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How to Make Money through Blogging?

Blogging! The most favorite word of mine!

Yes, I love blogging  and I blog for various reasons like to develop my skills & knowledge, acquire some online friends and of course to meet some monetary benefits. With the support of my friend Zainil, presently I have 6 blogs and am building my personal blog. I always like to share my knowledge and experience related to technology, blogging, SEO and make money online. Few days back, I published some online money making posts and received general queries from my visitors through comments and mails. But “how to make money through blogging” is the question I get asked the most and I hope most of the bloggers who are making money online are being asked the same question again and again from different people.

So, I took an opportunity to write about making money by blogging with this post. There are different ways to make money from blogging. Before getting into the topic, let me tell some basic blogging stuffs.

What is blogging?

A blog is a personal diary where you can share your ideas, show your skills or teach the people with your knowledge in the form content. This is called blogging. i.e You can write about your fascinating subjects in your blog and you could get either publicity or make money through blogging.

How to set up a blog?

After deciding your passionate topic, you could set up a blog with free blogging platforms or with self-hosted domain. If you start blogging just to express your talents and to get publicity with it, I am suggesting you to choose the free blogging platforms like blogger.com, tumblr.com etc.

But your intention is making money through blogging, I recommend you to choose the self-hosted domain like WordPress. Even though you need to spend a little money to set up this blog, you would become a professional blogger soon by implementing various monetization ways in it.

If you decide to go with your self-hosted domain, you should buy it from a reliable source and name it with shorter, simple and branded domain name like “Stoogles.com” which is easy to remember. Choose a trustworthy hosting service to connect your blog to the internet.

Check out this guide to know how you can set up a WordPress site yourself >> Step-by-Step Technical Guide to Set up a WordPress Blog

How to develop a blog?

After setting your blog, start to add your attractive content to it. Updating quality information in consistent manner helps to build a successful blog rapidly. Even though, you have an option to hire writers, I suggest you to advance your writing skill to generate many quality articles effortlessly. Also, do reading the latest materials related to your niche to bring out the trendy topics which are required for your visitors.

Search engine optimization is essential in blogging to get high ranking in search engines. Learning about keyword research, on-page & off-page optimization, traffic generation ways and performing blog commenting, guest blogging, forum participation, article submission and content curation would definitely make your blog popular.

Now days, Social networks play a vital role in blogging and do promote your blog posts to get virtuous visibility for your blog. Also, I advocate you to learn about the Google animals like Panda, Penguin, Zebra and now hummingbird to stay safe and protect your blog from Google penalties. After executing all vital blogging steps, your blog is now blessed with thousands of daily visitors and it is the right time to include some multiple monetization ways.

How to make money through blogging?

How do I make money with blog?” is the biggest question in the blogger’s mind. No need to worry, there are a numerous monetization ways available to make money through blogging. Here I am going to discuss about 12 blog monetization ways which would help you to make money with your blog certainly.


1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money through blogging. There are a lot of genuine affiliate programs available for the bloggers related to their niche. Sign-up in some programs and use your affiliate link in your blog. Now you are offering products/services of others to your visitors and get paid when they buy through your affiliate account. I advise you to offer some reliable and relevant products/services to your audience to maintain your status. Clickbank, Amazon, ebay are the best programs to make money in Affiliate marketing.

2. Sponsored posts

Do register your blog in Review websites to write reviews for sites/products and get paid with it. Also, if your traffic stats are high, your blog might catch by the sponsors and they pay for you to write about their products/service. With the honest websites like Socailspark, sponsored reviews, Payperpost etc. you could make money through blogging.

3. PPC & CPM Advertising methods

Pay per click and cost per mile are the popular adverting methods in blogging. You need to fix the ads in your blog and if the visitors click on it, you make profit with that. Your blog traffic, placement of ad and ad relevancy are some of the factors related to your earning potential. Google Adsense, infolinks, Chitika, Adbrite, Bidadvertiser are some of the famous PPC advertising networks.

If your blog is having more traffic but with the little engagement of visitors, you could try CPM advertising method. Here, your earnings depends upon the no. of impressions of your blog is yielding. Check some popular websites like Tribal Fusion and Vibrant media to make money through blogging.  

4. E-book writing 

If you have splendid knowledge in your niche and writing skill, then writing eBooks is the good option to make money through blogging. Write some worthy unpublished information in your eBook and sell it on your blog. By promoting it on the social media sites, you could reach a good no of sales.

