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Online Money Making Ideas for Students

Hello Guys, Before you read this post I would like to tell you that I have posted my journey as how I came to blogging. You can find the post here How I came to blogging – A complete Story. If you really love to read personal stories then please pay your valuable visit otherwise chuck it and move on to this post below.

Okay now lets move on the the today’s topic – Online Money Making Ideas for Student which teaches students as to how they can make money along with their studies. 

Now a days, earning online has become popular and variety of chances available to make money from home. The life of the students is always fun & exciting and they are attaining great and remarkable achievements in studies. Not only in education, they can show their talents and earn income at spare time from online jobs.  Yes, many online jobs for students exist with which they could earn real money by offering their skills.  

Why do students need to work and earn money?

A recent study proved that the students who work & earn through part time jobs are more confident and have excellent time management skills than the students who are not engaged in a job. While performing the jobs, their skills get sharpen and would let them to grow with more knowledge. Besides, if they get employed at spare time, some imperative qualities like maturity, responsibility and capability could be developed which would let them to continue their academic activities effectually.   

Why online jobs for students?

Internet seems like a hub of money making opportunities and the students can make use it. Let’s discuss some benefits of doing online jobs for students.

  1. No prior experience needed.

  2. They are the boss and could work without pressure.

  3. They can choose their fascinating jobs based on their skills.

  4. No need to travel. So travel expenses are avoided and time has saved.

  5. Flexibility in working i.e they could work at convenient time.

  6. Financial freedom i.e they could bear the basic monetary necessities and no need to depend on their parents.

Are you a student and looking for some online jobs to earn money? I hope now you are familiar with the advantages of online jobs and the essential of earning as a student. I suggest you  to read this discussion further to find some genuine online jobs for students to work and earn at home.

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I am listing here the Top 10 online jobs which must be the best online money making ideas for students.


There are plenty of ways that the students can meet the economic benefits from internet, but am going to discuss the top 10 online jobs for students through this post.

1. Article writing

If you have good writing skill and expert in some specific fields, you can submit your articles to the revenue sharing websites and if it gets appreciated by the readers by clicking ads or if they purchase the products through your suggested links, you’ll get a part of revenue from the article submitted websites. There is another option for you to show your writing skill. Some genuine websites are available in which the publishers/ requester posts their writing project with specifications. You can chose your fascinating project and you’ll get paid, if the requester accepts your article.

2. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best online jobs for students where they can make steady income with it. Create a blog for free or choose a self-hosted domain to write about familiar topics. Learn the marketing skills and SEO to drive traffic to your blog. After your blog reaches a good subscriber base and daily unique visitors through search engines, you can monetize your blog and earn money with it. I recommend you to look at this blog post to find the different monetization ways for your blog.

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3. Tutorial writing

If you’re an exceptional tutorial writer, then you could make money by contributing your unique tutorials and earn with it. Tutorials for photoshop, wordpress, Javascript, SEO, Adobe illustrator, animation and so on are greatly in demand. So your talent in creating the high quality error free tutorial can be transformed into online cash.

4. Web designing

Most of the online business needs to improve its web presence by having good design with no technical errors. This opens the opportunity for web designers to earn money by creating, maintaining and redesigning websites. Even if you don’t have any web design skills, there are great sources available on the internet to learn the basic skills like HTML, CSS and basic interface graphics which are necessary for this lucrative industry.   

5. Photography

Photography is one the easiest online jobs for students. Your interest and skills in shooting the high quality images with your camera can be converted into money. Yes, there are stock websites available in which you can upload your worthy pictures and if someone downloads it, you could get money for it. Setting up your own online store to display your good resolution images is another way of earning money online with photography.

6. Freelancing

If you are a master in certain skills, then freelancing is the right way to offer your talents and make money with it. Here you are not employed by the person or business; instead they provide some project work to finish. As the skills in design & development, writing & copywriting, graphic designer and website management are in great demand you can deal your skills to the requester. Moreover, you can offer online webinars for the people through video chat.  

7. Participating in focus groups

In order to improve their products/services, the manufactures/service providers approach online market research companies to hire the people to take part in the focus group discussions. Your interest and creative skill can be applied here to make smart income by giving your quality outlooks.  

8. Online auctions

Many online auction websites are accessible and do register at any of the website. Find some worthy, cheap and demand products to sell. Design your auction page by writing the accurate description of the chosen product to sell with its attractive pictures. Use social networks and post banners about the product to get exposure and become a reputable seller.

9. Playing games

You are interested to play thrilling and humorous online games, right? then, you could earn money as a Game tester. Yes, many gaming companies need to test their new gaming versions and to improve their performance. Also, some online advertising companies want to pull the attraction of the people to advertise their product/service. So they use their gaming websites and give cash & prizes for the people to play games.

10. Proof reading and translating

Most of the online corporate relates to writing, editing, proofreading and even translation. E-Books and websites/blogs needs proof readers to check the spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. Your scripting and translating skills can be exposed here and make money with it. This is high-paying online job, so you can advance your skills through online journalism and literature courses.

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Making your own money daily from the internet is really exciting on your side and there are so many online areas are waiting for your great exertion. As your time and efforts are rewarded with cash, I recommend you to select any of the best online jobs for students which I’ve discussed above in this post. Earning money online by just showing your skills together with the comfort of working from home is really sensational, isn’t it?

What do you say? Are you carrying out any online job? What is your opinion about the above discussed online jobs for students? Share your insights with me, I would like to discuss with you through comments!  

