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Most Common Programming And Coding Mistake


Are you aware that over 1000 different exceptions or possible error messages exist in programming as a whole? Even expert-level programmers still face hard bugs, so for beginners on their way into the world of programming, this is all the more nothing new.

Well, luckily, we’ve done the good service of unraveling the meaning behind a few Java errors for beginners, so your coding process can move on even more smoothly. Here are some common coding mistakes and how to solve them:

  • Compilation Error
  • Errors in Logic
  • Runtime Errors
  • Resource Errors
  • Syntax Errors

Compilation Errors

The compilation is the process of converting a high-level programming language into a compatible language that a computing device can relate with better. A compilation error, therefore, occurs when a compiler fails to assemble a piece of computer source code, either due to errors that come up in the code or any other miscellaneous errors.

A perfect situation where the syntax error occurs is when we want to compile print(‘coding classes,’ the compiler would display an inability to transmute the line into a lower-level language. This is because closing brace { ) } should come after the’ when writing the code.

The software won’t launch or run for testing if compiler errors exist.

You definitely will improve at navigating these compilation errors as time passes, but generally, the most efficient route is to acquire quick feedback when you face these compilation errors.

The integration(compilation) takes place in all the project files simultaneously. If most unsaved changes are made while entering code and encountering lots of collection problems or warnings, handling the issues can be costly. But by running the compiler regularly, you gain access to the information you need and get a better guide on steps to solve the problem if one arises.

Logic Errors

Logic errors refer to a state your computer gets in when coded to perform the wrong task. Technically, the program has nothing wrong, yet it runs with unexpected results.

For example, When requirements are not checked before the project commences, and you write a code to target using one instead of user two, a logic error would pop up. Right coding, wrong application.

A strong example is when NASA lost a $125 million Mars Climate Orbiter caused by a lack of concrete communication in English versus the American Metric.

Runtime Errors

Runtime errors refer to problems that take place while executing a program. The code can function perfectly on the programmer’s device; however, server-side configurations might exist or are set up in such a way that triggers a runtime error. For example, insufficient memory on a computing device can trigger a runtime error.

These can impede productivity as they cause immediate problems for the end-user. The majority of these would occur when you’re working, which can lead to workflow disruptions.

Employing the usage of diverse supporting structures and the presence of tech forums can be an interesting way of reducing these errors of this nature in projects, as many might have encountered and had success troubleshooting such issues.

A good protocol for reporting errors can detect runtime errors, update your bug inventory, and stay away from java errors for beginners, so when such is encountered, you are equipped with a method of handling it.

Resource Errors

In circumstances where a program needs multiple devices beyond what is accessible, you will be faced with a resource error. Errors that occur like this can cause damage. It may even lead to a system crash. As you can imagine, these errors are tricky to pinpoint as they rarely cause problems with the developer’s computer.

If you hope to avoid these errors, it is important to understand what software components are used when collecting data for hardware use, including applications for testing and operation. Thus, allowing you to detect code using multiple devices synchronously. In essence, you will rectify the issue before users detect errors.

Syntax Errors

If you’re a beginner in the coding sector, syntax errors are one of the first and most common challenges you would encounter. These errors are akin to grammatical errors in the English language. But, as simple or easy as these errors may seem to crack, you should practice a lot to produce seamless, error-free code.

For instance, if the right syntax for a print command is print(‘coding classes’), and we forget an opening or closing brace, the system will pick up on the syntax problem, which will abort the program’s progression.

As your skills in programming get better, you’ll commit significantly fewer errors. The most effective way to minimize the recurrence of errors is to detect them at the inception phase. Many IDEs and text editors come with a feature that brings your attention to errors that may occur with the order of commands as you code. For example, forgetting to input Semicolons after a code is a common java error for beginners. To resolve this issue, you can add a semicolon (;) at the point where the line of code ends and to be on your toes for errors like that. Another syntax error commonly encountered is the Parenthesis error.

Parentheses Error

At first, it cannot be easy to keep track of the right way to use braces or parentheses. But, Integrated Development Environment, IDEs have come to change the game. Since it is an environment where you can write and also execute code. Most IDEs are equipped with IntelliSense (an auto-complete for programmers). Therefore, your opening and closing tag will be input automatically(amongst other features). However, errors still happen as a beginner in coding, be it in Java or any other language.


You can’t perfectly bypass coding errors. There would be a sense of fulfillment when you detect them before it gets worse. With that, keep in mind that you’ll not get it perfect most of the time. Though, it doesn’t stop you from trying.

We hope this article has educated you on the nature of various programming errors and has helped you stay on top of those you’re experiencing or may encounter.

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