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4 Important LMS Automation for a Smoother Employee Training Program

Automations for any software always make things easier and faster as you don’t have to take care of every single intricate detail anymore. And fortunately, learning management systems or eLearning software are nothing different. When you automate the operations of your LMS, you ensure that you are using it to its full potential. 

Almost all LMS, like Talent LMS, gives you the benefit of automation through which you can make your employee training programs quicker and smoother. So, if you are only getting started and need ideas, here are the 4 essential LMS automation that is going to make your life easier. 

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Single sign-on automation for easier access 

While using the LMS, the learners might need access to the data on other platforms like the CRM system or the HR management system. In such a scenario, they are forced to sign on to different platforms multiple times. Even though it sounds fine, but the efforts and time it takes to actually remember so many passwords, typing them up, and signing on to different systems is truly a concern. 

Single sign-on automation, on the other hand, helps you create a web of integrated systems that can be accessed by signing on just once. Your course materials along with the data from multiple systems will be easily accessible to your learners so that they can tally their learnings with real-time office data and understand the practicality of the course. 

Training analytics reports 

Now, just providing a great employee program that has some wonderful material will still fall short if you do not track the learners’ progress. Tracking progress is very important because learners often have different learning abilities. Standardized courses may not cater to all their needs sometimes, leaving behind some learning gaps. But when you track the results and analyze them, you understand the individual needs of your learners better. 

Manually tracking and analyzing your learners’ progress reports is nearly impossible for a human being alone and even if it is doable, it can be unnecessarily lengthy work. So, by automating your training analytics reports, you make sure that your learners are tracked in an organized manner which the gaps are also analyzed in an appropriate way so that you have the reports readily available whenever you need them. 

Trigger notifications 

Reminding your employees all by yourself for every program, session or conference is a pretty difficult task. Expecting them to memorize every single date for every event and attending all of them appropriately is also not a very good corporate practice. Thus, the best way to ensure that everyone is guided towards attending as many scheduled events as possible in a sound and organized way. 

By automating your LMS trigger notifications, you can send your employees automated emails that contain notifications like portal invites and enrollment reminders, etc. These emails can also be edited and customized with each learner’s name so that it contains a personal touch. 


Certifications are a mark of achievement for learners. But issuing a lot of certifications and that too at the right time can be a bit difficult for the admins. But that cannot be an excuse for not taking care of these certifications as these are what keep the learners motivated. 

Through automating certifications, you can attach certificates to courses so that at the completion of the course, the learner can get certified automatically in no time. By automating the process you make sure that things are on the track without you having to update every single certificate manually. 


Time is a very important thing in the corporate world and saving time in one place enables you to invest it wisely at some other place that is more productive. To save time, you have to skip the unnecessarily lengthy tasks. Automating your LMS cuts down the time that is unnecessarily used and makes the regular operations related to training more efficient and smoother.

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