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5. Freelancing

Your excellent freelance skills like consulting, coaching, translating writing etc. can be promoted through your blog. If your blog has big audience, it is more likely to make money through blogging by offering your services. You would gain good recommendations that would help to grow your blog. In simple words, sell your services through your blog and make money with it.  

6. Direct ad sales

Direct advertising sales are one of the profitable ways of make money through blogging. Although it takes time to find the good advertisers, the payoff would be worth it. Banner ads and the text ads are getting famous nowadays and you could get more cash into your pocket. Moreover, no third-party involved here as you are selling your blog’s ad space directly to the advertisers. Buysellads and Skyscrpr are the useful websites related to Direct advertising sales.  

7. Paid membership

Are you exceptional in adding some quality information to your blog? Then you could make money through blogging by unlocking some unique content like audios, videos, instructional guides, access to private forums etc. by asking the users to pay weekly/monthly fee. Some extra effort is needed to build premium content to keep the membership of the visitors permanently.

8. Sell your own products

Your designing and creative skills can be converted into cash by creating and selling your own products. You can put your blog logo on t-shirts, stickers, coffee mugs etc. and sell it in the famous websites like Zazzle, Cafepress or Etsy. Also, you could sell your creative products directly from your blog by promoting it to your audience.

hot- Girl-making-money

9. Vlogging

Vlogging is nothing but video blogging. As the YouTube is getting popular these days, you could make use of it to make money through blogging. Get a good camera, use tripods to avoid shaking and shoot quality video related to your blog. You can add your Google Adsense account to these videos and make cash with it.

10. Flipping blogs

If you expert in building blog and have good knowledge in content updating & web marketing to drive genuine traffic, they you could sell the blog after it gained a decent no. of audience. I.e Buying a blog at low price, increase its value by adding some splendid evidence and selling at profitable price. This is blog flipping and it is not advisable to choose this make money through bogging option if you’re poor in internet marketing.

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11. Lead generation

Make money through blogging by lead generation is extremely a profitable business which involves in taking the information about your blog audience. After collecting their contact information, you may sell it to the third party who wants to buy it and sell that information to that lead. If your blog has targeted the audience well and if they visit your blog consistently, you might go with this potion to make income. Also, you need some trustworthy person to find the lead buyers.

12. Podcasting

You can get the multimedia files from the internet for free and create your own podcasts. People showing more interest to listen the podcasts nowadays and if you want to broadcast your innovative ideas, then you could make money through blogging with it. Use your creativity in delivering the podcasts, integrate ads and get good sponsors to earn money and increase your online presence.


Countless ways are obtainable to make money through blogging. Affiliate marketing, Adsense revenue programs, marketing the services, paid reviews are some of popular ways to make money with blog. To get successful in any of the above blog monetization method, you need upright visitors to your blog.

What should you do if you are not making money with blog?” Check this guest post by Nirmala.

Believe that it is possible to make money through blogging and you need to build great audience and reputation. It would be good if you follow a unique path to thrive in make money through blogging.

I hope you got the relevant answer for the question “How to make money through blogging?”. What do you think about these useful blog monetization ways? How did you monetize your blog? Share the information about your blog and monetization views with me as I would love to discuss with you.

[Image Courtesy:gigbucks.com and scottzlateff.com]

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Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you with unique, well-researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging. He has in-depth knowledge of computers and tech as he pursued computer science.


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  • Very useful post for the bloggers Atish 🙂

    I know about the upper part of the monetization ways which you’ve listed here and I have no knowledge in some of the blog monetization ways.

    I think, I should read a lot to keep myself updated with these monetization techniques.

    Hope you’ve covered the entire blogging topic in your simple language.
    I enjoyed a lot while reading it.

    I suggest the newbies to look have a look at this post to make money through blogging and gonna share this on my social network.

    Am sure, many blogger would be benefited with this awesome post.

    Thanks for this excellent post Atish, keep writing 😉

  • Blogging was a dream for many people to earn online. And now it has also come true that with the hard work done on blogging anyone can earn a living online from it.

    Yes, thanks for sharing all the legit and best possible ways to earn online with blogging.

  • Great post Atish, it seems your dog is the one in charge when you are busy doing something else, Lol. This is a nice post about making money from a blog, thumbs up on this.

  • Hi Atish,

    Awesome post indeed 🙂

    I liked the way you framed this post starting from the very beginning about what is a blog and how to go about it and what all you can do to make money through your blogs.

    Gosh!! You have 6 of them!!! And here we have a tough time managing just our one or two – commendable indeed. Not to mention that you are also working at your full time job, but I can understand that the switch over for you might happen pretty quick once you make the desired amount only through blogging.:)

    Yes, there are various ways we can earn through blogging, though it’s tough to really go through all of these ways for a single person. Perhaps a combination would work best. Speaking of myself, I think I only fit into the freelancing bit and a few advt that I have on my blog – enough to sustain it. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing these with us.

