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Benefits of Integrating Plagiarism detector API to Your Website

Millions of words are being published on the internet every day, and just like the normal thieves, there are content thieves as well who steal our content and post on their article. In this situation, we have to protect our website so that content doesn’t get stolen. In similar fashion, when you get content from various freelance writers, they may ditch you by sending you copied or spun content. It’s important to check their work as well. Therefore, you must need to use some plagiarism detection tools to find out that the articles you got from the writers are free from plagiarism. You can test your paper for free with plagiarism checker on DoMyResearchPaper.com.

There is one more way your site can be self-sufficient to find out plagiarism in the content, and that you can do by installing Plagiarism detector API to your site. Today, I am here to talk about such plagiarism detector API in detail. Please continue reading.

A free online plagiarism checker tool is a necessity nowadays.  Many of such software-based applications come preloaded with rich features. Some of these software applications and web tools have clean and user-friendly interfaces too. However, from a developer’s perspective, these software tools are too elementary and they always look for plagiarism checker API for making their content management systems self-sufficient for checking duplicate content sourced from freelance writers and contributors. If you have a blog site for which you accept guest posts, you need to check the originality of the blogs written by guest authors and contributors so that your site’s reputation and web presence is not impacted because if duplicate content issues. Finding the right plagiarism detection API is the first step towards protecting your site from plagiarism.

Plagiarism detector API

About Plagiarism software API

A handful of online plagiarism checker software applications are available for general users and developers as well.  The API or Application Programming Interface can be integrated into any website, provided you have the required expertise in website development and web app integration. By integrating a software-based plagiarism checker in your website, you can automatically check the content sourced from other websites vis-à-vis any website content from which the guest blogger has excerpted the text. You can index the content, manage your own database of duplicate content for further reference whenever any dispute arises and manage your site without worrying too much about plagiarized content.

How does search engine powered plagiarism checker work?

A number of bloggers these are making full use of web search APIs that are easy to integrate. Tech-savvy bloggers now send their queries through programming interface and do not use the user interface like many other non-techie writers. API functions as a backdoor for sending automated queries to Google and the online databases. The integrated plagiarism check online scans and collates suspicious files and web pages, strips the punctuation off and segregates the text into small bits for checking originality. The plagiarism detection system then sends sentence chunks to search sites and runs ‘phrase search’, through which the verbatim sequence of words can be easily detected.  The search also covers online journals, e-books and digital databases and easily finds out chunks of text that are copied and pasted.

How plagiarism detector API can help developers?

In order to make full use of plagiarism detection API, you need to know at least one server-side language such as ASP or PHP. By using a programming language, a developer can query the API. Plagiarism checker API includes sample codes, URL search query, text search query, XML and HTML search query and many other features that can be fully used by a considerably proficient web enveloper. The API sets and resets all parameters for submitting queries and these parameter values can be reset by the developers. Developers can use online tutorials available on plagiarism checker websites or seek technical assistance through live chat or mail for understanding the basics of plagiarism detection software API integration. This way, it becomes easier for web developers, webmasters, and bloggers to prevent and reduce cases of plagiarism.

Final Words

Plagiarized content can put your website into the problem because Google hates copied content, and the sites which do copy paste don’t get any ranking in SERP. And, I think I don’t need to tell you that if your site is not on the top results in Google, you may not do a good business online with your website.

Also, copied content is not good for branding purpose as well. Therefore, you must take step now, and start using plagiarism tools or add plagiarism detector API on your website

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Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you with unique, well-researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging. He has in-depth knowledge of computers and tech as he pursued computer science.


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  • I have looked for this option for many years. Though, If my website is the official source, there wouldn’t be any problem, if somebody decide to copy the content. However on my social network, I’ve met different problem which is related to member’s blogging features. In the past there were few that tried to submit duplicate content or to duplicate an article on another website after blog entry is published at mine.

  • Hey Bro,

    This is really a great information for us that Plagiarism detector will help us to automatically check the content sourced from other websites. We spent lots of time in checking the duplicacy and souce of any content but this will surely help us. Going to try out.

    Thanks for this awesome tips and tricks Bro 🙂

  • Hey Atish,

    I’m reading your blog after a long time, you’ve still maintained your blog with worth-reading articles. Duplicate content is really harmful bloggers and plagiarism detection tool make it easy for bloggers to detect duplicate content.

    I recently got my blog penalized because of duplicate content published by guest bloggers and it seems i need to integrate plagiarism detector API to save my blog from duplicate content.

    -Siraj Wahid

  • As you said that there are many online tools available for checking Plagiarism of the content and yes I have use some of them where I have checked the plagiarism with limitation of number of words instead of entire article.

    And these API is something new for me which will check content directly from our own blog.

    Thanks for sharing this bhai.

  • Nice info bro, it saves a lot of time to detect copied and more over spun content! I think CopyScape API would be better.
    Thanks for the awesome info about plagiarism checker API.
    Akshay Hallur.

  • As you aforesaid that there ar several on-line tools out there for checking Plagiarism of the content and affirmative I actually have use a number of them wherever I actually have checked the plagiarism

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