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Why PS Vita is Flashing Orange Light? (PS Vita Lightings And Meanings)

Quick Answer:

When your PS Vita’s battery is too low to turn it ON and it is being charged, there will be a blinking Orange light. Once the Orange Light is solid and constant, you can then be able to Turn on your PS Vita.

PlayStation Vita is the ultimate gaming console with the other equivalent releases of gaming consoles that we know about. What makes it better is some high-tech bigger screens, more compact and better sizing to grab in hand. PS Vita did a number on its Nintendo equivalent which could not win the market sentiment in the manner it was hoping for. Despite being such a prolific console for gaming, one of Sony’s best products in terms of releases can weird you out with the different lights it flashes and blinks especially the orange light.

orange light PS vita

In today’s write-up, we will look deeper into the light projection by PS Vita. So let’s start:

Colors and Their Meanings in PS Vita

So, PS Vita actually in broader terms uses two colors and use it to inform the user about the status of the platform. It is blue and orange. So, the blinking and flashing of the lights, and lighting in general tells the general status of your gaming console. But on a broader level, blue usually lights up during the activation of the gaming console system, while orange gets activated during the battery charge and discharge process. Along with that, there are other colors as well do not specifically determines any activity of the gaming console, but exist as stable lighting to indicate certain working situations such as

The Red Light will indicate there is an overheating of the console.

The White light denotes that the console is working fine.

PS Vita Lighting Color Meanings

PS Vita Light Color Meanings
Solid Blue PS Vita is on, power is being supplied
Blue blinking  System is on standby
Blue blinking slow Arrival of a new notification or a message
Blue blinking fast Popularly termed as ‘blue flashing light of death’. It indicates a system error
Orange System in charge, The system in standby mode, or just PS Vita being turned off
White PS Vita is working fine
Red PS Vita is getting overheated.

What Does Mean if PS Vita Flashes Blue?

blue light

The status and the blinking, and the lighting of the console get more attention. Let’s know about the real messaging behind the blue color display:

  • If a PS Vita gaming console displays blue light without blinking that means the console is on.
  • If for some reason PS Vita has notifications coming into the device, the blue light blinks slowly.
  • If the device is blinking blue light in its system that generally means there is system related error. And you might have to reset the console.

What Does Mean if PS Vita Flashes Orange?

PS Vita will only flash orange to you in any circumstance that will involve charging. Apart from that there should not be any reason for it to flash orange directly at you.

Here are the circumstances:

  • Blinking orange projects the charge is not there despite the charger connected to the port.
  • Orange flashing statically means that the device is getting charged.

Is PS Vita Flashing Orange Light an Issue?

Flashing Orange light doesn’t seem to be an issue but other causes that are probable to have led to the flashing of the orange light can be summed up as follows:

Possibility of a sleep mode

When the orange light on your PS Vita lights it means that your gaming console might be going through a sleeping mode. If it’s happening just type any button on your console it will get active from the get-go.

Power restriction

Another thing that you need to remember is the power supply to your gaming console. Has the power supply been constant, which will determine many things regarding the reasons for the orange light? But do remember this is very rare to happen.

Point of Caution: From personal experience, I want to tell you that it’s a possibility, not a defined reason because I tried looking for any defects in my electricity port but instead the issue was with the software of the console. Be judicious and careful in regard to spotting and working on the problem.

Internal Hardware Problems

Lastly, you need to spot the issue of hardware. Constant blinking of orange light may indicate interference with the process of working of the gaming console and can spot hardware issues in the system. In that case, the solution is to call the Sony Help Centre and let them run a diagnosis of the console and they will suggest to you what they can do.

What to Do If the PS Vita Flashes an Orange Light?

PS Vita will flash an orange light in most certain cases during the process of charging. Apart from that it will mean that the battery of the console is out of power but it’s still trying to derive a bit of charge for itself. If that does not work try doing the following:

Reboot Your PS Vita Gaming Console

Hold your PS button for about 15 seconds and see if the console turns off even if it’s blinking orange light. It should reboot and check if the issue has been solved.

Reconnect Your PS Vita Gaming Console

Another trick for you to do is to disconnect the PS Vita gaming console and then attempt to replug it again and check if anything changes. 

Clean Your PS Vita Gaming Console

There is a strong chance of dust settling on the internal sophisticated parts of your gaming console. The hard case is easy to remove, open it and give it a dry dusting from a soft cleaning cloth and try to pick out all the minuscule dust particles. Now try powering it up and check How is the game console working now? If it’s great then you need not worry.

Try Replacing Connected Cables

Another way to scroll through the reasons is to replace the ICE C7 power cable which is used by all PS3 to PS5 and get a new cable. You can easily get it in a computer store. You should go to Sony and Microsoft local dealers to get a new chord/power cable and a complete revamp to your system.

Reset PlayStation

Despite the light blinking if you are able to turn your PS Vita on then go for a factory reset of the device. In factory reset the device redoes all changes and specifications ever done and reboots to the software version to the starting phase.


What does PS Vita flashing green mean?

If your gaming console is in standby mode and suddenly an application in your PS Vita 5 gets suddenly activated that’s when green lights are flashed.

What does PS Vita blinking blue mean?

There are two variants of blue blinking, if the blinking is slow then it means there are notifications made en route to your gaming console. If it’s blinking very fast that can suggest blogger issues like system malfunction.

Can you play PS Vita while it is charging?

It’s completely okay, in fact, it is better because it means that you are using the charger and direct power to play games.


It is hard to really know about the PS Vita color meanings. I have summed up and explained in this post in quite broad terms what can be the reason for the issue and what you can do the resolve the problem. In no time all these issues will be sorted if you follow the article’s words to the very dot. Thanks for the read.

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