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Benefits of Embedding Videos on Your Website

Generating web traffic to your company site, blog or articles is challenging. You should have robust content that is both user and SEO friendly.  However, loads of text can overwhelm visitors and lead to high bounce rates, where users quickly leave your site.

So, what are ways to create engaging content in a user friendly way? Embedding videos is a wise solution.


Here are the benefits of embedding videos and tips to maximize your ROI:

Concise and Informative:

Videos convey lots of information in a concise format. No matter how engaging the content, most readers lack the patience to read multiple paragraphs. A fashion blog can embed clips of recent runway shows to complement a post on hot trends for 2014. This gives readers a choice on how they wish to get information.  Of course, you should search for relevant clips to match the post.

Various platforms offer countless choices for videos. YouTube and Instagram are popular choices, while many videos are shared across these sites. Whatever the site, embedding is simple and involves pasting an ‘embed code’ in your website’s HTML.

For YouTube: Click ‘Share’>Click “Embed’>Copy ‘Embed Code’>Paste into your website HTML. Instagram follows a very similar process for photos or videos.

Convenience and Cost:

Embedding videos is time and cost efficient.  Most mobile devices shoot high quality videos and no expensive equipment is required.  Business is dynamic and trends change quickly. You can shoot videos that match the most current news. This is valuable for giving instructions or tutorials. For instance, an auto repair shop can post ‘how to videos’ on checking the batteries of electric cars, which are a hot product.

SEO Benefits:

YouTube videos often outrank company sites in search results. In this way, you can leverage vast video networks for SEO benefits. For the best results, write a keyword rich description of your video. Many companies overlook this aspect and minimize their results.

By using relevant tags, customers will more easily find your videos and share with their friends. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are easily linked to share videos. The social media shares are a grassroots means to expand your exposure.

Many lower budget movies use videos as an affordable way to gain fans. Executive Producer Elliott Broidy chose archived footage of drag races to create buzz for the film, ‘Snake & Mongoo$e” in 2013. The videos quickly drew interest for the movie, which was otherwise limited in marketing efforts.


You can brand a web presence with company videos. A video of your office building or signage helps customers feel more connected.

Welcome messages on home pages or employee interviews on the ‘About Us’ tab distinguish your company.  A company can shoot videos of their products in action to match item descriptions.

If you own a blog, consider embedding videos of your followers. They will appreciate the gesture and recommend your site further. Be sure to get their consent ahead of time. In return, sites may embed your videos, which is a backlink for SEO benefits. (More on this below)


Get creative and have fun! Use videos to set your site apart.

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Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you with unique, well-researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging. He has in-depth knowledge of computers and tech as he pursued computer science.


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  • Thanks for sharing this article! I have taken the points you’ve mentioned in this article, on board and have implemented a few videos onto our website – not only to raise traffic but to boost our overall profile.

  • Another excellent post Atish, Videos are the great way to increase organic traffic for blogs. Thanks for sharing

  • Hi Atish!

    Great to see you talking about the benefits of using video.

    I have a question about the SEO value and ranking of YouTube videos. Typically when your video starts to rank well, the traffic ends up on YouTube but not on your website. Any pointers for getting them on your site instead?

    Chat soon Atish!

    • For referral traffic we can include link in Description field but there are less chances of getting clicked but videos can brand your website well which can result into direct traffic. To do this I suggest to ask in the end of video to visit your website. I mean there is some good CTA there at the end of the video which can take viewer to open the website/blog.

      Thanks ileane Ma’m for coming by.

      • You’re welcome Atish!

        Don’t forget you can also add an annotation to the video with a link back to your site. Check out the post that I leave in CommentLuv for more info on how to do that.

        Thank you!!

        • Yes, You are right. I missed to mention this. Annotations are good way to link back to your site, other videos in your channel even you can add annotation with CTA to increase subscriber. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Atish Ranjan

    I know very well the importance and effectiveness of having a YouTube channel in SEO perspective .

    I have heard that If we do blackhat SEO for a YouTube video , Google does not take action against our blackhat SEO . Is it true ?

  • Great points. I find embedded video definitely increases the amount of time a visitor will stay on the site. The longer they stay, the more interested they may become in your offering.

  • Videos surely engages users better than articles, as you have said we need to include appropriate videos in our posts to make it more interactive.Thanks for sharing these tips.

  • The use of video is becoming important to staying competitive on the web. Videos are essential part of SEO. But be careful, videos can work against you if you produce low quality videos that were clearly made just to rank. Put passion into your videos and use them as another channel to provide even more info about your products and services. It’s important to first establish what you want to achieve.

  • Hi Atish,

    Really a great post.
    Embedding videos on our website can provide us the benefit of SEO. As we all know youtube videos are considered a major factor in SEO. It may enhance our blog significantly.
    As we notice many famous website have embedded video tutorials. Videos contain much more content which can’t be explained by a blog post easily.

    Brand what matters a lot. You have brought this point in a really great way.
    It;s worthy to know about embedding videos benefits from you.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.
    Have a great weekend.


  • hi

    Sharing a recent example to add to your point of concise and informative. I was at Jabong to buy an apparel and 40 second video shoot saved 5 minutes of looking at the image and reading about size, cloth type and how it will appear when worn. While this must be around for some time but i didn’t notice untill few days back, surely making difference to user experience.

    Also I am reading your blog for 1st time, my complement for your writing style.


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