Paul Kane, A Man who has the Key to Boot up the Web
You might raise your eyebrows, if I tell a tech fact. Yes, seven individuals spread in the world with the secret key and if those keys get combined, they’ll get a master key which has the power to reset the internet. Do you doubt with this tech surprise? This is not a scene in an… (24 comments)

Top Influential People Who NEVER LIVED
And here comes the Christmas ! 🙂 🙂 Merry Christmas to all the readers of TTW ! 🙂 While decorating the Christmas tree, I was continuously thinking about Santa Claus, and then I suddenly realized that even though Santa Claus never lived, still he has been soo much influential in our lives; and then the… (8 comments)

Ins & Outs of Cloud Computing
If you have ever thought about keeping your records and data mobile then you will certainly love the magic of cloud computing. It is the most recent invention in information technology world. Apple has grabbed the introducer hat by launching its iCloud service for apple users. This service let the users to synchronize their personal… (2 comments)

Freegate – Gateway To Free Internet
Download Freegate For PC To Take Out Web Restrictions Are you struggling to get rid of your browsing restrictions? Do you get frustrated with a big list of blocked websites? So, you would be in need of a perfect application to load the websites that are not allowed to access, Am I right? How do… (9 comments)