming popular.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT uses technology in a commercial setting. These can include sensor controls. Instrumentations, and use of devices that are related to cloud technology. Recent advances in the industrial area include machine to machine communication. This can be achieved without too much human intervention and wireless automation.

However, with the emergence of machine analytics and learning, most companies should not only use IoT for machine communication. They should also get the data from the cloud to develop their business revenue models and achieve a new level of automation. Most of the standard functions of the internet of things in the industrial setting include the following:

  • Smart process of manufacturing.
  • Preventive maintenance of tools and equipment.
  • Develop smart power grids.
  • More intelligent and More Connected Logistics.
  • Quick Interpretation of Digital Supply Chains.

As more companies realize that tremendous power that IoT can provide them, many of them are using this technology now in the marketplace. Some CEOs and managers reported that they had gathered the following benefits:

  • Get data-driven insights to help understand their business models
  • Increased business operations, productivity, and efficiency
  • Create new streams of revenues
  • Seamlessly connect the physical aspects of their business to the digital internet without too much effort.

The future of IoT is still being studied and carefully considered. There are already researchers that are on the move to study their benefits. But one thing is for sure, lots of people are already finding it a more convenient way of living. There’s no reason why entrepreneurs should not incorporate this system into their business operations.

More than 12 billion devices are currently connected to the internet. More researchers believe that these numbers will triple in the next ears. Not only entrepreneurs are finding this as something that can improve their businesses. Most consumers are finding that the convenience of turning on the air conditioner on hot weather is not a nice to have. It’s now a must-have in their households.

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