Facebook Buys Whatsapp for $19 Billion
The Biggest news of this week is Facebook buys whatsapp. For all the fans of social networking websites, there is nothing more exciting than two of the major social platforms coming together to offer more valuable services to its users. Well, the latest buzz has been created by the father of all social networking websites… (27 comments)

Ultimate List of 25 Best Social Media Blogs
Every marketing expert uses the line “Content is King” repeatedly. Yes, I do accept the importance of quality content but I would say “right together with it, social media is of equal prominence”. Social media is the most innovative technological advancements in today’s life. So, keeping updated with the latest improvements in social networks is… (47 comments)

5 Ways to Tell You’re a Social Media Addict
The Internet is a huge component of our daily lives. Online technology and email are part and parcel of most jobs and nearly every person, place, and (sometimes) thing has its own website and/or social media profile. While some people don’t want to go anywhere near the Internet once five o’clock hits, there are others… (32 comments)

Does Your Company Need Social Media?
Breaking into a market can be hard for any company, new or old. Traditionally, to really make a splash you need a strong ad campaign that almost always resulted in a high budget and air time costs. Even in todays market, a lot of those truths are still standing, but luckily businesses have new options… (8 comments)