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Essential Work Competencies for UX & UI Designers

In the past two decades, the tech industry has experienced tremendous growth. It is not without reason. Nowadays, it would be difficult to find a person that doesn’t use the internet every day. Technology has transformed the way we look at our life, but also how we live. That’s why many young people are encouraged to learn how to write code. Still, others discover that although being a programmer is not something that they would like to do, the tech world has a lot more to offer. Some of them become UX or UI designers. In a second, you’ll learn about the work competencies of UX and UI designers. Let’s go!


The difference between UX and UI design

You may have heard the terms UX and UI design are used interchangeably, but they don’t mean the same thing. UX designers analyze what things should appear on the website, and what is the reasoning behind this decision, whereas UI designers are responsible for making sure that the website is aesthetically pleasing. Without the UX design, the layout of your website, no matter how beautiful, would not serve any function. On the other hand, without UI design, the visitors would leave the website immediately, as it would be too hideous. If you are interested in pursuing a career in either UX or UI design, you can check out Career Foundry. Most of the companies on the market won’t care if you haven’t spent several years at the university – all that matters are your skills. If you put enough effort into absorbing new knowledge, finding a job in the tech world shouldn’t be a problem.

Okay, so what are the work competencies of UX and UI designers?


If you are trying to convince the users that your brand is trustworthy, you have to tell a story – it’s just that instead of using words, you’ll be using colors, fonts, and pictures. Using the tools and software such as Adobe or Photoshop, you will communicate with the visitors why they should choose your services or use your products. Remember that if you want to create a successful brand, your usage of colors, but also the type of content that can be found on the website should be coherent.

At the same time, both UI and UX designers need to collaborate with others and listen to the demands of clients. The success of the project will depend on their ability to communicate effectively. It means that if your interpersonal skills are rather lacking, becoming a UI or UX designer could be problematic.

The importance of Colors

Although you might think that choosing the right color is an easy task, it is not always the case. Various colors create different impressions, which is why, depending on the project, or a type or a website, UI designers should stick to a specific color palette. If you are trying to design a website for a company that deals with accounting, then making the website as colorful as possible wouldn’t be a great choice.

Human Psychology

Both UX and UI designers need to predict the reaction of people who will visit the website. UX designers need to know not only what elements should appear on the website, but also why. UI designers, on the other hand, focus on the way things are presented. They should know what the best way to present information to elicit a specific response is.

Analytical mind

Being able to efficiently analyze data is more important in the case of UX designers. They need to know what are the problems that the users experience when they want to achieve a specific goal when they visit the website. Only when they understand what the problem is, is it possible to implement some changes.

Importance of structure

To make sure that the visitors are not confused, UI and UX designers should know how to present the information on the website in a way that would be easily understood by the visitors. If the website is full of long lists, then users will skip most of the bullet points. That’s why you should know how to present the information in an effective way. Even if your website has the most authoritative information or offers products of the best quality, the bad layout could render those efforts fruitless.

Natural curiosity

Both UI and UX designers should be naturally curious observers. Some of the ideas that might work great on paper will turn out to be failures. That’s understandable, but if you want to discover why the visitors react in a specific way, you should constantly be asking “why”. Asking a lot of questions is not a sign of a lack of knowledge. Quite the contrary –  if you are eager to uncover the causes behind the failures, then you will learn how to avoid the same mistakes next time.

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