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6 Best WordPress School Management Plugins for Online Class

In the modern world, online schooling is getting more and more popular. Not only has e-learning made education accessible to everyone but also, in the years of the pandemic, it has become basically the only way to ensure learning continuity even under strict pandemic restrictions.

Given the vast popularity and demand for online education, more and more schools in the US and beyond are going online. They create websites to provide their students with wider academic opportunities and create convenient virtual classrooms.

But how do they manage their online classes? Given the fact that the majority of educational websites are being created using WordPress, schools have access to a variety of handy WP plugins meant for various purposes, including management. In this article, our experts, together with professionals from essayservice.com, a paper writing service for students, will tell you about the six best school management plugins for WordPress that are gaining momentum.

6 Best WordPress School Management Plugins for Online Class

  1. School Management

School Management is an absolute #1 among WP plugins for managing online classes. This is a paid plugin. Currently, the cost for a standard licensing is $49, but the cool features inherent in School Management are well worth the price.

What does it let you do? This WP plugin allows you to manage multiple schools and all related entities like sections, classes, students, exams, teachers, study materials, fees, income, expense, and much more. In addition to that, there are convenient dashboards for students and parents. Also, the plugin enables you to create, upload, and organize documents, videos, and other materials into sections for simple navigation.

Lastly, it is worth noting that this plugin supports a wide range of convenient payment gateways. Namely, it supports payments via Bank Transfer, Paypal, Razorpay, Stripe, etc. And it also supports SMS notifications, which makes it easy for schools to stay in touch with parents and students and notify them about important stuff.

  1. WPSchoolPress

Another good choice of a WP school management plugin is WPSchoolPress. This plugin seems to have it all. In fact, it has been rated the #1 WordPress School Plugin, and there are quite a few reasons for that.

First of all, WPSchoolPress is known for its very developer-friendly architecture and responsive design. Secondly, this plugin provides role-based access. That is, admins can assign comprehensive user roles and grant them access to the right sections of the website based on these roles.

What else is there for schools? This plugin comes with a wide range of advanced, fully customizable features. It allows schools to track and manage attendance, subjects, classes, grades, events, and exams. It also features a convenient notification system that supports SMS integration. In other words, this is one of the best plugins for managing schools.

  1. Ekselen

The next option on our list, Ekselen, is the ultimate school manager. Initially, Ekselen was a top-ranked desktop school management system that now has an official WP plugin. One of the biggest benefits of this plugin is that it is very rich in features.

Ekselen has features for managing classrooms, subjects, students, timetable schedule, employees, expenses, fee payments, teachers, and so much more. In addition to that, this plugin enables you to manage events and other important information the way you like. And it has voice command support, which is just one more benefit of this school management system. 

It can also boast an extremely responsive design and full customizability. Together, all these features turn Ekselen into a perfect tool for every school and, in fact, every other educational facility.

  1. Schoex

The next WordPress plugin for managing schools is Schoex. This tool’s main perks include quick response, a user-friendly interface, and multi-user support. However, that’s not everything this plugin has to offer you.

Schoex comes with a wide range of customizable features. It enables schools to track student enrollment, manage schedules and classes, send bulk SMS to notify their students of any important updates, and there is more.

Apart from all the mentioned features, Schoex also features effective reporting features that enable schools to make paperwork so much simpler. And, it is completely safe and secure, which is one of the big reasons why educational facilities choose it for their websites.

  1. School Management System

Don’t confuse this one with the School Management plugin we mentioned earlier. School Management System is a different WP plugin, though not less convenient.

School Management System features a user-friendly dashboard and allows you to set different access rights for different categories of users, including Admin, Teachers, Parents, and Students.

The features included in this plugin cover everything needed to manage complete school operations. There are features for online fees payments, a library module, and tools for managing subjects, grades, classes, and much more.

In addition to that, the tool lets you create detailed reports in no time, prepare class routes, and even manage student migration. All in all, the School Management System plugin for WordPress has everything schools and other educational facilities may need to operate smoothly and with no stress. So, be sure to consider it along with other options from this list.

  1. Inilabs

Finally, the last WP plugin to consider is Inilabs. This plugin is designed to help schools operate smoothly and handle a variety of management tasks with ease. On the one hand, the design of this school management system may look less visually appealing compared to the other options on our list. Yet, it has so much to offer you in terms of features and quality that it is still worth considering.

Inilabs brings a convenient school management dashboard straight to your WordPress site. One of its unique features is the possibility to set up unlimited role permissions. This feature is great for schools with different personnel categories, some of which may need unlimited access to the dashboard.

It lets you interact with school staff, teachers, students, and even parents. Apart from that, it lets you track attendance, marks, exams, and so much more. And, finally, the Inilabs plugin supports online payments. All in all, despite its less appealing design, it is a worthy school management system that can come in handy for your school.

The Bottom Line

Managing schools can be extremely challenging. But, luckily, these days, we have access to a huge variety of tools that can streamline schools’ operations and make everyday tasks easier.

Now, you know about the top six choices of school management plugins for WordPress. The only question that is still there is – “Which one to choose?” There is no one-suits-all answer. Every school’s needs are different. Thus, the only way to make the right choice is to consider all available options and decide which one works best for you.

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