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10 Best JavaScript File Upload APIs For Application Development

What stands out when you pay a visit to any renowned website? It will have a lot of customization options through images and graphics. 

Compared to a dull website, a colorful website draws attention, especially when the colors are very subtly and equitably spread on the UI. 

The design has to have more uploading capacity for the user on its profile and testimonial pages. Files are often loaded on the server through API. 

JavaScript assists you in uploading those files, in turn, helps the user in taking control of the files and designing their profile by choice. 

In this write-up, I will precisely discuss in great depth and length many such JavaScript Upload APIs and How it facilitates the uploading facility enhancing your website. 

10 Best JavaScript File Upload APIs

1. Filestack

Filestack is a cloud-based file handling and processing solution that offers you tools to easily upload, store, transform, and deliver files from various sources. Filestack allows you to integrate with various cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and others.


With Filestack, you can also perform various file edits such as image resizing, cropping, conversion, PDF generation, video transcoding, and much more. It allows users to access the files through the front end, Filestack has a good previewing user interface for images and other forms of visual graphics.

Filestack is easy to use and currently serves big brands like Monday.com, InstaCart, and Airtable. It has better security and network optimization allowing uploads and downloads faster. Going with this app will be a better choice if you want market adoption. This cloud-uploading API tool is worth $59/month.


  • Integrated File Viewer.
  • It has functions and features catered explicitly to CDN or also known as Content Delivery Network, It also helps with upload reliability because uploads happen in regional locations as opposed to server HQs.
  • It offers REST API as well which allows the uploading and retention of Python files.
  • Uploads and downloads happen faster because of high network reliability.
  • NodeJS exists as a Java Script uploader file.
  • It provides analytics that helps you as a developer to track file usage, storage, and processing metrics.
  • During the process of uploading to delivery, it forces encryption for better file protection.

2. UploadCare

UploadCare is a good client uploader. In case you want something that is lightweight and does not necessarily disrupt your storage server systems Upload Care is your go-to application for you. It has some good features, it allows for effective transition of files, has a good viewer of files, and can be attached as a small widget on the front end of all your applications.

Compared to the other Web server API, I think this one is good if the data considerations and the application is in the primitive and limited stage. This is a great tool to help you get your systems ready to enhance the code as per the files being uploaded. 

You can get this product at only $30 per month. However, you can also use this tool for free with limited functions and features. It also enables angular download from the API.


  • Comes with a CDN embed.
  • Easy to use widget.
  • Low memory consumer
  • Amazing performance considerably.
  • Offers faster compression file transition processes.

3. Simple File Upload

Simple File Upload is another amazing tool for you. It is very simple to use. It has enhanced CDNs that ensure better network retention and fewer uploading failures. It is a widget that is the front end that is replaced as a drag-and-drop space. 

Access is often streamlined collectively through this mechanism. This file uploader system can be installed through React component or through a Java Snippet. You get a 7-day free trial, but beyond that, you will be charged $35/month. Because of such an entrance CDN network, we can access free images off of the CDN network too. 


  • Widget that assists in file uploading among other things.
  • Available at $35 making it one of the most costly products in the Web Uploading tool segment.
  • Easy to use and configure.
  • Has ample CDNs to avoid external network spillage.

4. Uppy

The sleekest, easy-to-use open-source file uploader Web API has to be Uppy. You can literally access Uppy and it has a lot to offer. Uppy is free to use and it can lend you a helping hand in case you are having issues with file uploading and loading. 

It allows picking up files from remote websites like the likes of Instagram and then integrating internally with the application. It has fast processual encoders of Transloadt. Even if a browser crashes for more reasons than one, there is no reason as your files will vanish, Uppy has a resumable upload option and also the best backup infrastructure.


  • Great plugin tool, and easy to use.
  • Allows uploading from all drives and even social media websites.
  • It has auto-resuming feature uploads.
  • Encoding done of images to translate.
  • Available at no extra expense.
  • Allows batch file uploading and allows massive retention of files with surmounting data.

5. Cloudinary

You can start working with Cloudinary with just three lines of code. Cloudinary has to be the most sought-after platform because of its accessible approach. It has combined image processing and editing which are also inbuilt into the web upload infrastructure. 

It allows revisions and also minimizes upload fails. Strong security infrastructure that minimizes file leakage. It can be availed both in paid and non-paid versions, you can choose it.


  • File manipulation possible
  • Comes with an inbuilt editor as well as images.
  • Drag and drop images, music, and other external media directories as per your wish.
  • Has a much better uploading speed.
  • The security systems are enhanced.

6. Flow

Flow is another amazing JavaScript library that allows for better retention and image processing. You see the platform using HTML 5 to enhance its upload work. It has multiple chunk uploads or batch processing available. Simultaneous uploads can be done. 

It has better editable prerequisites as well, making it the best reading app. Resume upload in terms of network stress or network failing, after the connectivity is taken care of.


  • Uses HTML 5 to feed on Java Web API libraries.
  • Amazing stacks of user files download allowing.
  • Batch processing and image manipulation are available.
  • Multiple images viewing preview tools are also available.
  • Easy manners in which any dysfunctional file can be easily recovered 
  • Download Batch progress bar is also easily available.

7. File Pond

File Pond is another great platform and tool that uses the Vanilla Java tool to rebuild its libraries and help in greater access to all files. It allows the uploading of everything from web directories to images, music, and everything that is from the entertainment medium. 

File Pond’s big better and larger-than-life impression is also due to its very accessible and constrained file uploader, and viewer but mostly editor. Compression is such a technical art that it’s done precisely to catch the bandwidth fast. It also has a font reading OCR API available for free.


  • Amazing Web API to use uses Vanilla Java tool
  • Has an inbound editor
  • Compression is correctly done for better access.
  • Enhanced security operations are available.

8. Transloadit

Transloadit is a publicly available open-source upload Web API however there is a catch. For, its business and twisting current demands of photo delivery, reception, and uploads are seriously taken care of. The business plan comes with a paid amount of $45/month. 

Beyond that, it has a lot of traffic on the cloud, it is a well-known image compressor, and effective optimization, and a better preview experience is all there. It also develops its own machine language. It also includes a separate image uploader for the website’s user data retention and storage.


  • Best image processuals.
  • Combines 61 different tools for better performance.
  • Image and space optimization are available and done.
  • It also has a language of its own and that is also termed ‘JSON’.

9. Shubox

Shubox is another great Java-based web API uploader solution, it allows for integration with Amazon AWS. 

Change dimensions images and also easily attainable and can be done in a blink of an eye. File uploaders are very deeply embedded with no issues to the parents, they have easy and breezy life. 


  • Extraction of EXIF data.
  • Changing of image frames available.
  • Purchase the upload API service for just $29/month.
  • Easy to transform files and make them more efficient as it works.

10. Formstone

Contrary to popular notions, Formstone is assumed as just a font and other systemic settings iconography upload directory. But this web API uploader has a rich uploads facility as well. 

Though lightweight and suitable for all kinds of enhancement, it has a Python file picker that allows for the integration of Python Files. 

It also supports batch uploading and downloading without necessary hindrance. Because of the font connection, it also has a JavaScript OCR API tool that can read dysfunctional altered code.


  • Has an amazing file-uploading side setup.
  • Good with tech and rigid science.
  • Amazing image processing.
  • There might also exist requirements for other files.
  • Built-in file uploader on websites.


We all might have pondered where lies the image uploader websites which hold our profile data and have access to many of our personal, sensitive, and relevant details. 

These are JavaScript libraries that allow files to exist and move to and from the server to the cloud. In this listing, we have compiled a similar app listing that checks the development of website image uploading. 

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