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10 Best Plug DJ Alternatives

Plug.DJ is one of the prominent service providers when it comes to enjoying the best possible experience when it comes to enjoying the best social music streaming. These music streaming services should be one of the best options for enjoying the best of remix music, party beats, and any other music of your choice at a robust volume. 

Music mainly soothes your souls and should be something you would love to enjoy for a stress-free life. Social streaming music sites work as an excellent option for this purpose. Plug.DJ has been a powerful player in this context. What if you are looking for the best Plug DJ alternatives for your needs? This post is all about sharing the best Plug DJ alternatives. 

What is Plug DJ?

Plug DJ is a music discovery app that offers you music discovery and social music streaming capability in real-time. It has been treated to be one of the great options you can use for the purpose of the best union of your musical journey with your friends. 

One of the best features it would offer you is its ability to let you enjoy your parties. Yes, Plug DJ can be used to associate yourself with your friends and throw a party. Isn’t that something wonderful? 

Best Plug DJ Alternatives – The best options that offer you the best musical experience

Having understood the essence of Plug DJ and how useful it is for your requirements, let us check out the best options for the best sites like Plug DJ so that you can get access to a wonderful musical experience. 

  1. Anghami

If you are someone who loves Arabic music, Anghami should be an excellent option for all your needs. Along with Arabic music, the site also offers you access to other international music. It even lets you download your favourite tracks and play them without the need for the internet. In fact, it has been rated to be the first legal music streaming service in the Arab region. 

Specially designed for the people from the Middle East and North Africa, Anghami provides you access to the licensed content from the labels such as Rotana, Melody, Mazzika, and Platinum Records. That apart, you can also gain access to the content from international labels such as EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner Music Group. 

  1. Stingray

Stingray is a premium provider of curated music and provides you access to direct to consumer and B2B services. The service specialises in radio stations, 4K UHD television channels, and karaoke products. It should definitely be one of the best Plug DJ alternatives and should provide you access to the best possible content ever. 

Specialising in the latest music services, Stingray boasts of more than 400 million active subscribers. The services are offered on multiple platforms and make it one of the promising service providers from across several genres and platforms so that you can stay connected to your music from anywhere, anytime. 

  1. Jamendo 

A music site in its essence, Jamendo is a community of artists and music lovers. In fact, the service loves calling itself “the world’s largest digital service for free music.” While it provides free access to the website users, it also generates revenue options for the artists through commercial licensing. 

You can listen to the music and even download it in either MP3 or Ogg Vorbis formats. Listening or downloading the content is free and does not come with any sort of advertisements. Creating an account is easy and offers you access to a wide range of options such as creating playlists, bookmarking your favourite tracks, and even sharing the content on social media sites. 

  1. Mielophone

Yet another excellent option for the best Plug DJ alternatives, Mielophone is a lightweight application and website that lets you locate, listen, and download the music you love. It does provide you access to the music streaming services such as MusicBrainz, Last.FM and BBC radio. That way, you would be able to find details about the songs, artists, and albums that you are interested in. 

The service works through a crowdsourcing model and provides you access to the best possible metadata of any song. You can gain access to every detail about the track and use it to find almost every minute detail about the tracks and albums that you are interested in. You can even connect with Facebook and share the music that you just discovered. 

  1. BeatSense

BeatSense is yet another best option for discovering some great music. The content is handpicked by the real people and not through some random AI or similar other things. That is precisely what makes it one of the huge options in the long run. We would definitely treat it to be one of the best options for sites like the Plug DJ and one of the simplest ways to enjoy or discover worthy music. 

What makes the site a great option is that the music picked by the people who share the same interests as you. In fact, you can even form a group of likeminded people. Meet the people who love music – the same music as you and experience chat and have a healthy discussion with them!

  1. Party DJ

A real-time music discovery app, Party DJ has been something that should take you by surprise with the sheer degree of high-quality content featured on it. One of the best features we found quite interesting with the service is it offers a fun and interactive means of discovering your music. It even doubles up as an excellent video discovery app as well. 

Listening to parties with your friends cannot be more fun than with Party DJ. Join your friends and peers across any corner of the world, and you are good to go. You can choose from a huge collection of cute characters to represent your personality and join a number of virtual rooms to discover, share and listen to your favourite genre of music. 

  1. Festify

Festify is powered by Spotify and lets your guests choose what kind of music they would want to be played. The user interface and functionality of the app are rather easy and straightforward enough. You need to create a new party in your browser and get a party code. Your guests enter the party code in their browsers and vote for which song they would want to play. One of the most substantial factors in its favour would include the best use of the huge library of Spotify. 

Of course, you will need to have a stronger internet connection and a premium Spotify account for the purpose. An entirely browser-based functionality would make it a tool that can be used practically anywhere. A TV mode is yet another added advantage making it one of the best means if you are checking out the best Plug DJ alternatives. 

  1. Openwhyd

One of the powerful options for the best Plug DJ alternatives, Openwhyd provides you access to a wonderful option to discover, collect, and share the tracks that you love the most. You can get access to any music that you love and share it with your friends. The streaming service lets you collect your favourite music from sources such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Deezer, and share or listen to them from anywhere. 

The tool also lets you stay connected to the people who have been known to discover the best music in almost any genre in any part of the globe. The purpose of the platform is to provide music lovers with a means of discovering and sharing the best music irrespective of where they are and where the music is sourced from. 

  1. Libre.fm

Libre.fm is a service specifically designed for the purpose of offering a music community service for almost everyone needs a music lover would be looking ahead to. If you choose to do so, the site stores your musical preferences and helps you discover the tracks that meet those needs. It can indeed be one of the best sites like Plug DJ and provide you with the best music sharing experience ever. The service works with Last.FM Audioscrobbler API for providing support for the players that currently exist. 

The site also lets you stream music from Jamendo or The Internet Archive. The app analyses your listening habits and then recommends the right kind of music that you are looking ahead to. All the music available on Libre.fm is licensed for free consumption. 

  1. üWave

üWave is designed as a collaborative listening platform and lets the users take turns in playing their favourite tracks. In fact, you can practically play anything – right from music tracks to talks, gameplay videos, or anything else in terms of media. You can get access to a variety of media sources that would include YouTube and SoundCloud. 

üWave should be one of the best Plug DJ alternatives for almost all your needs in streaming your favourite music. The self-hosted platform should be one of the best options for sharing your favourite music with the like-minded music lovers. 

Bottom Line

Plug DJ is an international community that can be used to share and discover music. While it has been a compelling option for interactive, deeply immersive, and real-time media experience, you would still be looking for the best sites like Plug DJ alternatives. The list of the best sites like Plug DJ featured here should ideally meet your requirements and help you get access to the best experience of sharing your favourite music. 

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