    Have a nice day 🙂

    • Hello Harleena,

      Thanks for stopping by and I am glad that you liked the post very much. Handling multiple blogs is not issue when you ready to make blogging as your full time career, Thats what I am trying to do. Working for a firm or for anyone else has never been my choice but bound to do for now.

      Trying my best to make it for full time.

  • Good article Atish. I think you have covered almost all aspects of online money earning sources. I like the way you built internal linking. Yes Nirmala’s post on guest-posting I already went through and it is quite admirable.

  • Hi Atish,

    Interesting write up. As for bloggers, if you want to make fast money online, build a good portfolio on freelance sites. Be a full time ghost blogger and you can really make good money from it.

    However, the bad thing is that you cannot claim that writing is yours as you had sold it off. A good write could cost from $50 to $500 depending on name, topic and even your experience.

    Keep it up and thanks for sharing!

  • Quite complete list Atish. You covered the most important models to make money blogging. Writing and getting paid $100 or more is cool. Affiliate marketing and then selling your own stuff are some top ways to bank online.

    Good write up bro

    • Thanks Enstine for coming by. Yea every blogger has hunger of money making and I prepared this list for them. I don’t know all the 12 ideas work for them but I am sure few ideas must work. Different ideas can work with different blogs.
      Keep coming mate.

  • All good tips Atish. Work diligently to grow your network. Create value. Open income streams. By generating cash online you can free yourself and prosper BUT you need to open channels. Ghostwriting is a solid channel, as is opening affiliate streams too. Thanks 🙂

  • Nice article, Affiliate marketing and PPC ads seems to be the most widely used monetization strategy to make money from blogging, i have tried to diversity mine with direct ads sales and paid posts. I have signed up with Buysellads to see how it goes.

  • hi atish. thanks for sharing these practical ideas. making money through podcasting looks new to me. how do you integrate ads in podcasting? sorry i really have no idea about it? why tools can you suggest so to ensure quality of audio

    • Hallo Marilyn,

      I am not doing podcasting for now but I can give you an idea about monetizing your youtube video ads with adsense. You just need an adsense account and your videos can start earning right away.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  • When I first started blogging it was just a hobby for me.Day by day it changes,I learned more about blogging gradually and then it’s come to earn some money through it.Now it’s turned to my passion.So I must say above mentioned facts are worth reading for any newbie and pro both.Really a nice share bro.

  • I currently use use Adsense to monetize my blog but eventually I plan on selling T-Shirts, coffee mugs and note pads to name a few. Although people are reluctant to admit it, there are more people with bad credit than good in today’s economy. My goal is to reach those people and let them know that it’s okay to admit that you’re behind in your bills if you have no choice in the matter. Sometimes good people make bad choices. It doesn’t make you a bad person…It just makes you human!

  • A successful and well-written blog can be a cash-cow. If you are able to build a high-quality blog that attracts lots of readers and followers, you can monetize your blog and earn money. thanks for this post

  • Hello Atish Bro,

    Making money with blogging is the dream of every newbie and professionals too.

    I’m blogging from past three years and truly said it’s the time that I’m making some money. Why so late????

    Only because of lack of knowledge that you shared in this post.

    I really do appreciate your post because it’ll really be helpful for those who wanna learn about the best and possible ways to make money online. Cheers 🙂


    • Yes, blogging and money making are two different things but when you know how to make money through blogging then only you can earn profit for your hard work on your blog. Thats why this post is here for all the newbies who are still confused as to how they can make money from their blog. Thanks Ankit for coming, reading and commenting.

  • Hey Atish,

    I think nearly every blogger starts blogging because he wants to make money. You’ve listed almost all the ways through which a blogger can make good amount of money. Thanks for the article.

  • Hey Atish,

    How in the world do you handle six blogs? I have four but I don’t post regularly to all of them. My goodness, keeping up with my main one is hard enough I can’t imagine taking care of that many but I’m sure you have that under control.

    I remember the first time I did research about the different ways you could make money online I was amazed by what I learned. I had no idea so I’m sure that a lot of bloggers coming in want to make money but aren’t quite 100% sure exactly how. Well you’ve definitely laid that out for them here.

    It just depends on what you want to do and how much effort you want to put in because some things take a lot longer then others. To me though the work is worth it mainly for the experience, the enjoyment of learning and then all these really cool people we get to meet along the way.

