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Does Paramount Plus Have Commercials?

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Yes, Paramount Plus has commercials not only in the free plan but it does have ads in its Paramount Plus Essential paid subscription as well. Moreover, the Paramount Plus Premium plan has no commercials.

Today I am writing to explore Ads experience on a popular American OTT streaming platform, Paramount Plus. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most viewed digital streaming services across the United States. But viewers of Paramount Plus Premium subscription services seem unhappy and feel cheated because Ads are still showing even after subscribing to the paid plan. 

That is the reason, users are asking in forums and other places “does Paramount Plus have commercials?”. Although it does look so bad, there is something you don’t know if you are asking this question. Let’s find out the truth behind it.

Being an OTT lover and binge-watcher, I can feel how heartbreaking it is when you have to see Ads and pay for them too. So, here I am throwing some light on the advertising practices of Paramount Plus and finding out what subscribers can expect in terms of commercials on the platform.

does paramount plus have commercials

Understanding Paramount Plus Streaming Model

In today’s digital age, streaming platforms have revolutionized the way we consume entertainment. Be it movies, news,  sports, web series, or whatever you like to watch, OTT platforms stream your preferred content, anytime, anywhere, on demand. But one thing has stayed the same, and that is Ads and commercials. Ads are still there to interrupt your binge-watching experience. After all, this is where these platforms generate revenue.

Paramount Plus is one such wonderful American streaming giant offering a wide variety of digital content. It is owned by ViacomCBS, providing on-demand access to a wide range of content from popular networks like CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and more. It offers a combination of live TV, original exclusive content, and a vast library of shows and movies.

Paramount Plus offers two subscription options: Essential and Premium plans. The availability of these plans may vary based on your region. Let’s explore the key differences between Paramount Plus essential vs premium plans.

Paramount Plus Essential

If you have subscribed to this plan, you will have to watch the commercial because this Paramount Plus Essential plan is a limited ad-supported plan. It is offered at a lower cost, and thus, that includes periodic commercial breaks during streaming content. The monthly subscription of Paramount+ Essential costs $4.99 while the annual subscription costs $49.99. 

Commercials in this plan are typically inserted at strategic points, such as before or during TV show episodes, movies, or live events. The specific number and duration of commercials can vary depending on the content being viewed.

The lower price is kept for the users who cannot afford costly plans. So, Paramount Plus has done it to get those users also who do love the platform but cannot afford the costly plans. But, to cover the cost, they have show commercials.

So, they are not actually cheating you but helping you access to paid content at much lower cost. You just have to view some ads in between.

Paramount Plus Premium

If you subscribe to this plan, you won’t see any commercials while watching shows or movies of your choice. The monthly subscription of Paramount+ Premium costs $9.99 while the annual subscription costs $99.99. 

Subscribers who choose this plan enjoy their favorite content without any commercial interruptions. However, it’s important to note that certain types of content, such as live events, may still include promotional messages or sponsorship mentions, although they are typically less intrusive than traditional commercial breaks in Essential Plan.

Is Paramount Plus Commercial Free?

No, Paramount Plus is not commercial-free. In fact, it is a kind of platform which do show ads in its paid plan as well although the plan is offered for lower cost. As already discussed already earlier in this article, the Paramount Plus Essential plan displays ads while Premium plans are Ad-free subject to a few instances. Usually, the Paramount Plus Premium plan is free from commercials. However, Live TV shows will always have commercials irrespective of the plan you have subscribed to.

There are certain shows that contain brief promotional interruptions. This is to keep the viewers in the loop for announcing and informing upcoming Paramount+ Programs. 

Content Availability and Commercials

The presence of commercials can also depend on the type of content you are streaming on Paramount Plus. While some shows and movies are entirely ad-free, others may have advertising integrated into the streaming experience. Paramount Plus originals, for instance, are generally ad-free across both subscription plans, allowing viewers to enjoy exclusive content without commercial interruptions.

Sports and News Programming

Paramount Plus offers live sports and news programming, which may incorporate advertisements during breaks in these events. This is a common practice in the television industry, ensuring the sustainability of delivering live sports coverage and news updates.

Customized Ad Experience 

When it comes to ad-supported content on Paramount Plus, the platform aims to provide viewers with a more personalized and relevant advertising experience. Advertisements may be tailored based on user preferences, demographics, viewing history, and other data. This targeted approach helps deliver ads that are more likely to resonate with viewers and make the advertising experience less intrusive.

Why Am I Getting Ads on Paramount Plus When I Pay For No Ads?

One may wonder why am I getting ads on paramount plus when I pay for no Ads. The issue sounds genuine and needs to look closer into this.

