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Best Internet Browsers for Mac 2016

Let’s discuss some Mac web browsers in this post, so that you may opt the best internet browser for Mac devices.

It is hard for us to imagine our daily life without the internet, Isn’t it?

Whether you work, play some online games, engage in social networks or just surf the cat videos for fun, you need a better internet browser to travel the web world. Web browsers can do a lot more than they are destined for.

Not just to browse the internet, these software programs offer more tools and functionality to increase your productivity.

Are you a Macbook Pro, Macbook Light or Macbook Air user? Browsing the web on Apple Mac is way more than experience. With the amazing UI and program stability of the operating system, Mac offers the best web browsing experience for its users.

Apple is a monopoly in making Macintosh’s. They have a nice class of fans for their software which had not supported many third party programs previously.

But, the scene has changed now. Macs are now capable of installing third party browser software instead of sticking to the default Safari browser. Hence, it led to the competition and inspired the software vendors to develop the best web browsers for Mac regarding performance and security.

Thus, several best browsers for Mac available now and they all have their individual set of preferences. I have decided to take an excellent opportunity to list down the top internet browsers for Mac OS in this post.

Top 5 Web Browsers For Mac Users

In the years of technological evolution, so much has changed and improved in terms of security for the software to browse the internet. Some of the best and most secure web browsers for Mac 2016 are discussed below.

1. Safari


Nothing is better than the default browser on Apple Mac. It is the best internet browser for Mac comes along with the operating system OSX pre-installed. Safari is not just a default web browser for Mac but also for iPads and iPhones.

The latest version of the Safari browser comes with most advanced features including device syncing, offline reading and iCloud tabs. Safari gives you the best experience of web browsing and complete compatibility with the other programs of OSX.

Download Safari Browser for Mac

2. Google Chrome


Google Chrome is identified as the world’s fastest and best browser suitable for all operating systems. Whether it is Windows, Linux or Mac OSX, Google Chrome will not compromise in performance. The rendering of the content, fluidity in design, safe browsing, and minimalistic design are the factors that offer the pleasant and fast web experience on Mac OSX.

Google Chrome has evolved from a web browser to a web application with support to a lot of plugins and extensions. The availability of the plugins and extensions makes Chrome the most wanted web browser for Mac in the list. Chrome is a developer’s browser that helps web developers understand, assess and execute the code right in the browser and see the dynamic output.

Download Google Chrome Web Browser For Mac

3. Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is the most loved browser for Mac users. Not only Mac users but other operating system users also find Firefox safer, easier and clutter-free unlike Chrome (need more system resources). Mozilla Firefox also has a lot of useful plugins and add-ons that make this better internet browser and a complete package than just a browser.

Firefox may not be faster than the Chrome but certainly a choice for web developers. It offers tools for better understanding of the web code. If you are a developer on Mac, Firefox is the first browser you should be using.

Download Firefox Web Browser for Mac

4. Opera


Opera may not be the most favorite or most used internet browser but a good browser for Apple Mac users. Opera can handle the slow internet connections by compressing the web pages. Its off-road mode will check for the optimized version of the website before loading.

Along with these, Opera browser can preview the web pages, allows you to download torrents with a built-in option, note to manage all the records including Evernote, reloads pages after certain set time and is packed with RSS reader. If you are looking for a bandwidth conservative web browser, Opera should be on your choice.

Download Opera Browser for Mac

5. OmniWeb


OmniWeb is the best alternative to the default web browser of Mac with a lot of customization factors inside. Developed by the Omni group, OmniWeb web browser allows the user to customize the way the web pages look at the user end.

It enables the user to change the font, size, and color for all the websites instead of having different fonts with various sizes. It has a built-in ad blocker which allows you block the ads on the page and allows you to focus only on the content. This browser is splendid for Mac users who don’t want distractions over the content and control over the readability of the web content.

Download OmniWeb Internet Browser for Mac

Other Top Internet Browsers for Mac Gadgets

6. Maxthon


Maxthon has the gain popularity for Mac computers along with the Windows users. The browser has been proven stability. You can sync the bookmarks/favorites to access in all other platforms, i.e. if you have a Windows computer, and you use Maxthon on it, and you wanted the same bookmarks and favorites on your Mac too, Maxthon will do like top notch browsers.

Download Maxthon Internet Browser for Mac

7. Camino


Camino is one of those modem browsers that had been a preference of Mac users. The developers who have developed Camino have helped in developing the top 3 browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari for Mac. Unfortunately, this browser will no longer get updates as the team has given up on it.

Download Camino Internet Browser For Mac

8. Flock


Flock is another amazing web browser that is specialized in providing social networking and web 2.0 facilities into its user interface. The browser was crowdfunded to develop and is acquired by Zynga, which is later discontinued along with the support from 2011.

