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Bill Gates Before Microsoft – Story Of The Legend

Bill gates is known as one of the world’s richest person, an ace investor, a philanthropist and one of the world’s most successful entrepreneur. Anyhow he was not born with a golden spoon. All this was earned by hard work, dedication and a slight tinge of luck. His story goes on as follows:

bill gates before microsoft

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Early life of Bill Gates:

Bill Gates was born on the 28th of October 1955, in Seattle to William and Mary Gates. His father was an attorney in the US and his mother was among the board of directors of a top organization although later turned into a homemaker. They were a complete mismatch as a couple. William was a rather shy person whereas Mary was an outgoing women and a top athlete. Anyhow the proved to be a decent couple and gave the best of education to their 3 kids which included Bill and his 2 sisters. Bill was quite interested in reading and did his primary schooling at a public school. However, his parents were quite concerned about his overly shy behavior.

Bill Gates

Bill Gate’s Developing Interest in Computers

Thus they shifted him to Lakeside school when he was 12 years old. This was the place where Bill Gates met Paul Allen; and this is what made all the difference. Bill was introduced to Computer and programming there at the age of 13. Now there was a mother club at the school. This club bought a Teletype model 33 ASR General Electric computer for its members and this caught the fascination of Gates. Anyhow, he and three others were banned from accessing systems there since they were caught locating bugs in the operating system in order to increase their usage time.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen

Bill Gate’s First Practical Venture on Computers

Later on Gates went to CCC (Computer Centre Corporation) in order to learn various languages. As a result he learnt Fortran, Lisp and machine language. He learnt Cobol the next year. At the age of 13, Bill gates wrote the 1st program of his life! This program was a tic-tac-toe game, where the users could play with the computer. At the age of 17 Gates started making traffic counters. He graduated from high school in 1973 and scored 1590 out of 1600 in SAT, which booked him a seat in Harvard University. Here he met Steve Ballmer (the present CEO of Microsoft). Later on he developed algorithms for pancake sorting and this he made a record of the fastest solution in Combinatorics till that date.

Bill Gates

History of Microsoft

In the year 1975, Gates read an article on Altair 8800 mini computer, which was developed by Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS), which changed all! This was when Bill Gates and Paul Allen got more fascinated over PC industry. The 2 techie’s then soon called up MITS and said that they have a software which can be run of Altair 8800 (actually they had not developed any such software).

Bill Gates at his Bellevue Office

Soon after hearing the interest of MITS about running a BASIC code on Altair 8800, they developed the software which worked well on Altair 8800. This is exactly when Bill Gates and Paul Allen decided to start their own company – Microsoft. This was when they started their venture Microsoft which is well known brand today. In order to do this his dropped out of Harvard, his parents did not object to it since he was dead interested in doing so. This corporation initially dealt in BASIC related programs but later expand its horizon to various niches.


During the initial phase of Microsoft, Gates observed every code which the organization brought out. However, as the scope of the company increased, the workload went on shifting to his juniors.

Microsoft Team

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      Bill Gates is super super rich ! 😎 But the good part is he is a great philanthropist too! 🙂 And surely Bill Gates is a perfect model for getting inspired!

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    Hope you will continue the story 😉


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    • Hi Sue,

      I totally appreciate the hard work of Bill Gates, its just impossible to imagine CEO of Microsoft from a family full of lawyers! 😎

  • Thanks for the hard work to compile the story of a legend. My favourite quote from Bill Gates is “If you born as a poor thats not your fault.. If you die as a poor thats your fault.”

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  • Bill Gates’ life has always been inspiration for many people. Thanks a lot for this awesome post with rare photos.

    Another interesting fact: “Content is King” was originally said by Bill Gates in 1996. This quote still remains key to success for online world, and forever it will be.

  • Zainil,

    Thanks for sharing the background explaining how Bill Gates became such a huge success.

    He is brilliant, and that certainly helps, but he applied his knowledge and his timing was right.

    Dr. Erica

  • Hi Zainil ,
    you did write a story of a usual school boy,
    who got inspired by a mentor and because
    of his interest and ambition,was able to do
    make his dream reality. I had an experience with
    two other young men,which started in the town I grew up
    a big company. They started in a garage and with
    teamwork and enthusiasm, they have been able to
    start in a very short time a big software company.
    The name of the company SA, SAP is headquartered i
    n Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, with regional
    offices in 130 countries. sap.com
    They are known all over the worldwide now and I met
    People from all over the world because of them, when I
    lived there.
    Thank you for this great post, may it inspire.

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