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Factors to Consider While Choosing Web Hosting Provider

Web Hosting Service is a must if you have to run a website either for your business or you want to make a blog to share your thoughts. When the business is concerned, you would want your site to stay up 24*7, and offer optimum user experience to the visitors in terms of fast loading speed, better navigation, clearly written content, etc.

When it comes to your website/blog performance, your web hosting provider plays a very important role because hosting can affect the site’s uptime, loading speed, and many other things. Moreover, not everything depends on hosting service only as there are other things as well like how you design the site, how well you write the content, how well you make the navigation, and many more things are there. But, yes, Web Hosting Service is the base on which the success of your site highly depends.

Generally, while choosing web hosting, you check out various reviews for example one of my friends was searching for Hostinger web hosting review as he was interested in that hosting company. So, he wanted to be sure what others say about this provider. 

This is a good way to find the best one in the business. But, beware that not all reviews are honest on the internet. So, you have to use your mind to be smart while choosing the best web host for you. There are factors that you must consider as well.

Looking at how important can be the Web Hosting Service for your website, I am here to discuss the factors that you must consider while choosing a web host for your site.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Web Hosting Provider for Your Site

  1. Server Response Time

Server Response Time means the time a web host takes to respond to requests made from different locations. In simpler words, when you type a website address in your browser’s address bar and hit enter, then there goes a request from your computer to the server where that particular website is hosted. Now, as quickly as the host responds, the website loads. So, the faster the response time is, the website will have faster page speed. 

Therefore, it is very important to go to the provider with the fast server response time. And, one of the best reasons to look for this factor is that Google gives preference to the websites that load faster because it offers a better user experience. Yes, you read it right, the website loading speed is also a Google ranking factor both on the desktop and mobile devices.

  1. Server Reliability and Uptime Scores

There are many web hosting companies that offer pretty cheap service and people are running for them just because they are cheap but you have to first get to know if they are reliable? Are they up 24*7?

It is very important to go for a web host that is reliable and 100% server uptime because if the host itself goes offline once in a while, your website will go offline too, and you will lose customers, visitors, and even constantly going offline may affect the search ranking on Google as well. So, always go for the one that is reliable and have the best uptime score.

  1. Web Hosting Hardware Resources

The hardware resources of the hosting provider are the most important things to look for because the server performance highly depends on that. For example, a web hosting offering SSD storage would perform far better than the hosting company offering HDD storage. Moreover, there are many hardware things you would consider checking out such as if their server has employed the latest technologies or still working on old techs. 

  1. Pricing Plans

Although you must be more concerned about the service and the server reliability the price is a big factor too. So, while choosing the web host, compare with others as what all different hosting companies are offering at similar costs, then make the decision.

  1. Customer Support (Tech)

I am the person who first looks at the customer support because there are many things you might not be able to fix in your hosting account, and that is why you need the customer support. Always choose the ones that are quick in responding to queries. Possibly, try to choose the hosting with chat support. If you get phone support, that will be awesome as well. I might not advise you to go with the hosting company which only offers Ticket support because that is a kind of slow process. Moreover, there are few hosting companies that have only ticket support but they respond fast. But, still, chat support is the best thing you should look for.

  1. Availability of creating Business Emails

When you run a website, you would want to have your business email address as well. So, always choose the hosting company which offers to create and manage business email addresses as well.

If you are using cPanel, then check out this video to learn how you can create Business Email Address:

There are many more factors out there that you can check out based on your requirement but these 6 are the most important which you must have to consider.

For example, you may need 30 GB hosting space whereas someone may need to go for 100 GB space or unlimited. Or you may need to host only 1 domain whereas someone else may need to host multiple domains. In that case, he would need the hosting company/plan that offers multiple domains. So, factors may vary from person to person or business to business as per their requirements.

Pro Tip:

If you are not sure how the hosting server will work, then go for the hosting companies which either offer a few days trial or 30 days money-back guarantee. So that you can check out their performance in that time frame, and make the decision whether to stay with them or move out.

Bottom Line

Don’t think that too much research and analysis about choosing the web hosting partner is a waste of time. In fact, it is the most important thing as it can be a big factor for your website’s success. So, do take your time to research, compare, and analyze various web-hosting providers, and then choose the one you like the most.

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