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10 Benefits of Virtual Phone Number for Business

The world is moving fast, and nowadays businesses are expanding globally rather than doing business in a particular region. When your business expands its wings in different countries, having regular phone numbers for each would be a difficult and time-consuming process. Thus, there comes the concept of a Virtual Phone Number that offers greater flexibility and portability that provides your business look local in different regions without having actually phone numbers. For example, if you are in the US, and you want to expand your business to Hong Kong, then having a +852 Phone Number is the best thing you can do to make your business look local to the local people of that region.  Similarly, when you expand your business to India, you would like to get a +91 Phone number, and so on. So, for every country getting regular phone numbers would be a bit tougher rather than having a virtual phone number as it offers greater flexibility to your business.

In this article, I am going to explain 10 benefits that Virtual Phone Number offers to your business. Let’s get into it.

But, wait, before I explain the benefits of the Virtual Phone number for your business, take a look at the differences between a Virtual Phone Number and a Regular Phone number.

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Difference Between Virtual Phone Number vs Regular Phone Number

Aspect Virtual Phone Number Regular Phone Number
Type of Number Internet-based, not tied to physical lines. Tied to a physical line or cellular network.
Geographic Flexibility Assignable to any area or country code. Usually tied to a specific location.
Portability Highly portable, easily redirected. Less portable, complex to change locations.
Scalability Easily scalable, quick addition or removal. May require infrastructure changes to scale.
Cost-Effective Often cost-effective with tailored plans. May involve higher setup and operational costs.
Advanced Features Offers advanced features like call forwarding. Basic features with advanced options at a cost.
Remote Work Ideal for remote work, accessible anywhere. Limited in remote work scenarios, office-based.
Privacy Provides added privacy, and no physical location. May expose personal or business addresses.
Business Continuity Resilient in disasters, can redirect calls. Disruptions in outages, vulnerable infrastructure.
Global Reach Enables a global presence, in multiple countries. Restricted to one country, needs separate numbers.
Tracking and Analytics Offers detailed call tracking and analytics. May lack robust tracking without additional services.

10 Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers for Business

1. Local and International Presence

Virtual phone numbers help your business establish a local and international presence, even if your business’s physical location is elsewhere. This can significantly boost the credibility and accessibility of your business to customers in specific regions. For example, if your US-based e-commerce company wants to expand to the Hong Kong Market, they would obtain a Hong Kong phone number using some Virtual phone number service. This will make it more convenient for Hong Kong customers to reach them, and the business appears more committed to serving the local market.

For Example, Airbnb which is a global online vacation rental platform, uses virtual phone numbers in various countries to connect with local hosts and guests. By offering local phone numbers, they make it easier for users to communicate and resolve issues more quickly, and at the same time, they connect well with the local market.

2. Cost-Efficiency

In any business, cost management is something you have to focus on more and more in order to have a proper balance of expenses. Virtual Phone numbers are quite affordable and cost-efficient. It reduces the calling expenses for international calls. If you compare it with regular traditional phone numbers, it is more economical, and that is the reason businesses are opting for virtual numbers more than ever.

case study by VoIP provider Nextiva found that businesses saved an average of 60-80% on their phone bills when switching to a virtual phone system.

3. Mobility

Virtual phone numbers are highly mobile, making them ideal for businesses that require flexibility. You can forward calls to any device with an internet connection. For example, a salesperson can use a virtual number on his smartphone which allows him to stay accessible even on the go. Even if you are using a virtual number in your office, and for a few days, you are not able to go to the office, you can simply forward that number to your regular phone, and you will never miss a call.

For Example, Salesforce implemented virtual phone numbers to improve sales team mobility. Their case study revealed that sales representatives achieved higher productivity and customer satisfaction because they could take business calls from anywhere on the go.

4. Call Routing and Management

Virtual phone numbers come with advanced call routing and management features. Calls can be directed to the right department or employee, ensuring efficient customer service and reducing call waiting times. For instance, an e-commerce business can route sales inquiries to the sales team and customer support calls to a dedicated support department.

For Example, Zappos is an online shoe and clothing retailer. The company is known for its exceptional customer service. They utilize virtual phone systems to route calls efficiently. Because of the awesome communication, they’ve achieved high customer satisfaction levels and earned a strong reputation in the respective industry.

5. Scalability

When your business is small, you put fewer resources into use, and as it grows you scale up the resources. Same with the Virtual Phone Numbers as well.  With time and as per requirements, you can easily add or remove phone numbers, adapt extensions, and adjust call routing.

6. Privacy and Security

You can protect your personal phone numbers while using Virtual phone numbers for your business. Virtual phone number providers offer secure and encrypted communication to safeguard the sensitive data of your business.

In 2019, the cybersecurity company CyberArk implemented virtual phone numbers with enhanced security measures to protect sensitive customer data. This move earned the trust of clients who valued data security.

7. Professional Image

Having a dedicated business number enhances professionalism. It separates personal and business calls and makes the company appear more established and credible. A virtual number can also be customized to provide a professional greeting or automated menu system.

A case study by RingCentral showed that a local insurance agency significantly improved its image and customer trust by using virtual phone numbers with personalized greetings and automated appointment scheduling.

8. Enhanced Customer Service

Virtual phone numbers support various features such as voicemail, auto-responders, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. These features improve customer service by ensuring that no call goes unanswered and by providing automated assistance for common inquiries.

Amazon’s customer service department uses virtual phone numbers to efficiently handle customer inquiries. The IVR system directs calls based on customer needs, leading to faster issue resolution and a high level of customer satisfaction. I am personally an avid Amazon shopper, and I can say that their customer support is quite efficient. They won my trust multiple times by offering amazing customer service.

9. Analytics and Reporting

Virtual phone number services often come with detailed call analytics and reporting tools. These tools provide valuable insights into call volume, customer behavior, and the performance of marketing campaigns. Businesses can use this data to refine their strategies and improve their communication processes.

A case study from Twilio highlighted how a retail company used analytics from virtual phone numbers to identify peak call times and allocate staffing resources more effectively, leading to improved customer service and higher sales.

10. Global Reach

Virtual phone numbers enable global expansion without the need for physical relocation or significant investment in infrastructure. This is particularly valuable for businesses looking to explore new markets, establish a global clientele, and operate 24/7 across various time zones.

Upwork is a global freelancing platform. It used virtual phone numbers to connect clients and freelancers worldwide. This strategy helped them expand their global reach and improve their customer support, ensuring that businesses could access a talent pool from across the globe.


If you are expanding your business in multiple countries and locations, you must go for Virtual Phone Numbers rather than traditional Phone Numbers as I have already mentioned the amazing benefits of it. Although traditional phone lines are not bad, virtual phone lines are better for business, and they are quite cost-effective.

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