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15 Ads that Completely Nailed Reddit Advertising

It is not surprising that companies are now using Reddit to advertise their products and services. After all, the number of users on the platform drastically increases year after year. Plus, according to advertising statistics, there are more than 20 million users on the site, which you can reach easily. Not using Reddit advertising is synonymous with lost business opportunities. Fortunately, some brands have already dominated the niche, and we are here to share these with you. This will allow you to create your own Reddit advertising strategy and grow your business further. 

15 Ads that completely nailed Reddit advertising

  1. AUDI

AUDI worked with Reddit for their Think Faster AMA series.  This was also referred to as ‘the world’s fastest AMA.’ They maximized live interviews so that the readers or audience could get the most authentic answers. With this, they were able to get 6.3K comments and 2M AMA post views. 

  1. Woodchuck Hard Cider

Woodchuck Hard Cider is an alcoholic beverage company that used Reddit to stand out from their niche. They ran a Promoted Post campaign and left the comments on. This sat well with the Reddit community. It also helped that they used a more conversational tone. Without much of a surprise, it improved their sales drastically.  

  1. Pepsi

With Pepsi’s Reddit advertisement, they launched a Platinum Party, a first in the market. This is where they awarded the best NFL communities. It resulted in a +15% Lift in Consideration Intent and a +19% Lift in Purchase Intent. The community response was all positive too.     

  1. L’Oreal

The beauty empire L’Oreal took advantage of using the platform to promote their La Roche-Posay Effaclar product. They tapped the skincare communities and asked readers to provide their best skincare advice. With their strategy, the brand awareness increased by 20%. 

  1. Playtika

A gaming company, Playtika, used Reddit to unleash all the poker fans from different audiences. Their goal was for more people to download free to play ‘World Series of Poker App.’ 

They took the risk and used several creatives and copy. From here, they found out that videos with longer headlines worked best for them. And according to Playtika, they were able to obtain better results. If your company lacks diversity, you can take the same approach used by Playtika. 

  1. CallRail

In most cases, you don’t need flashy words with your promotion. Using a straightforward approach should be enough. This is what exactly CallRail did, and they followed it with an intriguing statement. This pushed the audience to click on their self serve link.

  1. Adobe

The goal of Adobe is to inspire its market to use the Adobe Creative Cloud’s Student edition. It’s where Redditors around the world created layers and collaborated for a fantastic work of art. There were 150k layers created, and it became the number 1 top growing community. 

  1. ACLU

The company ACLU used a banner ad, and this is effective if you want your advertisement to literally pop from the screen. Of course, you would need to come up with interesting images that could spark interest. 

What’s good about banner ads is that you have a thumbs up and thumbs down button, making it more engaging for the market. 

  1. LEGO

LEGO took advantage of the Front Page Takeover and an engagement prompt in several communities. They intended to connect the brand with holiday gifting. 

Their campaign resulted in the most successful Secret Santa Sponsorship, and they even received an award for it. Generally, they received a higher click-through rate and brand mentions.  

  1. Zynga

With Zynga’s advertisement, they were not only able to tap gamers but also racing enthusiasts. They also used multiple approaches to find the right strategy for their company. 

Zynga played around with interest group targeting to ad formats. This resulted in a higher retention rate and conversion rate. One of their tips is to use videos to achieve down-funnel success. 

  1. Vizury 

Here’s another self serve link that worked well on Reddit. It’s from Vizury, a commerce marketing platform. 

While most people would say that using a too ‘salesy’ headline will not work, we have to say that it depends on the products and services you offer. Plus, of course, you have to take advantage of the space provided for your headline. This is what Vizury did, and they added a compelling copy that successfully invited users to check their landing page.  

  1. Welch’s 

When Welch’s launched their Tough as Grapes campaign, they tapped male-centric interest groups. They allowed the users to engage with the ads directly, and they left the comment on. This showed better performance compared to benchmarks. In fact, 83% of the respondents agreed that the content was relevant to them. This shows that Reddit allows you to hyper-target the market, maximizing your company budget. 


ABSOLUT created a campaign for the holidays. They chose humor and alcohol communities to increase engagement, and this proved to be a great decision. They believe that using Reddit allowed them to have a more honest conversation with the millennials, and it increased awareness among people who have not purchased the brand before. 

  1. Polaris Slingshot 

Polaris Slingshot wanted to promote their new product, and they used a video that engages communities. It became successful, and they were able to start a meaningful conversation with the audience. With their strategy, they were able to increase their comment rate by 10x and higher CTR by 1.7x. 

  1. Hostelworld

You can also use Reddit advertising to promote contests, just like what Hostelworld did. This essentially grew the number of contest participants, which also improved the number of their website visits. 

According to Hostelworld, Reddit was able to reach a new audience through its advertisement. If you want something similar for your business, a simple promotion on the platform will do you good. 

Why Use Reddit Advertising? 

The beauty of using the platform for advertising is you don’t compete in a saturated market. You have a higher chance of a successful advertising campaign compared to Facebook or Instagram. 

Is It Worth It to Advertise on Reddit? 

The strategies may differ from what you are accustomed to in bigger social media platforms.  But considering its volume of users and how other marketers cannot see its potential, this is the best time to place your ads on Reddit. Being one of the pioneers carries a lot of benefits. 

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