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How to Get More Likes On Facebook without Spamming?

Who else wants to get more likes on Facebook without actually spamming your fans and followers?

We all know how important Facebook is for our business to grow faster in crowded market. If you are still not using Facebook to grow your business, you are losing a lot of money on the table. Don’t let your competitors take over you, start using few proven strategies on Facebook to get more likes and real user engagement.


Facebook is the BIGGEST social media platform out there that you can use to grow your business and websites. Social media sites like Facebook and twitter are not only meant for growing your online reach but you can increase your brand awareness without having prior online experience before. That’s the reason why most people are now jumping into the pool of social media to get more attention and business.

Whether you are posting, sharing or tweeting, it’s essential to consider how to get more likes on Facebook without actually spamming. Getting more likes on Facebook is an art that anyone can master by learning few insider strategies that I’m going to reveal in this detailed post.

Proven ways to get more likes on Facebook:

Build a rapport with your fans

The simplest way to get more likes on Facebook without spamming your friends or fans walls is this: build a great rapport with them. Whenever you post something on your group or Facebook page, use the word “YOU” instead of randomly writing for everyone.

By using a friendly writing tone in your posts while sharing something on Facebook, you will instantly create a “human emotion trigger” that can boost your engagement. No matter how much you spend time on Facebook, if you don’t build a rapport with your fans and followers; your efforts will go in vain.

For instance, once check out Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive income’s Facebook page, he always engages with his fans and he always responds to their queries. That’s how he was able to build a large community on Facebook for his blog.

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Post regular updates at proper times

Did you know that the bloggers who get most of the shares and likes on Facebook follow a simple strategy? The strategy for getting more likes on Facebook is all about timing. They don’t randomly post updates on their Facebook pages or walls. They always follow a specific timing to get more online visibility on Facebook.

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You can use tools like BufferApp to know the best times to post on Facebook. I personally use and recommend BufferApp as it is not only free for limited intervals to post, but also makes it easy for you to automatically post on Facebook.

Here are some of the best times to post on Facebook according to a recent survey conducted by HubSpot:

  1. Wednesdays 3 pm is the PEAK time to reach wider audience and get more likes on Facebook. If you want to get highest average click through rates then post on Facebook between 1 pm to 4 pm.
  2. Weekends before 8 am and after 8 pm (this is the worst time to post as you won’t get any attention from people on Facebook)

Want to get more likes on Facebook? Invest some money!

Most bloggers don’t actually spend a dime on social media sites to improve their online reach and likes. Remember that, this is a business and every business needs some kind of investment to succeed at first. There’s no other smart investment you can make other than spending your money on Facebook ads to improve your reach.

You can start off by spending $10 to $20 on your Facebook ads budget, once you started noticing new likes and interaction you can spend more as you go. The budget you put on Facebook ads to get more likes on Facebook totally depends on the kind of audience you want to attract.

Here are few effective tips to spend smartly on Facebook ads to get more Facebook likes:

  • Use attention grabbing headlines (as most Facebook users read only headlines before clicking the ads).
  • Use compelling images as thumbnails.
  • Mention your target customers before posting it on Facebook (Ex: you can only choose US audience option if you want to attract US audience).
  • Observe and learn from your competitors Facebook ads on how they are promoting their posts to get more likes on Facebook.

Use your blog or website to get more likes on Facebook by using a CTA

Really, there’s no other better way to increase Facebook likes than a blog or website. By starting a blog, you are not only attracting new visitors from search engines but you will also be increasing your brand awareness which you can ultimately turn that awareness into Facebook new fans.

Use your Facebook page links in the prominent places on your blog to get instant likes. You can also use Facebook popup like box on your blogs to insist your new visitors into becoming new Facebook fans.

The key to getting more Facebook likes from your blogs is the content quality. The more powerful content you post, the more fans you can generate from your blogs or websites. So focus on creating high quality content that is targeted to attract new social media fans.

Run contests to attract new audience

If you are new to Facebook and don’t have prior online reputation before, one of the easiest ways to grow your Facebook likes is to run a content. Do it frequently if you want quickly build a quality user profile for yourself on Facebook.

Most social media users like to participate in contests as they not only provide huge value but they also give them something to work for. You can run simple contests like giving away free eBooks, videos or plugins to attract massive audience on Facebook.

Final thoughts about getting more likes on Facebook

When you are a beginner, it’s always hard to get more likes on Facebook because of just one simple reason: no one knows you. So first start by getting attention from other blogs, post regular updates to increase your followers and always invest money on getting more followers and likes to increase your Facebook reach.

Before seeking help from others to share your posts on Facebook, start by promoting others posts. Always promote great stuff and ask insightful questions on your Facebook pages to create a thriving audience around your Facebook pages.

Do you have any more proven strategies to grow Facebook user engagement? Please share your thoughts on getting more likes on Facebook in the comment section below.

About the author

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal is the CEO of Bloggers Passion blog where he blogs on topics related to blogging, seo, making money online, affiliate marketing, web hosting and social media marketing.


