Tips to Protect Your Email Account from Hackers
In the world of technology, there is always the danger of a security breach. The most common of this instance is when a hacker is able to access your email account to your demise and it generally makes your vital files, documents and perhaps important project portfolios and other essential documents with respect to your… (20 comments)

Top Five Temporary Email Address Generators
If you’re an Internet fanatic and you spend most of the time surfing the web, you would have come across the phrase disposable or temporary email address generators, ever wondered what that is? 😯 Temporary email address is an email address that can be thrown away or disposed off after some time. Unlike your real… (17 comments)

Install Whatsapp on Your PC or Laptop
Whatsapp is not a new word for anyone who uses a mobile phone these days. It revolutionized the telecom industry by making SMS free. However it has a limitation that it cannot be installed on PC’s, laptops, etc. Thankfully this limitation has been overcome by software called Bluestacks and now you can Install whatsapp on… (26 comments)

How To Resize an Image? – 3 Free Image Resizer For Windows
Photography has become a big passion in the 21st century! 🙂 Its been a fashion to keep clicking 24*7*365! 😎 The manufacturing of the high end camera’s have been boosted. The image qualities of the images from the camera’s like DSLR is just awesome, unbeatable! 🙂 And once the photos are clicked, you cannot hold… (28 comments)

Searching in Windows 7 with Advanced Search Filters
Hard disk – the best place to store all! 🙂 As a habit, we usually tend to collect anything and everything and the dump it in our hard drives. Smart are those people who dump the files in their hard disks in an organized way; but what about the chaotic’s like me who have everything… (8 comments)