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How Does a VPN Protect Your Privacy?

In the internet age, privacy is something you must take care of. If you don’t care much about it, you can be a victim of various online frauds such as Identity Theft, system hack, and many different things that you may not like.

Although you can not make sure 100% safety on the internet, there are ways that may help you increase your safety and security levels online. One such way is the use of VPN which safeguards your browsing by masking your IP address. That means hackers won’t know which is your main IP address because it fakes out a different one. There are other benefits of VPN as well such as unblocking blocked websites and content in your area. VPN also helps.

I have written many articles on my site related to VPN and mentioned so many good VPN services as well. I did that because I know how good it is to browse using a VPN. Surfshark VPN is one of such VPN services I can count on because the servers are very fast.

Why Premium VPN is Required?

If you occasionally use VPNs for trying or testing something, you can go ahead with free ones, but if you are using it for professional use, make sure to go ahead with premium VPNs because their servers are faster and less burdened. Because of that, you can browse the internet at a good speed

It is very common that when you use a VPN, your actual internet speed slows down because the traffic flowing through the VPN servers gets encrypted first. So, a bit of reduced speed is fine but, when you use a free VPN which is being used by thousands of people simultaneously, your browsing speed would reduce to a great extent. Now, in the case of premium VPNs, the servers are equipped with high-quality hardware units. They offer optimum speed, and security,  and also because the price tag attached for using them makes them being used by a limited number of users, which results in a faster connection. Also, the premium VPN companies offer one IP address to a limited number of users only, and in fact, you can book one single IP for your use and no one else would use that, but that will cost you a lot of money.

Free VPNs may have the DNS leak issue at times as well, so, premium is what I would recommend.

How Does VPN Offer Privacy?

This could be a good question because you must know how a VPN works. I would try to explain in general terms without going into technical depths. When you press the connect button on your VPN software, there is an encrypted connection established between your computer and the VPN server. And, the VPN masks your IP and connects to the websites you are visiting. So, even if someone tries to locate your activities, they will only see the IP address offered by the VPN. Your main IP address won’t be visible there. However, the VPN company would know which websites you are visiting, since they are masking your IP, they would know. But, no outsider will know for sure. So, for others, you are anonymous but not anonymous for the VPN company at least. But, that is not a problem. And, to be honest, you cannot be completely anonymous online because of various reasons which I will discuss further in this article.

Why Am I not Cmpletely Anonymous?

VPN servers may not offer complete anonymity because as long as you go to a website, and fill out your details like your name, age, any Identification details, you won’t be anonymous. VPN cannot fake these details because they need not be. So, they don’t offer anonymity this way, but they do help you by offering an extra layer of security by encrypting the traffic and masking your original IP address. 

So, to be exact, when you use a VPN, your connection is encrypted, and you can browse anonymously but as long as you fill out your details on any website, you won’t be anonymous any longer as you share your phone number, ID number, and other details.

So, Should I use VPN?

Yes, you must use VPN if you can afford it. It can still save you from hackers, and also help you access the content that is restricted in your area. I have been using various VPNs for more than 6 years now, and I am quite happy using them.

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