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  • Thanks for writing the informative post Atish 🙂

    Hope it is a great source for students to make money online with their talents.

    I too covered this topic for students, but yours is splendid with lot of information.

    Now days, students seems smart in earning money online and I know many successful student bloggers.

    Thanks again for presenting this awesome post Atish, keep writing 🙂

  • Hey Atish Bro,

    Really a useful post for students.
    It’s really important for students to start something along with their studies that help them make money.
    It’s not only making money but it’ll develop them marketing skills and yes maturity too as you said above.
    Great and really informative piece of content.

  • Very informative and useful post for students and college students.

    But it will be better, if u give some website links for their reference like flickr for photography, labnol, classiblogger for blogging, freelancer for freelancing, ezinearticles for article writing etc….

    Anyway thanks for sharing this man.

  • Certainly a long list of things that can help students earn money online! There are a variety of things that people can do depending upon what they are good at 🙂 Writing, photography, auctioning, games – what not 🙂 there’s room for every talent/skill out there and the internet has become a great place to accommodate all talents 🙂

  • Really, a great post. You have covered many points on making money online with quite informative content. Thanks! Presently i have chosen the blogging platform, next will be playing games online.

  • Now a days students too sensible to earn cash on-line with their own skills.It is a good supply of financial gain to form cash on-line.
    Thank u Atish for presenting an informative post.

  • that was really a fantastic article you gave us. Pointing students earning is good thought you gave us. Thanks for such great article you gave us. Really blogging increases persons value in online presence. I love to blog. Your earning methods are quite amazing. Thanks.

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    Thank you for the detailed information.Please share some of the websites on Get Paid to Play Games.Its very interesting and useful for game addicts. 🙂

  • This is such a great article for those students who want to start earning by giving a little effort.

    Earning some bucks in school life is good because we can help out our family financially.

  • great article..In your post,there are points which are very much effective if you implement it.
    One of your point is freelancing.You perfectly explained it…
    If you have skills in any of particular thing or language or anything,then you have the easy way to earn money through online…..

  • Internet is great source for students, they can make money easily by choosing one of above topics as you mentioned.
    Many students also want to earn money while studying.

  • No previous experience necessary is the big selling point for students. The big challenge is that so many students cannot even write these days. They are so used to OMG and TTYL, that proper spelling and grammar have been sidestepped.

    • I agree with your David that now days students are so used of SMS language that sometimes they use the same in the articles and blog posts too. Thanks for your input David.

  • Hi Atish,
    very informative post. . Surely internet has provided lots of great opportunity for students to make money from their comfort level. . . Well written post, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • This is nice article because after reading. You have covered many points on making money online with quite informative content.this article these tips for online money making is good.thanks for shearing.

  • Hi Atish,

    This is a great post for my son, He’s a student and loves the web, and I would love for him to make some money.

    Photography and playing games would be right up his alley. However just like anything else online the competition can be fierce and you have to really adopt patience and persistence.

    Thanks for the tips,

  • thanks for wraiting this article… really usefull for me… I want to try to get money with this tips…. I want to take this opportunity.. thx

  • Hi Atish,

    I think the ideas you have shared are extremely useful for students who wants to make money online. Blogging is a great platform for those students who wants to share their knowledge with their visitors thereby gaining popularity.

  • Hi Atish,
    Really nice ways you dig out.Now days students are become more smart and independent.In this tech era they now how to make money online during their study time but you find out mine for students.I think blogging is best way to earn money online.

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  • I think if you could provide them list of websites from there such student’s can get the work, that would be a great help for all the students. Nice work aatish keep it up.

  • Great article, online jobs for students is a great idea. They take up less time are flexible and allow you more time to focus on your studies. If I knew then what I know now, I would have done an online job while I was in school. Balancing a full time Job and college is not so easy.

  • Great ideas I run my own money making blog and it is great to see that making extra money is becoming more popular, instead of getting into debt! I have to say that you’ve given me a few new ideas! Thanks.

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  • These are great tips and ideas for students I do think these methods are going to get more competitive by next year when more and more people start jumping on board with it.

  • Hi Atish, I am a complete supporter of part time jobs. I personally believe earning teaches you a lot of things. I myself started earning since the day I joined college. It was not ony economic freedom but an opportunity to become mature and wise.

  • Hello Atish this article is surely informative but you should have linked a few authoritative sites here. When someone google or ask each other chances are more that they don’t reach at right place because there are many guys online who dis-guide everyone who wants to earn money and they too are disguided.

    And yes earning money teaches us the real value of money.

  • This is an excellent way to harness potential of students while they are ongoing there studies. Also, these are some very basic jobs that doesn’t require much skills.

  • I would recommend Freelancing and Article Writing. Blogging is not as easy as people think it is.Also it does not start paying you back overnight, it takes time.

    Check this Below Link

  • The Best among all of them is i think blogging because blogging is the genuine way to earn money online.Their are some other ways also but i think blogging is best among all.Yes freelancing article writing is also somewhat good but not the best.

  • Hi, Yeah! This is a very good post for students, and if anyone want to do part time job for good income they can also do this. but for student this is a good work for home and this will increase our thoughts and will make the mind more sharp…

    Thanks for sharing..


  • Hi,

    Thanks a lot for sharing online money making options for students. I was not aware about so many part time job options. I am looking for ward to become a free lancer content writer. Can you please suggest some website to where I can get content writing assignments.


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