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Challenges Creating Your Business Logo by Yourself

The design of a brand new logo takes creativity, analysis, and intuitive knowledge of your industry. A logo has to speak to your market and help encourage brand awareness. You will also want your logo to be dynamic, stand out, but still get the point across. Hitting all of these design concepts can be challenging, especially if it’s your first time creating a logo. You can learn a more straightforward process and avoid some of the common mistakes most designers make. 

Top Challenges You Encounter When Creating Your Logo Alone

After you create a logo, there are a lot of design issues you may discover too late. To avoid this, consider logo design software services that simplify the process. 

The Wrong Colors 

When you first make your logo, you’ll likely use the typical coding system such as RGB or CMYK. However, many new logo designers make the mistake of using the wrong colors that look great on print but appear terrible on computer screens. You should have the correct color code and make sure that the color is consistent both digitally and physically. Color must match your website color because you are presenting your brand with your logo, so,  you have to make sure that the logo colors and website colors are in good sync otherwise it won’t look like good branding.

Bad Branding

Your logo should represent your company in a way that symbolizes what your services are. It also shows your company’s personality, whether it’s upbeat, serious, or straight to business. A lot of logo designers may get off-track with their designs. You shouldn’t design a too silly logo, not professional, or simply doesn’t reflect the kind of business you are running. It should be evident at first glance, even to children. The logo must be self-explanatory to some extent that should complement your business.

The Wrong Resolution

Your logo requires you to use JPEG or PNG files with a minimum of 300 dots per inch (dpi). This is because a resolution of this density allows the image to retain its sharpness across various mediums, whether pdf or jpeg, all of your files will remain crisp and won’t lose their quality.  The bad resolution will make the logo look bad on different screens. So you have to make sure that you are choosing the right resolution for each screen.

Not Symmetrical 

Unless your logo is supposed to be asymmetrical, it should line up correctly where the icon is directly aligned with the words’ epicenter. There should be equal spacing on all sides. This is made easier with grid guidelines that help you line up the logo to create balance across the entire design. Even if you think it lines up, you should still use the grid because not everyone has an “artist’s eye.” 

Too Boring

Your logo has to speak volumes about your company and bring to the forefront what makes you special. While it may have some other business elements in your industry, you still need to stand out from the competition. If you look too generic, who will notice you? Logos have to be very innovative but also make sense for your business needs. For example, you see the logo of Amazon, how well it is designed, it has an arrow from A to Z, that says, you get everything from A to Z. That is what the great about it. You need to make something like that which reflects your business in some way.

Starting From Scratch

Many logo designers waste hours of their time starting a brand new piece of work from scratch. You can simplify the process and start with a template. There are many free logo makers on the internet which help speed up the process. See here for examples. 

How to Get Around Business Logo Challenges

There are many ways that you can overcome many obstacles most find themselves facing when they start their first logo. You can try free logo designers to provide you with bright ideas. 

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