    Great list and thank you for taking the time to put this together. Great share here my friend.


  • Hello Atish, already new about most of it. But Flipping blogs and podcasting is new to me . Bro can you provide any links to learn more about.?
    Any way nice write up bro . Thanks for the share 🙂

  • Hi Atis,

    I never expected such a detailed post on making money through blogging. You took the pain of defining blogging and then go on building the information empire on this post! It is truly appreciable!

    You’ve mentioned almost all of the monetization methods for any blogging. It is true that almost all of newbie bloggers dive into this sphere with a hope to earn money. You have shown them even more doors for the money to flow in. However, let everybody learn that it takes a real dedication and hard work to make any money!

    • Suresh,

      Thanks for stopping by mate.

      Everyone is blogging not just for passion but for money too but now days newbies don’t think to blog better in the beginning rather they think if I start a blog then how much can I make Per month which leads to disappointment as its not every easy to make money in the very beginning but because of high expectations those guys loose their patience.

      Learning about money making is the better thing which we can implement later once the blog starts doing good! 🙂

  • Hi Ranjan,

    These are pretty nice methods which you have listed out however I trust i tried many of them and they don’t seem to work for everyone. In India, people can’t earn much with affiliate marketing as the commission for each product sold is very less. But thank you for putting hard work to bring all them together.


  • You have covered some really great ways for making money online with blogging. Affiliate marketing has proved to be a very profitable method once you learn how to market online effectively….along with Amazon as well.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

  • I’ve recently created a blog. It is fun and i love blogging. And I also wanted to earn from it. Your guide is pretty neat and I’m going to try them all.


  • hello friend…can u guide me pls…my problem is, i want to create a blog but my english is not so good …so u want to ask you, if i make a blog in Hindi or in Marathi language then can i earn money through my blog ? or shall i have to create a blog in only english language to earn money ??? pls guide me…

  • hello friend…can u guide me pls…my problem is, i want to create a blog but my english is not so good …so i want to ask you, if i make a blog in Hindi or in Marathi language then can i earn money through my blog ? or shall i have to create a blog in only english language to earn money ??? pls guide me…

  • I am a couple reader of your blog. Good monetization ways you shared in this post. You did a great job.
    I like the way you pointed the key notes of blogging methods. I know about few methods you mentioned here on affiliate marketing and PPC. But unaware of E-book writing way. I definitely try and find more information on that method.

  • Good information on making money through blogging. I think if we are running blog or any web business we should find our source of earning. If we use multiple ways of making money online this would help us to generate capital and useful to invest in better-way to develope our brand. Use multiple source to earn money online. Use ad networks, affiliates program and also build your product to sell online. These would help to increase much more profit. And i like your post as you share very good information related to particular subjects. Thanks for sharing this article

  • Brother i use adsense for earn money from my site . but i have face some problem now . I have a web site and it is related lasted mobile price and specification . but my cpc rate is $0.01 or $0.02 but why i get low value ad from google adsense

    • Hello Sohag,

      Try to use high CPC keywords from your content, and you will see improvement in your earning if you are already getting a lot of traffic.

  • Hello Atish, Your post highlighted some of most high income generate technique. Which not only provide me knowledge but also help me a lot to generate future income on the upcoming days.
    Thanks for the great article.

    • Hello Dhaval,

      Adsense is mentioned under the PPC advertising. Indeed, Adsense is great for bloggers to earn money.

  • How can i get adsense easily . few days ago i apply adsense . then adsense place code my site . i placed this code . After full review adsense reply me a sms that , I have a another adsense account . when i close this account then i get adsense . how its possible

    • Hello Shahin,

      Maybe you have a hosted Adsense attached to your email id which you might have used earlier for blogspot blog, and you monetized that with Adsense. If that is so, that email id cannot be used to apply for other Adsense.

      You should check out the details first by just logging in with that email address into Google.com/adsense and see if there is anything.

  • Hi Atish,
    I could very well relate to this post. Yes, as you said “Blogging” is indeed a wonderful word which we all the bloggers like.
    To tell you the truth, I learned a lot from you and your posts in my blogging journey.
    This post reveals the in and out of blogging.
    I am so glad to say that this post has been mentioned in my recent post, a repurposed post.
    Hope you will have a peep into it in between your busy schedule.
    Have a profitable day.
    ~ Phil

  • Hi Atish,
    Great tips you shared with this post.
    12 Amazing ways to make money by blogging!
    Thanks for sharing it in detail with connected links.
    I am so glad to say that this post has been mentioned in my updated blog post.

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