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10 Best Sites Like CharaHub

Also known as CharacterHub, CharaHub was a website that assisted to keep track of the characters and help get access to their complete information forever. Developed by Keith Kurson and Gemma Golland, it was one of the excellent options for saving the characters in a single shareable place. You could save every information about character description, personality traits, and other visual or text descriptions. Having your characters saved would be helpful enough in referring back to them later.  It was indeed a good tool for writers as well.

Best CharaHub Alternatives – A formidable list

CharaHub was shut down for some reason in 2019. We are not going to discuss the reasons here rather we are going to share a list of the best sites like CharaHub for you so that you can try them out. The site description now says that the site is offline forever. Of course, the social media services have been kept alive, and there is a hint to indicate whether the new version of the site may come up sometime in future.  

However, for now, the site is currently down, and that has made us look for the best Charahub alternatives. Without much ado, check out the best sites like Charahub for your creative needs.

10 Best Sites Like CharaHub

  1. World Anvil

It can be yet another excellent option for almost all your needs in characters and other creative needs. It should be the perfect tool for the writers and a worthy addition to the best Charahub alternatives. It should be an excellent option for the authors, game developers, and other storytellers.

There are over 25 templates you can pick from. You can embed images, maps, music or even sound effects to your creations and access them whenever you want to. It can be helpful for you in providing an immersive reading experience. 

  1. Toyhouse

The Toyhouse is yet another option for the best in terms of creation of characters, trading, and word-building. In fact, it is a community of creative and collaborative character building. While it can be one of the excellent options for the best in terms of the best Charahub alternatives, it can only be availed through an invite. And the invites can be sent by the premium users alone. 

The service lets you create an unlimited list of characters and worlds. You can even link your characters to the characters created by others. The website also provides you access to comment and forum sections along with an option to interact on social media. 

  1. Cowbird 

Cowbird is an excellent tool designed for effective storytelling. It can be an excellent option for a public library of the human experience ever. In fact, just like Toyhousse, it is a community of storytellers and communicates with each other from across the world. 

You can make use of several storytelling attributes to build your stories with ease. Embed the free and simple to use photos, audio, images, and text. One of the excellent Charahub alternatives, it simply lets you learn from one another. 

  1. Notebook.ai

This is yet another excellent option for the writers, designers, and role players. If you are an author, you will find it one of the excellent options for your needs in creating richer and immersive worlds for your novels. You can use it for your novels, stories, and plays. A worthy addition to the list of the best Charahub alternatives.

Notebook.ai provides you access to an enhanced and improved experience in creating avatars or characters, locations, and other items for your novels and stories. You can be assured of never losing your characters and other details as they are backed up so that you will have access to your work forever. 

  1. Refsheet.net

A completely free tool, it should be one of the excellent Charahub alternatives and should work as an excellent option for storing your creative offerings. You can easily create and share references for all your characters. It should be one of the perfect options for almost all your needs for the artists, word builders, and of course, role players.

There are not many users on the platform. That would mean you do not need to worry about the plagiarism or theft of your creations. It also offers you access to a huge range of customisation options. It is one of the best free tools you would find quite impressive. 

  1. Realm Works

Charahub wasn’t a tool only for the writers and authors. It was an equally capable of helping out game developers as well. If you are looking for the best alternatives for the best Charahub alternatives for the gaming community and the game developers. 

You can create your stories, and create your world with ease on Realm Works. It can be the right tool for every game master for managing their campaigns. It can be used to create and manipulate your world like never before. The service is an excellent option for a richer and vibrant world. 

  1. YARPS

YARPS is a perfect option for the creation and managing your vivid worlds. It should be one of the best options for almost every need you may have as a writer, a game master, or even a role player. Create a wide range of vivid worlds, plan and document your stories, and create customised creation.

One of the perfect Charahub alternatives, it should be something you would find quite an excellent option for portraits, interactive maps, and of course, music. It can also double up as an exciting option for creating the perfect RPG content – within a game or any other sort of content. Get access to numerous locations, characters, factions, and stories.

  1. Scrivener

If you are a writer, you would find that Scrivener is one of the excellent options you would find extremely impressive and an enhanced experience ever. If you had been using Charahub, and now the lack of Charahub has created trouble for you, this should be an excellent option. Get the tool and do everything right from the initial draft to the final one right away. 

You can grow your manuscript just the way you are looking to. You would be able to create your manuscript step by step. It does provide you access to practically everything under the sun – right from tools for fiction and non-fiction, icons and templates, collections and metadata. 

  1. World Scribe

If you are looking for the excellent options for an enhanced creation process, World Scribe should be one of the perfect choices ever. It would double up as the right solution for providing you access to every kind of fictional setting. No matter whether you are a hobby writer, novelist, or even a role player – you would find World Scribe a great option as the right options for the Charahub alternatives.

Option for backing up your creations and worlds with your Dropbox account would further make it one of the prominent choices ever. You can incorporate a wide range of elements that include locations, characters, items, and groups. An excellent tool for the writers, you would find it a perfect option ever.

  1. NovaScriber

NovaScriber is one of the excellent options for almost all your needs outlining and writing your novels right from scratch. Just opt for one of the perfect and excellent Charahub alternatives in the form of NovaScriber, you would be able to track your characters and locations with ease. It doubles up as one of the promising options for creating content among Create novels, short stories, research papers, and notes. 

The platform provides you access to one of the perfect options for a full set of functionalities that would help you simplify your task of writing and creating an enhanced experience par excellence. It would be one of the perfect options that would help you achieve an enhanced experience for creating complex projects. 

The Closing Remarks 

Well, that was how you would be able to come across a few best options for the right Charahub alternatives. Of course, the list of the best options featured here should ideally help you achieve the task of creating the greatest content ever. 

The complete list of the best options for the right Charahub alternatives should ideally be a great choice ever. Check them out and share your inputs. 

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