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Pets Of The Future: Smart Technology

Smart technology for smart owners and comfortable life for pets. These are not unrealistic rockets, but maximum automation and convenience of everyday actions. Smart technology is no longer out of reach. What kind of smart technology for pets can be used in life? Let’s show you an example.

Walking your pet

  1. If you are walking your pet, smart gadgets will help in this case as well. A smart leash is good for dogs – it reduces strain on the wrist, making walking your pet comfortable and convenient. It may have a built-in flashlight that will provide up to 3 meters of light, allowing you to walk your dog in the dark. There may also be an LED light on the handle of the leash, allowing you to take care of the safety of yourself and your pet when walking near the roadway. 
  2. For long walks, it’s worth buying a travel drinker that allows you to get your pet drunk without too much difficulty. The coating on the inside will prevent the water from fouling, and your dog will be comfortable drinking water on the walk, which is ensured by the ergonomic cutout.
  3. When walking your pet in a poorly lit park, you can’t always see where he has run. With a luminous collar, this problem will be solved. The LED collar has bright LEDs almost all around its circumference, which will help you see your dog not only to the owner but also to passing vehicles and pedestrians passing by. For connecting to a power source, a USB cable is included.
  4. And what if your pet is walking without a collar? Use a tracker that allows you to know where your pet is at any time. You can check his location with a browser or the free app available for iOS and Android. Not only does it show you where your pet was a few minutes ago, but it also allows you to track his or her position in real-time via the Internet or mobile app. All you have to do is start the tracking mode, and you’ll see your pet’s path and current location. The best choice for a conscientious owner!

dog using computer

Take care of your pets

 Taking care of your pets isn’t just about walks and playtime, but also household chores like cleaning the toilet. It does not have to be unpleasant, compact air purifier will help in preventing the unpleasant smell of the cat’s litter box. The model is powered by three AAA batteries and the filter lasts up to 3 months.

Automated pet tray toilets also exist. They have a litter tray and several sensors inside. The toilet detects when an animal has jumped into it, weighs the pet, and calculates how much time it has spent inside. After use, the device sifts the contents through a special comb, and the waste is sent to the tank. It is necessary to clean such a unit once every 14 days. Such a gadget is able to send to the owner’s smartphone data about the pet: the weight of the pet, the frequency of its trips to the toilet, and the time spent inside. The gadget also tells you when the tank is full and needs to be cleaned.

Now let’s look at the international practice of introducing smart technology for pets.

The Internet of Things is helping to reduce the number of fish in Iran’s reservoirs

 Traditionally, Iranian farms raise fish in reservoirs that are filled once a year and emptied at the end of the spawning season. This is cost-effective, but a serious problem arises – it is necessary to constantly monitor the temperature of the water and its compliance with sanitary standards: at least it should not have critically high concentrations of toxic substances. Technology has helped employees of fish farms to increase productivity, rational use of working time, and most importantly, reduce fish mortality. All of this is made possible by an IoT system consisting of a smart water system and numerous sensors connected to a long-range broadband network. IoT sensors help monitor water quality in real-time and assess whether it is suitable for fish breeding.

Ontario farm monitors cow traffic and milk yield with smart sensors

Joe Loewith and Sons’ farm in Ontario, Canada, is one of the region’s top dairy suppliers. To monitor the movement of a herd of 200 cows or more, they use digital animal bracelets. Temperature sensors show when a cow is ready to be inseminated, udder sensors show how much milk she produces and whether she has wounds or infections that can affect milk production. Special tests can identify the calf’s genome the day after birth to predict its future breeding ability and performance. Cogniteq’s team that by 2024, 2 million cattle farms and 36 million cattle will be “connected to the Internet.” 

In Germany, a mobile app is responsible for creating nutritious diets for livestock

 Farmers know that one wrong calculation and they can spend 100 kg more feed than their herd actually needs. While the German farm owner used to rely on his helpers to do the feeding (and they often made mistakes that caused the farm to lose money), today he calculates the ration in a mobile app. It suggests specific feed types and optimal feed weights, taking into account the required proportion of nutrients and minerals in the ration. The app accesses a secure cloud platform. Cogniteq creates such apps because the farmer, for example, can use it alone or connect a veterinarian and his assistants.

The USA is testing blockchain to monitor pork supplies

 A blockchain-based ecosystem is helping to monitor animal food safety standards, assess livestock health and even contribute to environmental protection. With the digital platform, the National Pork Producers Council of North America plans to make supply chain management more transparent and eliminate situations where uncertified products end up in stores. Cogniteq developers believe that “blockchain helps control the quality and movement of products, reduces waste and eliminates fraud”. The problem with livestock waste is particularly acute in Iowa and North Carolina, where there are many farms. The U.S. National Pork Board hopes that blockchain and other smart technologies will help solve this issue soon.

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