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  • Hi Anil,

    Glad to see you on TTW 🙂

    Your post is always helpful, here you nailed it again 🙂

    Getting Facebook like with no spam is really an art. I’m supporting my fans through my Like as your told and yes, consistency & quality of information shared on FB walls & groups are more important. I haven’t tried investing money to get FB likes, will try that way. Running contests is an evergreen idea to attract more eyeballs and to get FB likes too, I agree with it.

    Thanks for your executable tips to get genuine FB likes, will try to make use of your ideas 🙂

    • Hi Nirmala,

      Thanks so much for the kind words, keeping up with the latest updates and building rapport with your fans is the key to get more out of Facebook.

      Keep in touch!

  • It is a fact that Social media plays an important role in increasing your search engine rank. So Facebook likes are very important. Also, Facebook likes helps to make your article Go Viral.

    Great article Anil. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi anil it is always pleasure to read your articles on different topic this one is no exception at all. My fb likes are little bit less but never thought the timings can also do wonders for us. Will try to apply these tricks

  • Nice to see you Anil here.

    You’ve shared much needed post here. Facebook is such a great platform through which you can get traffic from the first day itself.

    I agree to you with the points that we should not buy likes/shares as this is not going to help. thanks for sharing !!


  • Hello Anil,

    Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article on TTW. This article is really helpful for the readers of TTW. Facebook is a popular field for website/blog marketing. Bloggers can generate more traffic for their blogs. You have shared some useful tricks to get likes from Facebook. Facebook Groups also play an important role to get likes. Before I have invested money for getting likes, but I don’t use Facebook Ads Service on regular basis. Running contest indeed a good idea. I have plan to run a contest on Facebook in future. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful article with us.


    Moumita Ghosh

  • Thank you so much for this awesome Guest post Anil bro! I loved this post. As you said, the timing for posting is important which you already specified in the post. I would like to try posting on the said time frame.

    Facebook Ads can be great for getting some extra likes but doing it for every post won’t be possible for all the bloggers. Newbies can’t afford it though!

    Great write up!

    • Hi Atish,

      First of all, thanks so much for the quick response and publishing my first post here on your wonderful blog. I really love your contents here and I always want to contribute to the quality blog like yours.

      Keep rocking brother.

  • All the points are really good specially the first one – Human Emmotion Trigger which really works like a charm to get more engagement of our fans. It indirectly enhance the chances to get more audience. It also creates a user-friendy environment. Thanks for sharing these much needed tips to get more likes to our fb fan page

  • Hey Anil,

    Good to see you on TTW. Great post on getting FB likes 🙂 Since FB holds the first position in Social media, blog will reach more people if you have more followers in FB. I have created FB page recently. Will use your ideas to promote. Thanks for sharing the time to post on FB.

    Running contest is an easy way to attract more people. I have the idea of running a contest. Will share the details shortly on my site.


  • From my experience contests as well as giveaways are among the best ways to increase you Facebook brand popularity – they are even more effecting than ads, when comparing the budget and the number of regular followers

    • Hi Victoria,

      Similar thoughts! One need to do contests to attract wider audience from social media sites. The only thing is to keep in mind while doing contests NOT to attract spammers.

  • That is a very good post especially the information about the timing. I have been tracking my own stats and have found weekdays between about 6-8pm to be a good time to post. The weekends are very quiet.

    I guess that each niche will have their own times when that type of group is online.

    Thanks for the informative post. I enjoyed it. 🙂

    • Agree with you Marcel regarding the different times to post for different niches.

      Make sure to test and analyze your FB stats while posting your future links to get the most out of them.

  • Sharing others content and building the rapport is what I think will do something good in starting and the timing of posts is also a crucial thing to follow. Because you don’t want to just post if people are not even watching what you posted. Also, comment on others posts, give suggestion, greet them are some ways through which engagement can be taken to the next level.

    • Hi Aditya,

      Building right rapport with your fans is the key to get more out of social media sites like Facebook and twitter.

      And no one likes to follow you unless you’re providing great value to them. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • it is only and only one way that is paid to facebook for advertise our page,
    then start receiveing likes….

  • Hi Anil,
    Facebook Ads really help in getting likes for initial days of your blog, once it reaches 30 or 40 likes late we can concentrate on our blog to get more like for our blog, there are so many groups on Facebook which can exchange likes for each other, Like 4 like join in that group earn likes, thank you for sharing the article.

    • When you’re starting out, using FB ads is the surefire way to get some quick likes and user engagement. I personally recommend anyone to invest at least $100 on getting more likes and visibility for their FB pages.

      Great thoughts Siddaiah!

  • Hi Atish,
    Some people use spam techniques results into fake likes and 0% engagement. We should always try to build real fan base. Some people also uses Facebook like exchange or follow me- follow you back, policy which is not good at all.


  • Wow its very interesting information about facebook Likes..Everyone wants more likes on facebook…Thank you for sharing this information….

