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When is the Next Tarkov Wipe?

All gamers that love Escape From Tarkov have this question in their mind – When is the next Tarkov wipe? This wipe is not only highly due but even highly anticipated by all game lovers. So if you are also eagerly waiting for this wipe, let us fetch you some great news!

The game developers have not put a finger on a date yet and have not announced any specific date. But, there are tons of hints that are being given by the developers time and again. During a podcast in May, the developers said that a wipe could not be expected anytime soon. However, in the past few weeks, the developers Battlestate game has announced that the update 0.12.11 is soon to release after the current sale ends.

According to avid gamers, this is the biggest hint of the wipe itself. Before talking more about the wipe, I’ll tell you what exactly a wipe is.

What is a Wipe?

As the name suggests, a wipe is a total reset of the game, wherein the player loses everything and goes back to start the game from zero. From levels to stashes, the players lose on everything. However, for your clarity, a wipe is accompanied by a massive patch, making the game even more enjoyable and interesting.

The wipe allows all players to re-experience the thrills along with some great new features to keep the hype of the game alive. A wipe puts all players in the same gaming field.

How Does the Wipe Work?

‘When is the next Tarkov Wipe’ triggers a few more questions. Like, how does this wipe work?

Basically, a wipe is like a reset, where the player reaches from where they began. For example, if you have an EoD, you would be taken back to the EoD started kit. From stashes to the progress made in the game, a player loses out on everything. The character in the game, too, gets a reset, and the player needs to create it from scratch.

However, the best part about these wipes is that most of them introduce new content to the game, which keeps the spark of the game among the players and other gamers alive.

Escape from Tarkov Wipe 2021

Escape from Tarkov game players gets super excited whenever they hear the word Wipe. And this is for all the right reasons. A wipe happens in the game from time to time, and this time it is overdue! When is the next Tarkov Wipe is a question that’s hovering in everybody’s mind. But, to make the gamers joyous, the developers of the game announced that there is going to be a wipe with patch 0.12.11 really soon. 

However, what would be the exact date of the wipe cannot be guessed. But, some gamers have predicted that since all of the wipes generally take place on Thursdays, it could be any of this Thursday. This wipe is a great way of leveling each player as much as possible, which is beneficial for both newbies and seasoned players. This is one of the reasons why this wipe makes all the gamers so excited about it.

What Makes These Wipes So Great?

A wipe allows players to perfect their skills as they can last for a much longer time in the game. Exploring new maps becomes one of the positive points that these wipes bring with them. After the wipes, players can no longer use the advantages and the gears they have gained during the game, which makes everyone fall on the same page. 

Moreover, by starting from a clean state, players are forced to start afresh and try the new launches which are introduced by the developers into the game. 

Few Changes You Can See After The Wipe

Here are a few changes all players can notice after the wipe: 

  1. The wipe includes the highly anticipated factory expansion.
  2. Running while moving through shrubbery on any map would not be possible after the new patch and wipe.
  3. Once you gain access to the flea market, you would be required to complete level 20 and then move further.
  4. The new patch will also see Tagilla, Killa’s brother as a new scav boss. 
  5. You would not be able to complete Part 4 without a Scav Vest.

When Was the Last Tarkov Wipe?

By answering when was the last Tarkov wipe, we can anticipate a lot about the next wipe. For your knowledge, the last wipe occurred on 24th December 2020. 

The average span between this wipe and the one before this was exactly 208 days, which means that we can expect a new wipe any day in July. It can even be as early as tomorrow.

However, this was just anticipation until a few days ago, but the developers’ official statement has made things clearer and brighter for all the gamers out there. 

When is the next Tarkov Wipe is a question which will remain unanswered till it is actually launched or the developers throw some light on the exact date? Calculating the launch date by when was the last Tarkov wipe makes things a little clearer, no doubt. Till then, gamers would keep waiting eagerly for the new wipe to launch with the patch as soon as possible!

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