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6 Significant Ways To Find Offshore Development Team

If you choose to outsource your software development project, you might possibly save a lot of money while receiving high-quality code. Numerous established firms and startups choose to work with remote developers over in-house teams.

However, in order to ensure that you receive bespoke solutions from a trustworthy offshore software development team, you must thoroughly evaluate your contractors.

There are a few less obvious recommendations that may assist you in locating and hiring offshore developers at their best.

To begin, it is critical to consider where you are seeking developers. Ascertain third-party evaluations of prospective developers and do a background check on the firm.

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The majority of software developers have an extensive portfolio that they are eager to share – therefore inquire about their previous work. Be explicit in your request and look for projects with comparable scopes and in the same industry. Almost certainly, your developers will offer you an instance in which they accomplished something comparable to what you want.

Why Hire Offshore Development Teams?

Establishing offshore dev teams is a difficult endeavour. It takes a great deal of time, effort, and overhead to employ and manage the professionals you require. That is why many organisations opt to focus on their core business tasks and outsource software engineering to offshore developers.

The following are just a handful of the reasons why you should hire offshore developers:

  • You can access the top talent worldwide and are not limited by geography;
  • Collaboration with an offshore development team facilitates the introduction of new technologies since vendors often possess a diverse set of skills and a wide pool of professionals;
  • Pains in human resources, administration, and infrastructure were alleviated;
  • You may scale your offshore development staff up or down as your business requires;
  • You can collaborate in a variety of ways (extended team, managed team, or outsourced team), depending on the amount of control and oversight you choose.
  • Offshore dedicated development teams are totally devoted to your project and operate as extensions of your current onshore development teams.

The benefits of such a collaboration are enticing. However, you must consider a few factors in order to successfully recruit, hire, and collaborate with an offshore development team. Therefore, let us begin by selecting the most appropriate outsourcing destination.

Where to look for offshore developers?

A dedicated team is a sort of collaboration between an offshore development provider and a customer in which the latter engages a team or several teams of specialised specialists to undertake certain tasks over an extended period of time. This manner, organisations can ensure that all employees are in the correct location and performing the assigned tasks.

Businesses worldwide are on the lookout for the finest offshore managed team to entrust with some of their most critical jobs. However, as a managed services provider, how do you locate the ideal team and where to begin your search?


Google is an excellent resource for finding a remote development team or your offshore companies, but you must know what to look for to prevent wasting time. Let me provide you with some keyword suggestions to assist you in narrowing down your search: Utilize succinct and direct language such as “hire a managed development team,” ” offshore development centre”, “software development services,” or “hire a dedicated offshore development team in Ukraine.” Eliminate any superfluous terms and concentrate on the search’s objective.

Tech company directories

Clutch, G2, Upcity, ITFirms, and Goodfirms — all of these directories excel in connecting you with a potential partner or outsourcing partner.

While searching, you may dive down into specific skill areas to find a firm that specialises in your unique needs and is ready to work on your business model.

A significant benefit of these directory websites is that the majority of them take feedback seriously and confirm them by phone. While researching your possible partner’s background projects, look for genuine reviews. Many companies already rely on it.

On the other hand, some software development businesses neglect to promote their Clutch.co ads simply because they receive sufficient referral business. Acquaint yourself with the distinction between that and a usually low-value business.

Freelance Websites

If your company project is modest or your budget is tight, you should consider freelance sites. There are various web platforms where you may find an offshore development team to collaborate with. You may advertise work openings on freelance websites and interesting businesses will contact you. The following are some well-known freelancing websites:

Freelancer & Upwork

Both websites are frequently used to locate offshore development teams. Additionally, there is a ranking system in place to help you gauge the quality of their job. The platform manages the administrative side of your cooperation with staff, allowing you to focus on the project’s success.


This platform enables clients and technical teams to communicate and cooperate before and during the duration of a project. Additionally, it links businesses to prospective contractors. It forges a deep connection between the partners.

The aforementioned platforms are widely used and successful for collaborating among client service providers.

The disadvantage of a freelancing website is that you must work via middlemen such as Toptal or Upwork, which will ultimately result in an increase in offshore developer fees. Alternatively, you might forego security and dependability by employing freelancers independently.


LinkedIn is a fundamental yet critical headhunting tool that everyone seeking fresh talent must be familiar with. Although it is primarily a recruiting tool, it may also be used to locate a development team regardless of your position.

The following are some of the avenues you can take when seeking work:

Searching for businesses. You can access information about businesses such as their project scope, geographical location, the number of employees, their level of experience, and even the employees’ personal accounts, the latest technologies they are working on and in addition to general descriptions of what the businesses do.

Employing groupings. You may join groups that bring together LinkedIn users based on their same interests or goals, which may include other people seeking talent with whom you can connect and share your expertise, or applicants and teams looking for work.

Reaching out through messages. Connect with individuals in positions that interest you, such as CEOs or developers, and have a dialogue with them about how you may mutually benefit.

As you can see, LinkedIn may be used in a variety of ways to connect with your team development teams. In any event, it’s an excellent tool for narrowing the search area and compiling a list of the most feasible applicants for the position.

Tech community

Apart from freelancers and the tech marketplace, you can also reach out to the tech community for assistance in locating offshore developers for your firm. You can create a post on any social media network outlining the project’s requirements and current state. Share the post with colleagues in similar fields and invite them to share their experiences.

You may use Quora and Forums to do keyword searches. This way, you’ll receive several answers from interested parties, and you may then contact them for your project work. However, before employing offshore developers, review their prior work and solicit feedback on their performance.

Local consultant 

There are several consultancies that specialise in connecting you with both offshore development teams. They are specialists in negotiating and dealing with overseas developers. These may be beneficial to you, particularly if you lack expertise in team management or IT-related fields.

Additionally, you may participate in conferences and trade shows where offshore development teams exhibit. Additionally, you may attend technical events and network with members of the IT community. These connections will assist you in accumulating further knowledge on remote workforce jobs.


To be sure, locating and hiring an offshore software development company<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> may be difficult, much more so when your search extends to the worldwide talent pool. That is why detailed tips on how and where to locate competent staff are important. Among these, you should bear in mind the stages necessary for a successful hiring strategy, which I outlined and discussed in the post.

Begin by visiting all accessible platforms and using your network to solicit recommendations and comments on what works and what is not worth your time to attempt. Then, set out the applicant screening and interview processes to ensure you hire the best candidate for the job.

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