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12 Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites to Find Out Who Called You

Reverse Phone Lookup sites can help find out who called you, and this becomes very important when you get unknown calls constantly. Unknown calls can be extremely harrowing if they are being made constantly to you. You might think about escaping these calls. There are easy ways for you to do that. There is an entire criminal network that preys on the elderly to extract sensitive information under the pretext of saying they are bank employees and they want some of your details to fix an issue in your account. They will ask it to get money out of you. 

Sociopaths and sex offenders offer harras women over the phone in order to get attention. In tiring times, you would want an easy solution to this issue. There are many reverse phone lookup websites that exist and you can use these websites to trace the contact address and current location of that sim card. In some cases, you also get the name of that person.

Importance of Reverse Phone Lookup Websites

Reverse Phone Lookup Websites are a great portal to actually trace a contact. These platforms are connected to free directories from municipalities, and Govt institutions that are linked to their servers. The importance it serves can be many:

  • It helps to trace a criminal if he has been harassing you over the phone.
  • It becomes the first point of contact tracing in order to know more about the caller.
  • If the person is at a nearby location and an elderly from your family was cheated on the phone, you can confront that person from your own location through a reverse phone lookup website.
  • If someone is calling you to annoy you, you can trace and find out more about the person.

Are Reverse Phone Lookup Websites Legal?

Reverse phone lookup websites can be considered perfectly legal. They get this information from open source-free govt data. You get only that much info that lies around in the public domain. It depends on How much the person involved has mentioned over the internet. It can be just a name. Or it can be pages of address, qualifications, jobs, or even social media handles.

Top Reverse Phone Lookup Websites/apps

Coco Finder

Coco Finder is a great reverse phone lookup app. The best thing about CocoFinder is it is not limited to just phones. You can use it for people check, background check, social media check, address check, alternate phone numbers, and email address checks as well. It acts as the one-stop shop looking for number verification. These extra credentials help Coco Finder.

In comparison to the other apps, Coco Finder has an edge because of its whole array of verification servers they have. You will be quite satisfied with the results from this website.


If Coco Finder makes it easy with the vast options it has for identifying someone, Spokeo is better at accuracy. Spokeo is far more professional and edgier compared to Youtube. It has unique algorithms that factor in data from many legitimate websites and then produces the results for you. It provides you address, location, social network, and other relevant details. Whatever is available can be accessed with one search field. The other aspect that is amazing in Spokeo is its writeups. They have very informative articles on spotting spam calls. How to identify a scam etc..

If you want to use a high-end directory to search phone numbers, Spokeo is the right pick.

People Finders

PeopleFinders is actually a great reverse lookup app. It has a great directory of the US. Its directory consists of all the required information needed by you, in case you want to know more about a spam call. To know about a scammer etc. It has over 250 million contacts from a large pool of legitimate data sources. It’s constantly updating, and you are also informed about the updates as soon as it’s done.

If you are from the US, this should be your top pick to look for more details about a phone number.

Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup in Michigan

Phone Numbers.Org

PhoneNumbers.Org is actually a great service to access in Michigan. Its interface is great and it has additional details about Michigan codes that can be used with respect to the numbers. If you scroll to the end of the page, you also find a list of county codes and with them, there will be a list of information about the county codes and Sheriff information. If there has been a scam it will be mentioned. It also has data on the best landline and mobile services in Michigan.


ZLookup is a great app/website that you can look up. The platform has all the area codes of Michigan and it has a well-versed directory that gives you sufficient info about any number in Michigan. You get to know a person’s name, address, education, work, in some cases pay as well. It’s very discreet and informative. Just a word of caution, if you take a subscription you don’t get the initial money back. It’s an excellent choice if you want contacts to be verified. Or else stick with the free lookups that this platform provides.

Totally Free People Search

TotallyFreePeopleSearch.Org is another great website that helps you to find phone numbers in Michigan. In its interface, you will see a detailed Michigan map that lists the area codes. That helps not only with better information but also to spot the area of any spam or scammer. However, for more intricate details such as name, address, background, education, organization etc, you can check their search bar. It’s amazing how easy it is to get reliable information. The best thing is this website has directories with millions of updated numbers of all states in the US. 

Free Reverse Phone Lookup in Georgia


YouMail is a great app/website. The amazing thing about YouMail is that it has a directory of the most blocked numbers. They have a list of the most blocked numbers on every city page. They cater to Georgia along with other states as well. On their home page where you can search from the common server, you have a line of spam callers and their numbers being displayed publicly.

In comparison to other websites, YouMail takes it a notch higher. This is because it has extra facilities like the most frequently spammed numbers and a public forum with listings of spam numbers.

Whitepages Georgia

You might be familiar with Whitepages. Whitepages is the best online search, and verification for reverse number lookup. White pages were designed for contact tracing. You can put in any element of information and the website sorts data and gives you the finest results. Whitepages Georgia actually caters to the contacts in and outside of Georgia, thus reducing the search directory. Whitepages stands unique because it also provides criminal records of callers.

Go Lookup

Go Lookup is another great website that facilitates reverse phone lookup. It has very comprehensive data. They tell you about public records, a person’s name, address, sex offender case, background lookup, debt money, etc.

If you want to have the best comprehensive data on any unknown phone number this website is the one for you.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup in Arizona


Phone Numbers.Org’s Arizona page has the best available search directory of Arizona. Just like Michigan even here the platform has elaborate details on area codes, descriptive info on counties. Michigan was a bigger state in terms of demography while Arizona is a little smaller. But there is no dearth of any info. You just need to key in the phone number to know about the user of the phone.

Search Yellow Directory

Search Yellow Directory is another platform that helps in reverse phone lookup. This platform is sleek and simple. Its interface is easy and simple. The search results are fast. The simple workings of its directory and website make this website stand out. It is far more efficient, especially on their Arizona page. Despite being a small website, it is able to provide a basic username, address and alternate phone number details.

Reverse Lookup: Free Phone Num

Reverse Lookup is an amazing play store app. It stands out in the application, it is easy to use. It’s efficient and its Arizona directory page is one of the best directories they have in its server. In a few clicks, with number, address, area code you can sift through a contact and a phone number.


Predators and scammers are increasing in our society. With the advent of wireless mobile phones and the internet offer a safe space for predators to attack. But with reverse phone lookup web results, you can know all about the insidious caller or scammer. As mentioned, hope these apps add something useful to your life.

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