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Can You See Who Views Your Threads Profile?

Threads is a social media platform an add-on for Meta and many people are calling it a substitute for Twitter. You can post anything you want and then continue to chat on the thread on this platform. One of the major questions that do strike people’s minds is privacy as Twitter did not have a private profile option. Also, can you really know who has viewed your profile on Threads? 


Can You Know If Someone Has Viewed Your Threads Profile?

No, you can’t know if someone has viewed your Threads profile because Threads has no feature to tell you this. But certainly, if they have interacted with your feeds, especially your Threads, used your username as a tag, replied to your comment on a Thread, or liked your Thread then you will get a notification about that. Other than that there is no other option to know if someone has just viewed your profile. 

In short, if someone views your profile, you won’t know but if they like your comment, or reply to it, you will get to know for sure.

Can Someone Know If I Have Viewed Their Threads Profile?

No, as you can’t find if someone has viewed your profile, the same way, they don’t know if you have viewed their profile unless you have liked or replied to their comment.

Why Threads Does Not Notify Users About Someone Viewing Their Profile?

Here is a list of reasons why Threads does not notify users about someone viewing their profile:

Focusing on Public Conversations

Threads do not provide a feature that explicitly notifies users when someone views their profile. The platform focuses on promoting public conversations and interactions rather than profile view tracking. Threads’ philosophy aligns with maintaining an open and public platform parallelling that of Twitter. A Thread or Twitter-based audience is public figures and stars, the celebrity-based audience where they can broadcast their views.

Threads Notifications

Threads do not have a built-in profile view notification system. The platform emphasizes notifications related to likes, retweets, and replies. Basic information is available, such as follower count and engagement metrics, but no specific details on profile views. One other thing that Threads does best is having a mentions section as well as a replies section, it exists to filter your notification existing as a sorting feature to spot the adequate notification.

No Third-Party Applications and Services

Various third-party applications claim to offer profile view notifications for Threads. Caution is advised when using such services, as they may not be reliable or secure. These services could potentially violate Threads’ terms of service and result in consequences. Moreover, the app is very new hence using any third-party app is not safe considering many apps would not even know the technicals behind the back end and front end of the app to manipulate data.

User Privacy and Control

Social media platforms prioritize user privacy and control over personal information. Threads has chosen not to include an explicit profile view notification feature. The platform emphasizes engagement with threads and shared content. As of now, it does not even have a personal messaging feature.

How to Know if Threads Provide Profile View notifications on Threads?

It is recommended to refer to Threads’ official documentation or support channels for the most up-to-date and accurate information on features and policies. You need to look at its moderation policies in particular and you will get info on the latest changes regarding the platform. New users who are thinking to transition or use a platform like Threads are advised to read their terms and conditions before signing up.

Can You Keep Your Profile Private on Threads?

In terms of user-controlled privacy, Threads do have an option to keep the profile private. Follow these steps to keep your profile private:

  • Open your Threads app.
  • Go to ‘Profile’. See no.1 of IMG-A.
  • Tap on ‘Edit Profile’. See no.2 of IMG-A.
  • Toggle on ‘Private Profile’. See no.2 of IMG-B.
  • Tap on ‘Done’ to finalize changes. See no.1 of IMG-B.

Alternative Method

  • Open ‘Settings’ by tapping three horizontal lengths paralleling each other by decreasing length. See no.3 of IMG-A.
  • Tap on ‘Privacy’.

  • Toggle on  ‘Private Profile’.

How Do Threads Ensure Your Safety On Their Platform?

Twitter employs various measures to ensure safety and create a positive environment for its users. These measures can be broadly categorized into proactive policies, user controls, content moderation, reporting systems, and collaboration with external organizations. Here’s an overview of how Twitter ensures safety:

Proactive Policies

Threads has established clear guidelines and rules that outline acceptable behavior on the platform. These policies prohibit abusive behavior, harassment, hate speech, threats, and other forms of harmful content. By setting these standards, Threads aims to foster a safe and inclusive community.

User Controls

Threads provide users with a range of controls to customize their experience and ensure their safety. Users can block accounts, mute or filter specific keywords, phrases, or conversations, and limit interactions to only their followers. These features empower users to manage their own online environment and mitigate potential risks. It also includes being independent in sharing their posts with as many people or no people at all and also keeping their profile private.

Content Moderation

Threads employ a combination of automated systems and human moderators to monitor and review user-generated content. Through the use of machine learning algorithms, Threads can and also do identify and flag potentially abusive or harmful content in real time. Anything offensive is taken down

Reporting Systems

Threads provide users with straightforward reporting mechanisms to flag abusive or inappropriate content. Users can report threads, accounts, or specific behaviors that violate the platform’s policies. Reports are reviewed by Threads’s support teams, who take appropriate action based on the severity and nature of the violation.

Transparency and Privacy

Threads is also committed to transparency regarding its safety practices. The platform publishes regular transparency reports that detail the number of content removals, enforcement actions taken, and requests for user information received from governments or law enforcement agencies. Threads also prioritize user privacy by implementing robust data protection measures and ensuring compliance with applicable data protection laws.


Threads at present do not have a feature that informs you if someone has viewed your profile. The reasons primarily are few. One such reason is, it’s trying to become more of a public-centric app. Providing viewership info on profiles contradicts its spirit. I have included other many important privacy aspects of Threads quite in detail, you will surely be helped by the elaborate explanation. 

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