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Temok Hosting Review – Affordable, Agile and Awesome

I know how it feels! You’re always in a dilemma for web hosts. You’re searching for that special one – the powerhouse which will make you yell “WOW!” at a remarkably affordable price! It’s your dream web host – the one you can host all your sites on with faith. Aren’t you searching for that special web host?

I have been using many web hosts for my various projects. Even I don’t need a hosting plan; I do want to try many of them to know which works the best. I have shared reviews of One.com, Bluehost, Hostgator, Host1plus, HostAwesome, WHDMS, Inmotion till now. Today I am reviewing a Web Hosting company that is quite affordable, yet the services are excellent.

In this article, I am not going to pitch you, compel you or beg you to choose yet another web host. Instead, I am just going to tell you about it, and I am sure that by the end of this article you would be internally satisfied and eager to get it! Yes, I bet my hat for that!

I am going to talk about Temok which I found recently.

Why Temok can be your dream web host?

Believe it or not….. Most webmasters (including professionals) rely on external reviews to create an opinion of a particular web host, either consciously or subconsciously. Who on earth has the time and money to try them all? This makes the efficient marketer – the one who sets the things in such a manner that you only find positive comments about them, the clear winner of the game and the ineffective marketer, who although might be the best in class a loser. Sounds unfair? Well, it is. And you are going to make this mistake too, just if you don’t open your eyes.

Gone are the days when you only wanted to work with Bluehost and Hostgator as they are quite popular and their services are good too. But, nowadays, there are many web hosting companies doing good in the industry, and they should get our attention too.


Is Temok really your dream web host? Will it be a game changer in the industry? I say YES to that! Here are the features of Temok that will make you go GAGA!

Shared Hosting at $2.99 – Are you kidding me?

What if I told you that your website will be live for as low as $2.99 per month? Yeah, Temok is that cheap! You can get online for a measly 3 dollars! Every cheap thing is not a trap! Don’t think that you are going to get a namesake host for this rate. For the cheapest plan, you are getting 50 GB Disk Space, unlimited bandwidth, MySQL, Cpanel, Account controls and 24×7 support. Isn’t that freaking awesome? Besides, you get all that you expect from a professional host –  unlimited e-mail accounts, WordPress support, Magento support, Joomla support, 99.9% uptime guarantee and a huge programming database.

temok pricing

The other shared plans are costing $4.99, $6.99 and $7.99 respectively. The main difference in these plans is the disk space.

Yum. I love free stuff

With Temok shared hosting, you get a lot of things for free, such as:

  • Free Weebly SiteBuilder
  • $100 Google Adwords Offer
  • Free Website Building Tools
  • 4500 Free Website Templates
  • Free Website Transfer, MySQL Transfer, Domain Transfer, Script Transfer
  • 52 ready to install free scripts

VPS that works like a beast

temok hosting packages

Sure, Temok’s VPS plans might do sound a little expensive to some (starting at around 25$), but you can be assured that you are getting more than what you pay! Even the cheapest VPS server is a beast! I do prefer VPS when it comes to choosing a web host because it fills the sweet gap between shared and dedicated hosting.

Dedicated servers are even more powerful

dedicated hosting

With plans starting at just around 65$ per month, getting the badass machine in your command is incredibly easy! Dedicated servers would skyrocket your site’s performance and nail the loading speed. If you’re receiving huge traffic, Temok dedicated servers are something which you can rely on. There are a lot of plans and 6 locations to choose from.

Choose from 100+ Top Level Domains – Err what?

find domains - Temok

Open Temok’s homepage, and you will find you are allowed to register a domain of any specific location. Plus, there are other creative top level domains (.home, .ceo or even .rich for example). This is far by the highest I have ever seen from any provider. When I opened the homepage for the first time, my eyes widened, and I was really amazed by the fact that I have a lot to choose from! I bet you would feel like that too!

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Remarkably cheap SSL

You need that “https” before your URL now to please the big G., And you need an SSL certificate for that. Getting an SSL is easy, just you have to get spit some bucks out, but the best thing about Temok is that their own RapidTemok SSL starts for as low as 11$. That’s less than one-fourth the other brands! Isn’t that remarkable?

However, if you don’t prefer their own SSL, you can still buy it from other brands directly through Temok.

Powerful Software

Powerful hardware and sleek software make an awesome combination. Temok runs on the latest CloudLinux technology. It is specifically designed for web hosts and uses comparatively lesser data. It even ensures efficient user integration in case of shared hosts. Besides, there’s the ever awesome cPanel that makes a lot of things simpler. Lastly, there’s Softaculous that offers over 230 ready to install scripts.

Marvellous Support

Gone are the days when you would have to spit your anger out to the ignorant customer support. Temok has a smart, sensible and superb customer support team that knows the ins and outs of the system very well. I personally like hosts which have decent support, and it is at par when it comes to Temok.

temok support

You can mail them, call them or even have a live chat. The problems with most of the hosts that their chat support is slow responsive. But, I found one.com’s chat support and then Temok’s are quite responsive.

Because Hosting is not enough

Temok offers various other services, such as web development and logo designing, so that you don’t need to go elsewhere to fulfill your requirements. There are a lot of packages too, and you can save money if you fit into one.


Temok seems to be the new game changer in the industry, doesn’t it? We will see how they go, but meanwhile, I would wish you would comment below and share your views!

About the author

Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you with unique, well-researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging. He has in-depth knowledge of computers and tech as he pursued computer science.


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  • Hello Atish,

    I have worked with many hosting companies as I am working with IT firm as website developer, but I never heard of Temok. As per the review it looks very nice and affordable too. But, if I take for 1 year it is not that affordable than if I take for 3 years it is super cheap. I will work with them surely for upcoming projects.

    Thanks for introducing with Temok, Atish.

    • Hello Riya,

      It is great to know that you got to know about Temok while reading our blog. Yes, when you get a hosting account for 3 years, it is super duper cheap. Thanks for coming by.

  • Hi Atish,

    Temok certainly seems to be a hosting plan worth looking into.

    I’ve used HostGator for years with no problems, but it has become expensive. All these hosting plans seem to start out for a few dollars a month, but after a year they hit you with a big annual fee that is far more expensive.

    I wonder how Temok is long term?


    • Hello Donna,

      For me it worked well, but to be honest, I have just started to use it for a few of sites. It is working well. I cannot say how it is for long term. But, I am sure they will be good for long term as well.

      Yes, most of the hosting companies are doing this as they charge less in the first year but later the charges are more.

      Thanks for coming by.

  • Hello Atish, thanks for sharing your thoughts about this hosting provider.

    To be honest I have never heard about Temok, until I saw your post. Their plans are very affordable and what you didn’t mention in your review is that they also offer 45-day money back guarantee for their shared plans and 14-Day for VPS plans.

    Looks very promising, but I was also wondering how they perform in the long run.

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