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Great Content Marketing Ideas for Plastic Surgeons

The demand for plastic surgery will be massive within the next few years. Are you ready to beat the competition and snag the first spot?

With the five content marketing ideas for plastic surgeons below, your online presence will be just as appealing as the results of your surgeries.

5 Content Marketing Strategies for Plastic Surgery Clinics

The numbers are in: the future of plastic surgery is glowing. According to Grandview Research, the market could achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 10% from 2022 to 2030.

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As a plastic surgeon, it is both good and bad news. While it means many clients are waiting, you are also up against stiff competition. How do you differentiate yourself while telling your prospects that you are a trustworthy, effective brand?

Use these five content marketing ideas for online promotions, visibility, and improved niche authority:

1. Produce Videos to Showcase Your Expertise

Videos are amazing marketing tools for businesses, especially those in healthcare, for many reasons:

  • They decrease the fear and anxiety associated with cosmetic surgeries.
  • Videos create an emotional connection with potential customers.
  • They provide more visual information, which helps prospects make informed decisions.
  • You can show off the skill and expertise of your staff.

From an economic perspective, videos do not need a huge production budget to work. You can:

  • Create a long video and then break it down into short forms. You can then upload the original long version on YouTube and share its clips on social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.
  • Stitch short videos to produce a longer version. Do not have the time to shoot a lengthy video? Use editing tools to put together short videos.

Should you buy stock videos? No, if you can help it; other plastic surgeons might be using them. It makes your brand feel more generic and even unnatural. Consider them your last resort if you do not have the time or creative skills.

Examples of Video Content for Plastic Surgeons

Marina Turea with Digital Authority Partners (DAP) shares great video ideas for your clinic. You can also add the following:

  • Day in the life of a plastic surgeon
  • Behind-the-scenes look at your clinic’s operations
  • FAQs answered by your plastic surgeon(s)
  • Aesthetic topics reviewed on camera, such as makeup tutorials and skin care tips

2. Curate Content to Establish Your Authority

Curation involves sorting through vast amounts of online content and selecting the most relevant material for your audience. It focuses on finding, organizing, and sharing valuable information with your community.

The benefits of curation are fourfold:

  • It shows that you are an active member of the conversation.
  • It keeps people interested in your clinic.
  • Curation helps you get more content ideas. As you read, it can spark fresh topics that you can discuss on your blog, social media platforms, or website.
  • You can set up a quid pro quo with other marketers in your field. An easy example is creating backlinks for each other.

Most of all, it strengthens your authority with your leads. It tells your leads that you:

  • Know what you are talking about
  • Understand their challenges, problems, or pain points
  • Deliver solutions through education, not just services

Examples of Curated Content

  • Resource page, including the most popular blogs on your website
  • Industry news and updates
  • Compilations of relevant videos or podcasts
  • Product reviews and recommendations
  • Social media hashtags

3. Build a Social Media Community to Engage Prospects and Clients

Social media platforms are ideal for building relationships with your target market. Creating a community allows you to listen to their feedback, answer questions, and even offer help beyond your services. It also helps you identify potential leads who may not have heard of your clinic yet.

Unlike other marketing channels, social media allows you to go beyond formal and business messages and engage with people in a more relaxed atmosphere.

  • It boosts brand visibility by exposing your clinic to a wider network of people.
  • It increases your website traffic as you share links to relevant blog posts or webpages.
  • You get better insights into your target market and its interests.
  • It allows you to respond promptly to customer queries.
  • Your content reaches prospects and existing clients, who can become your brand advocates.
  • Social media content complements a mobile marketing plan.

Examples of Social Media Content

  • Shareable videos
  • Informative images with captions
  • Ask followers questions, especially in the comments section
  • Live Q&As and webinars
  • Interactive polls, surveys, contests, and giveaways

4. Use Email Marketing to Nurture Leads and Clients

A new study revealed that the cost of acquiring a new customer has already increased by over 220% since 2013. In other words, you could lose a lot of money by not keeping your leads and existing clients.

But how do you ensure they remain loyal to your clinic? One highly effective solution is email marketing.

  • It helps you build relationships and trust with your leads and clients.
  • You can personalize emails and segment them based on user interests or behavior.
  • It is fast, efficient, and cost-effective compared to other marketing channels.
  • You can track email performance metrics for better return-on-investment (ROI) insights.
  • You can automate the process, including the workflow, to avoid sending the same email multiple times.

Examples of Email Content

  • Welcome emails or newsletters
  • Educational content, such as how-to guides
  • Promotional offers and discount codes
  • Case studies and success stories from previous clients
  • Surveys and polls for gathering feedback from leads and existing customers

5. Invest in Paid Advertising for Maximum Reach

Everybody wants fast results on their marketing efforts and even quicker returns. If you have money to burn, consider paying for advertising.

This is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience, increase website traffic and conversions, and boost sales in just a few days. In fact, you can already see your ads in a few hours.

Paid advertising also helps you:

  • Gain visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Capture more leads and get more qualified prospects
  • Retarget previous visitors to your website
  • Attract the attention of a larger audience

Examples of Paid Advertising Content

  • Dynamic ads that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to display copies according to the user’s interests
  • Search engine advertising that places your ads on the top of SERP listings
  • Social media ads with visuals, videos, or GIFs to attract more attention
  • Remarketing campaigns to target website visitors who have not converted yet
  • Sponsored content to encourage influencers to promote your clinic

Summing Up

The demand is there. The next step is to use tools and techniques that are already out there to reach your target market.

These content marketing ideas for surgery clinics should help you get started. Use them wisely, measure their effectiveness, adjust the strategy where necessary, and keep track of your progress.

If you need help, work with a content marketing specialist or agency ready to learn about your brand, target market, and objectives. This way, you can fill the gap between you and your potential patients with content that truly converts.

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