5 Cool and Amazing Search Engines
Search Engines are the web based tools that help you find the information which are available on the Internet. We all know Google, Bing and Yahoo are the most famous search engines, among of these Google is leading ahead of all of this. Moreover, there are 100’s of other search engines as well like ask,… (32 comments)

Benefits of Embedding Videos on Your Website
Generating web traffic to your company site, blog or articles is challenging. You should have robust content that is both user and SEO friendly.  However, loads of text can overwhelm visitors and lead to high bounce rates, where users quickly leave your site. So, what are ways to create engaging content in a user friendly… (20 comments)

Paul Kane, A Man who has the Key to Boot up the Web
You might raise your eyebrows, if I tell a tech fact. Yes, seven individuals spread in the world with the secret key and if those keys get combined, they’ll get a master key which has the power to reset the internet. Do you doubt with this tech surprise? This is not a scene in an… (24 comments)