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Download Freegate For PC To Take Out Web Restrictions

Are you struggling to get rid of your browsing restrictions? Do you get frustrated with a big list of blocked websites? So, you would be in need of a perfect application to load the websites that are not allowed to access, Am I right?

How do you feel, if you get a free tool to bypass your IP restrictions on the general browsing? How about having a simple to use, no installation tool for secure and fast internet access to blocked sites?

I hope that you are feeling better now since you have estimated that I have a perfect solution for you. Please wait for a few seconds, so that I will disclose all the essential details of a software that lets you browse jammed sites with ease.

In an article, I read Pakistan blocks Twitter I have written that, in spite of the Pakistani government blocking Twitter, still many Pakistanis accessed twitter by using proxies & other stuff. I have also added that I would like to reveal the ways of unblocking the blocked websites.

I assume that you are the one, who cannot access some specific websites because your country, college or company has wedged the access to them. You may further read the post to get an easy route to anonymous browsing.

Yes! There exists an amazing application for your surfing restrictions, Freegate. You can download Freegate for PC at free of cost.

Let’s discuss the key details of Freegate software through this post so that you’ll be able to avoid your internet access limitations. Also, I would like to add the Freegate latest version link at the end of the post, so that you may download Freegate for PC from here itself.

What is Freegate?

Freegate is anti-censorship software that is used for secure & fast internet connection. Developed by a group called Dynamic Internet Technology, Freegate enables the users from the countries like China, UAE, Syria, Myanmar, Iran, Vietnam, etc. where government censors the Internet very strongly (& lately in Pakistan when Twitter was blocked – 20th May 2012).  Apparently, Freegate is completely free only for the users of China but it is a shareware for outsiders.

freegate free internet

Freegate uses P2P like proxy network called DynaWeb. It is very easy to install. As soon as the software would get installed, Internet Explorer will open with a secure connection through which you will be able to access the blocked websites! If you want to use any other browser then you will have to configure the settings.

Immediately after installation, Freegate connects to its directory server & downloads the lists of proxy servers that will ensure you to establish a secure connection. Once you turn off the Freegate application, the proxies will be cleared off & the blocked websites will be no more protected by Freegate.


Features of Freegate

  1. Freegate is an individual file that is executable on Windows platform with no installation required.
  2. It has an intuitive interface that could scan for multiple proxy servers and connect to the quickest one.
  3. Having two secure modes, Proxy mode & Classic mode is a notable stuff of Freegate with which you can deal the internet blockade in a better way.
  4. It enables you to access the overseas websites as quick as your local ones.
  5. Its configuration features are handy, and you will be able to delete your browsing history.
  6. If you download Freegate for PC from its latest version, you will get an enhanced anti-censorship capability as it uses the new distinctive encryption and compression algorithm.

Cons of Freegate

  1. Sometimes, you may experience slow speed connection and couldn’t unblock some particular websites.
  2. It may be flagged by anti-virus or anti-spyware software.
  3. It is somewhat unstable, and no adult content is encouraged.

Bottom line

Ankit Fadia, an Ethical Hacker and an independent computer security consultant who has provided cyber security training & solutions of thousands of clients including Google, says that “Freegate is one of the most effective methods of bypassing the Chinese government’s blocking firewall.

And trust me, if it works in China, it will probably work in most countries, colleges, organizations and in other parts of the world.” Several students, businessmen, and tourists use Freegate during their China visit and enjoy control-free web access.

Note: It could be possible that your country, college, the company would have also blocked the downloading source of Freegate. Thus, you may download Freegate for PC & carry it on a pen drive or other such devices, or keep the software in your mailbox!

I would say that it is a great professional tool for the one who need to access the restricted websites. Even though its performance depends on the proxy servers you get, I’m sure that it will satisfy your requirements.

I hope that you have grabbed the enough information of Freegate. What is your opinion about this tool to unblock the blocked websites? Would you like to have free download Freegate for PC? Share your views in the comment section. 

Download Freegate here

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Zainil is commerce graduate & is pursuing his further studies in commerce. He loves to write about software's & social media.

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  • I can’t see the necessity of blocking any social networks, because in any case people will find an opportunity to get an excess to them.

  • I’ve downloaded freegate before and have used it. It is a great program indeed. I think all pakistani can find it useful.

    Thanks Zainil for your post

  • This program is new to me as well, but it looks it was famous before it was posted here. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great software!

  • Governments who are trying to block / censor internet are actually killing freedom of speech. Thanks to proxy apps, they saved us many times!

  • It’s really sad to here how government takes full control of what its people should see/listen. I also heard that Turkey banned Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully, it’s not gonna happen my country. That would be horrible i think. Anyway, thanks for your “FreeGate” recommendation. Maybe it come in handy for me in the future.

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