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Modern Warfare: 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Playing COD

Call of Duty is a Battle Royale game that has seemingly vowed to never wax and wane from trend; the launch of modern warfare minimizes the possibility of it dying out of fashion further. The 2019 released version of Modern Warfare COD now has around 4 parts or versions, released subsequently. 

The highly popular game follows no storyline and is run on the members who enter the battlefield. The sole aim of the video game is to eliminate targets, loot and collect supplies, win killstreaks and survive till the end. 

Why Do Players Die Instantly?

Many newbies and even pro players make the most common mistakes that get them eliminated on the battlefield because of the monopolistic frenzy to win without considering the warning signs. Therefore, if you are a COD player who wishes to establish victory, here is a list of mistakes to avoid:-

Unyielding Mindset

Cod is a game that calls for immediate and calculative actions. The oddities that might arise are not known but only barely predictable. Therefore, entering the game solely with one purpose, i.e., either to only kill or loot, shall earn you nothing but disappointment. 

Do not be in a frenzy to only kill the enemies, as rash hunting would overthrow you. Also, do not obsessively preserve your killstreaks; these are earned to be used while battling, and they will be lost if you die without using them. 

Location Faults

Many players even enjoy sprinting most of the time, but the bottom line is that sprinting creates noises, and enemies know your location. Similarly, do not have night vision goggles on because nearby opponents detect the laser beam in the dark. 

Do not rush into combat and battle situations without calculating the risk. Also, make complete use of the advantages that the game provides, like still aiming while reloading. 

Character Communications

One of the gravest mistakes committed by players is not adhering to the conversation between teammates. The latest updates now allow the characters to pass important information, like detecting targets or enemies nearby. These are helpful, particularly if you pay attention to them because while playing as a team, the members have to split methodically. 

It is possible that while being engrossed in the game, an enemy movement went unnoticed by you. Your teammates can ward off the threat by warning you. Also, do not become a lone wolf by completely splitting from the team as you will be easy prey for predators then. 

No Weapon Experiments

Weapons are an important aspect of COD because there is no certainty of the situation one will face in the next step. Having a set of fairly customized and loaded weapons will earn you advancements, perks, and attachments. However, do not lose your mobility because of customizing and attachments, as some can decrease run speed.

While playing as a team, weapon customization and variations amongst the players are needed to benefit in combat situations. Not heeding to this can cause the whole team to fall. 

No Risks

Like no pain, no gain, no risk, no-win. It is good to be cautious but doing absolutely nothing and only hiding from battle will also not grant you a win. Additionally, there is a high chance that teams search for lone members in hiding to attack and kill them. 

Smarten yourself up to camp and make use of the maps to locate the enemy settlements. Do not be afraid to use the rewards you earned or the killstreaks during battle because these are gained for helping you in combat, but at the same time, do not spend your bonuses extravagantly.

Ethical means do get you the satisfaction of a fair victory. However, it shall come much later, if not never, given the vast pool of pro players that enter the arena to battle. Therefore, there are some modern warfare hacks that you can use to win the game because a pint of cheating does not hurt if it yields you joy. Also, there is no guarantee that there will be no hackers in the game.

The newest updates also include an HWID Spoofer that will save you from getting banned, and even if you are banned, you can still enter the game to play without being noticed by prying eyes. 

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