Download Flock Browser for Mac

9. RockMelt


RockMelt is also social media network based browser that shows up the activity on the social network like a desktop client. This browser is based on Google Chrome browser and is developed aiming to provide a better way to communicate, like and share the content on the web to the social networking profiles.

Download RockMelt Browser Tool for Mac

10. Yandex


Yandex is web browser developed by the Russian search engine corporation. The browser is prepared with a focus on fastening the internet browsing when the connections are slow, provide security with a built-in protection system, smart address bar to provide quick information, customization and syncing. This browser is available for all the devices that are worth a try for Mac systems.

Download Yandex Web Browser for Mac

Which Is Your Preferred Best Internet Browser For Mac OS?

Apple Mac OSX is a wonderful operating system with less vulnerability than the other operating systems like Microsoft Windows. Apart from the default browser Safari, it is good to know to have a few more third party browsing software on the Mac devices for better internet browsing.

All the browsers may not work as the same because of the primary criteria considered while developing them. Take an example of Google Chrome; it is designed to work faster with the side effect of consuming more system resources.

Mozilla Firefox, being developed by the non-profit organization, always boasts on its programs on the home screen. Likewise, different browsers have their pros and cons too. So, it would be better to choose a most secure web browser for Mac from the above list that suits your browsing needs.

Which is your ideal best internet browser for Mac OS in 2016? How the best web browser for Mac makes your internet life more productive? For what purpose do you use it? Share all your viewpoints/experiences in the comment section.

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  • Awesome list, Atish!
    My elder brother has Macintosh and this time, I am using that!
    Chrome is just love.
    Thanks for sharing these browsers in a wonderful format.
    Have a nice journey ahead!
    ~ Ahmad

    • Thanks for coming by Muhammad.

      Good to know that you bro use Mac. Why not recommend this article to him? He may make use of other browsers as well apart from Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

  • Hello Atish,
    I personally use Safari browser for most of the times and Google Chrome occasionally.

    Thank you for letting me know about some browsers which I can try on my Macbook.

  • I never heard of the names beyond OPERA as Chrome suffices for almost all the tasks. But will give a try to some others mentioned in the list.

  • Hello Atish,
    very interesting to know other browser to use which are similarly good like
    Safari and Chrome
    we use Safari browser for most of the times and Google Chrome occasionally.
    Thank you for letting me know about some browsers which I can try on my Macbook.


  • Hi Atish,

    What a great list you have put together for mac browsers. I’m a mac gal all the way. I’ve used Firefox and Safari, but nothing beats Chrome. I found both those two so slow or they get suck. Chrome’s a winner for me.

    I haven’t heard of the others, but it is worth looking at. So thanks so much once again!


    • Hello Donna,

      Chrome is indeed the best on all systems whether it is mobile device or windows or Mac. However, Firefox is pretty well too.

      I am glad you found the list of other Mac browsers useful.

      Enjoy the week ahead.

  • Awesome list, Atish! What a great list you have put together. very interesting to know other browser to use which are similarly good like Safari and Chrome.
    Thanks for sharing useful post.

  • Thanks for sharing the top browser list, there are also my two favorite browsers one is Google chrome and another is Mozilla Firefox. Great post keep it up.

  • Hi Atish,

    Its very great to know about the other mac browsers and its a very useful information for everyone . I personally use crome well its is best and compatible with new softwares also .
    Through this blog i found some of new browsers in front of me and feeling knowledeable to let know about these.

    Thanks for the information

  • Such a great list of the browsers. I dont hear the most of name of the browsers because i only use google chrome. but through this i will try some of the, So thanks for this

  • Hello Atish,
    This is yet another article on your blog, in case of internet browsers for Mac I use Safari most of the time. This is the best browser in my opinion for Mac.

  • you have compiled great list of browsers for mac os..my ultimate choice mac pc is safari and some times i use google chrome..thanks for sharing great list of mac browsers

  • Hi Atish, that’ superb collection Internet Web Browsers for Mac, basically, I have seen four different web browsers after reading your complete article. Thanks for shared helpful knowledge.

  • hello Atish,

    Its very great to know about the other mac browsers and sometime safari doesnt open some websites sometimes i would say that best i feel is mozzila firefox.
    anyways ..

    Thanks for the information

  • Hello Atish,
    First of all nice list of internet browsers for Mac you have listed, in my opinion, I don’t think there is any alternative of Google Chrome is present, it doesn’t matter whether it is Mac or Windows.

  • Thanks for Information about Browsers for Mac 2016 Your Article is impressive and very informative. I am now regular visitor of your website and bookmarked it.

  • All browsers are good and Google chrome is best browser for blogger and website developers but I think Firefox is better and useful for website designer because Firefox providers inspect element feature which is not available on Mac browser.

  • Such a great list of the browsers. I dont hear the most of name of the browsers because i only use google chrome. but through this i will try some of the, So thanks for this…

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