There could be a few possible reasons for still seeing Ads in a Premium plan. I have figured out and listed some such reasons below:

  • It could be out of a mistake. It might happen that you have accidentally subscribed to an Ad-supported plan instead of an Ad-free plan. After all, it is all a game of one click. So, check your subscription details to ensure your plan.
  • Another possible reason that Ads are still showing to you is due to any technical glitch in the system. You may wait for some time, a day or so to see if the issue resolves automatically. Try clearing out your device’s cache.
  • Premium subscribers enjoy watching unlimited Ad-free content on demand. However, there is a catch! Due to streaming rights, there are certain shows that are required to display 2 brief promotional Ads. These promotional Ads are very short, a maximum of 10 to 15 seconds, to give viewers updates about the latest releasing shows and movies on Paramount+.
  • Premium subscribers also see short previews. These previews may appear anytime ONCE a day before the start of any Paramount+ show. But if you are a premium subscriber and see long commercials frequently in between the shows and movies, I would recommend you sign out of your Paramount+ account and sign in back after some time. This might resolve your problem as a lot of viewers have reported the same problem and got resolved through this trick.
  • Sometimes if you upgrade from the Essential plan to the Premium plan, you still see the ads. In that case, you should log out from your Paramount account, and login again. It will solve the issue.

If the Ads are still not gone, then you should contact Paramount Plus support for a seamless watching experience. You have to provide the following information to the support help desk.

    • Name of the show where Ads are showing, along with season and episode number.
    • Type of Ads you are seeing. (Promotions for shows or product/services advertisement)
    • What device are you watching from?  
    • Give the browser name and its version, if you are streaming from a computer device. Click here to find your web browser version.

By doing that, you will definitely stop seeing Ads and will enjoy an uninterrupted binge-watching experience.

Can You Skip Commercials on Paramount Plus?

You can skip commercials on Paramount Plus using third-party extensions automatically. I am explaining two tried and trusted ways to skip commercials and get entertained for hours without any interruption.

Use “Picture-in-Picture” Feature

“Picture-in-picture” is a very useful feature, especially for those who want to do other things simultaneously while watching their favorite stuff online. Using the “Picture-in-picture” feature, you may resize your Paramount+ window to a small size. Since the window is resized to smaller dimensions, Ads will play in the background. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to the Paramount+ website.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Play the content you like to watch.
  • When Ad starts, click on the “Picture-in-picture” icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

That’s it. Now the content will continue to play in the small window while the Ad will be playing in the background. Moreover, you can resize the window to adjust your comfort and place it anywhere on your phone screen. Please note that this method is not 100% effective and will not work for all types of Ads on all devices. So, you should not count on it. But if you are accessing Paramount+ from the computer through Google Chrome, try out the next workaround.

Use Chrome Extension – Paramount Plus Skipper

ParamountPlusSkipper is a Chrome extension that can skip all the ads, intros, and recaps of all Paramount content. It also has fast forward feature to skip the uninteresting part of the show. This single extension may help you to get rid of annoying Ads. Just install this extension on your Google Chrome browser and watch all the episodes of your favorite series in a row without leaving your couch. However, as of now, this extension only works for the English language.


To summarize, Paramount Plus offers both ad-supported and ad-free subscription plans, allowing viewers to choose the experience that aligns with their preferences. The ad-supported plan includes intermittent commercial breaks, while the ad-free plan offers an uninterrupted streaming experience. However, it’s important to remember that some content, such as live events and specific sponsorships, may still include promotional messages.

Paramount Plus strives to strike a balance between providing quality content and delivering advertisements in a way that minimizes disruption and enhances viewer satisfaction. Ultimately, the decision of whether to opt for an ad-supported or ad-free plan on Paramount Plus depends on your personal preferences, budget, and tolerance for commercial interruptions.


How Many Users For Paramount Plus?

From one Paramount Plus account, a maximum of 3 people may watch at once. One user may create up to 6 profiles.

Can You Cancel Paramount Plus Before the Free Trial Ends? 

Yes, Paramount+ viewers can easily cancel the free trial subscription before it ends. At the time of subscription, it asks for your card payment details without which you can access to the free trial subscription. So, make sure you cancel it before the trial period expires otherwise your card will automatically be charged. To cancel the free trial subscription, do this –

  1. Login to your Paramount+ account.
  2. Click on the Profile picture.
  3. Go to “Accounts”.
  4. Click on “Cancel Subscription”.

How Many Devices Can You Have On Paramount Plus?

In the United States, only 3 devices can be used at a time for parallel streaming on Paramount+. These numbers may change anytime by the platform at their sole discretion. This figure may differ outside the U.S.A because it all depends on the territory from where users are streaming.

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