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Steve Jobs Before Apple

Steve Jobs is a name well known to all as Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. Anyhow he was neither born rich nor was gifted with a smooth family background. His success story is undoubtedly the most inspiring one in the history of entrepreneurship. Although he is no more (died 5th October 2011), his inspirations have left a mark on this planet. There is a lot we can learn from his story and all this goes as follows:

Steve Jobs

Family Background of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born to Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali in Calfornia, USA on 24th February 1955. Joanne was a Swiss catholic and Abdulfattah was a Syrian Muslim. When Steve Jobs was born, his biological parents were unmarried. Furthermore, Joanne’s parent objected to their marriage. Thus they decided put up Steve for adoption. His mother wanted him to grow up as an educated person and thus asked for a graduate couple for the adoption session. The baby was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, both of whom were not graduated. However, the biological parents had to give up to their demand due to time constraints.

Old Image Of Steve Jobs

Interestingly, Joanne and Abdulfattah married each other in December 1955 and divorced each other in 1962. The couple had another child and she is currently famous novelist Mona Simpson. Thus we can say that both of the kids that the couple had grew up to fame.

Jobs Developing Interest in Technology

Paul Jobs was into electronic repairing and used to keep Steve besides him while working in their family garage. They worked together on repairing electronics such as televisions and radios. They even had their hands on carpentry. This is where Steve Jobs developed a technical bent of mind.

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Schooling of Steve Jobs

Steve had a lot of problem with his schooling. He has to change his school thrice and was highly criticized for his misbehavior during that time. His elementary school was Monta Loma Elementary school, primary was Cupertino Junior High and Homestead High. During this period he failed twice although he just lost one year on mercy basis.

Steve Jobs as a baby

College of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs took admission into Reed College. He proved to be a real spoil there. His parents spent the largest part of their life’s hard earned money on his higher education. But Steve did not pay any heed to this fact. He bunked most of his lectures and spent time on the floor near a dorm room. He returned Coca cola bottles in exchange for food and even used to visit the local Hare Krishna temple not for salvation but for free meals. Thus his life during these 18 months was quite comparable to that of a drug addict.

Steve Jobs - Old Pics

Steve Jobs To India in Search for Himself

Jobs started his career as a technician at Atari Inc. in California. The founder of this organization Nolan Bushnell found that Steve held an unknown intellect in him. This was the first time he was appreciated in life.

Steve Jobs To India

After this he migrated to India in order to visit the Neem Karoli Baba ashram. Anyhow his purpose remained unfulfilled since the Baba expired a few months before his visit. However, he still learnt a lot of spirituality in India from various other sources. Thus by the time of his return he had changed his appearance quite a lot. Jobs used to wear traditional Indian clothing and even shaved his head. He also learnt Zen Buddhism to the level that he was already a practitioner.

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The Rise of Apple Inc.

Steve Jobs started Apple Inc. as a venture along with Steve Wozniak. The name Apple came out from the fact that both its founders spent most of their happy summer time picking apples. This venture of theirs crossed all limits with time and hard work!

Steve Jobs With Steve Wozniak

How The Start Went Along?

Jobs along with Wozniak developed the first Apple system in Jobs garage. Then they decided to sell it. The idea worked out well and thus they got inspiration to develop machines further. Watxhing their spirit, an ex-INTEL employee Mike Marrkula funded them with their next project. After that employees from Pepsico and NS joined them as CEO of the organization. In 1985, the team launched their first commercial main frame computer called NEXT computer. There was no looking back after that.

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  • Nice post with unseen pictures of Steve jobs, great work by you Zainil!

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  • Steve Jobs was a brilliant man. It’s a shame that he left this world so early. Imagine what innovations his amazing mind would have given us if he were still here. The truth is, there are more people who deserve to die than the people who are able to contribute great things in our world.

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  • Steve Jobs is one of the most inspiring tech guy of all times who will be remembered for many many years….
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  • Hi Zainil,

    It was very inspiring to read about Steve Jobs. I got to know many facets of his life through this short biography. Nice share.

  • Steve Job’s early life is surely an inspiration for one and all. He set the example for the entire world that to achieve great things, one need not be born with a golden spoon in mouth.


  • Very interesting man and amazing legacy. There’s so much to be said about his intricacies. I think Steve Jobs’ defining moment was his Stanford speech. We finally saw the sensibility behind the ferocious entrepreneur.

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