  • Good stuff! One more thing i want to include here: Getting more likes on Facebook shouldn’t be your motive but you must focus on how to improve your brand awareness. Facebook is such a good platform to speak your mind to the world, so engage in other communities, groups and act just like an active member. You don’t need to spend much of time on Facebook but you have to regular and responsive. Awesome ideas, Thanks for this.

    • Exactly my thoughts Sneha.

      It’s useless if no one knows what you’re talking about (although if you’ve huge likes on your posts). Getting more user engagement is the key here.

      Thanks for your comment!

  • Hi Anil,

    Facebook Group is also great option,Join more and more targeted groups related to blog topics or create our own groups and post frequently about your blog.Also linking twitter and Google Plus to Facebook gives more benefit.

    By the way have a great post,thanks for it.

  • Building rapport is must. But creating a blog for your page, i don’t think it is very good idea because one cannot attract likes just by creating a blog. You would have to invest loads of time in your blog and after you become successful in creating a name in the targeted niche, only then you would actually start attracting likes for your page.
    One more thing that I would like to add is that generate tremendous amount of epic content; content that have the potential to go viral like infographics, memes, pics or videos. This is the best way to capture FB users attention.
    Good article, Anil.

    • Creating user engagement and increasing brand awareness are the two pillars for social media success.

      Creating epic posts and promoting good stuff always helps you get more likes, shares and comments on social media sites like FB.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Arslan.

  • Some people use spamming techniques like getting fake likes and 0% engagement. We should always try to build real fan base. Some people also uses Facebook like exchange or follow me- follow you back, policy which is not good at all.Real Fans bring Real traffic

    • User engagement is the key to get more out of Facebook. If no one likes, shares or comments on your links, there’s no use.

      Make sure to create an engagement with your followers to get more out of blogging community. Thanks for your comment!

  • Hi Atish,

    When it comes to Facebook I love it! I have been using my page for about a year now and joined a group of Facebook Fan Page Challenge. It runs every 30 days and we make a commitment to visit and comment on each other’s pages.

    After 30 days of doing this I have built such close relationships with others. Getting to know them, going to their blogs and taking that extra mile. It always works! We have to give in order to receive.

    Then there is a pattern I like to use on my Facebook Page that gives CTA. A question, An either or post (like do you like cats or dogs for instance) Also a quote that is in conjunction to my latest blog post for motivation, and lastly a picture of something with a cleaver message. These are 4 posts that I do every day on my page.

    People like to see things quickly to engage, and as long as you give them a CTA they will. Now the best part is 20% of the time I give them a CTA to check out the app on the side which is my product. As we build trust, they start opting in and even converting.

    When it comes to Facebook Ads…I’m a great fan! I had much success targeting a specific audience, and then using an re-targeting pixel so I’m right there in front of them again.

    So many people do not like Facebook, but to me it is a Marketer’s dream!


    • Thanks for stopping by Donna,

      I love the way you do on your FB page. CTA is important for engagement and as well as sales. Fb ads are great to target the audience you are interested in.

      Glad you liked the post. Keep coming.

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment on my post.

      FB ads do provide great value especially when you want to promote your products, services or events. They not only help you get targeted visitors but they do increase your brand awareness.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hi Suraj,

      Rightly said. Most beginners unfortunately use fake likes to increase their shares. But I don’t recommend as most of these fake likes sites are blocklisted by Google results.

  • What i didn’t know was the proper time. The peak time and the days!
    Thank you very much for the tips.

  • Some people use spamming techniques like getting fake likes and 0% engagement. We should always try to build real fan base.
    its very interesting information about facebook Likes..Everyone wants more likes on facebook…Thank you for sharing this information….

  • I have tried to get more facebook likes by autoliker or website bot. But after collecting like, I saw that my facebook page like is decreasing. So, when I read this article, I decided to increase my like a honest way. This post helped me much how to collect likes for my facebook page in a right way. From now, I will use this trick what you written. Thanks for helping me.

  • This is a useful article to everyone who has FB page.. But, Sometimes my page make me so angry.. Do you know why? If I wasn’t active on my page for 1 week, I might lost half of the likes of my next new post.. Why FB do like this? It’s ridiculous… Anyway thanks for your useful information.

  • I am a full time blogger with some decent visitors on many of my blogs. After reading you article, I must say, you have explained a genuine concept of using Facebook and Twitter.

    Most the new bloggers want to get instant traffic, they use irrelevant hashtags, tag unnecessary people, and what now. Ultimately their credibility declines.

    Even in the world of internet, patience is the virtue you should hold on.

    Once again, thanks for this wonderful piece of advice. Though, I knew most of them, some of them really helped me.

  • Hello Anil.

    From my experinece ‘Coupons’ are a great (and ever-green) promotion method that are sure to increase Facebook likes.

    Something small like a 10% off coupon gives people an incentive to buy while keeping your margins relatively intact.

    The optimal way to use coupons though is to have them require an action to access them (that does not require much work).

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