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How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

We have written many articles on OnlyFans, and I am sure you know well enough about it. But, in this article, I am going to discuss how you can make money without showing your face. While many content creators choose to show their faces to attract subscribers, it’s important to know that you can still make money on OnlyFans without revealing your identity. In this article, I will guide you on how you can keep your privacy and suggest measures on how to promote your content effectively, even when you’re not showing your face.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

OnlyFans is a great platform to showcase your skills and earn money through subscriptions. But, mostly OnlyFans is known for adult content, and it is flourishing. People are earning huge especially women models, you can check out our article about the Millionaires of OnlyFans to know how much they are earning.

Anyone who starts on OnlyFans often has numerous dreams, especially asking questions like “How to make $10k a month on OnlyFans without showing your face?” 

Here are some steps you need to perform to be successful on OnlyFans:

Choose a Profitable Niche

Niche selection is pivotal for creators refraining from showing their faces. Concentrate on niches spotlighting specific body parts or other distinct elements, diminishing the significance of facial exposure. Yes, you must choose the niche in which you don’t need to show your face. For example, if you want to show some leg-related exercises or something. You can go with that since you won’t need to show your face.

If you are not showing face, it would be a good idea to move to SFW content instead of NSFW. Because in NSFW, the audience comes to see you. Thus, SFW is the way out. You can try Fitness, cooking, gaming, travel, music, etc.

Choose a Catchy Profile Name

When you are not showing your face, it is somehow a downside for audiences, but if you can create better content, you will still be able to earn a lot. But, before everything, the thing that attracts people is the profile name or you call the stage name. Make sure that the stage name is somehow related to your niche, it should be smaller, and eye-grabbing.

Direct the Camera Toward Your physique

If you want to make money without showing your face, either you can choose some avatar basic character for showcasing your content or you can just show some parts of your body like feet or hair, or anything and make videos around that. This really works, and I will show examples further in this article.

Use Face Mask

If you are okay about coming in front, but don’t want to show your face. You can use some sort of face mask to hide your identity. This will even give you better chances to charge higher if somehow you want to show your face in the near future.

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Sell Audio Instead of Video

Believe me, audio sells well too. If you are not comfortable in showing your face or even body. Try to create audio content for your OnlyFans profile, and it will sell like hotcakes. You just have to make sure that the content is interesting and that the audience would love to listen to it.

Sell Feet Pics and videos or Lips videos

There are different people around the world, and many have a fetish to watch only feet pics and videos, and maybe some are there who love to look at sexy lips photos and videos. So, you can plan well, and take great videos of your feet or lips, and start selling on your OnlyFans.

One of the examples I found while researching where someone who shared on a forum that she is earning well while showing only her lips.

This is an example, you can find many who are doing such, and earning cool money out there.

How to Promote Your OnlyFans Profile Anonymously?

Craft social media profiles

Leverage social media platforms for promotional endeavors, but create fresh accounts featuring the same pseudonym and email address to uphold anonymity. Platforms like Reddit can serve as a launching point. When you make social profiles, make sure to use an Avatar rather than your original photo because you don’t want to show your face. Make sure that your OnlyFans profile and social profiles have similar profile photos. This helps attract the audience’s attention quickly.

Forum promotion

Promoting your OnlyFans profile in forums is the best way to get some eyeballs in your newly created profile. Reddit and many other forums are where you can easily promote your OnlyFans profile along with some lucrative texts that appeal to the audience. This way, you may get some genuine subscribers from there.

Collaborate with fellow creators

Collaboration with fellow creators in the same niche can give a quick boost to your OnlyFans profile, and you will suddenly get some subscribers. Collaboration is one of the finest ways to promote your OnlyFans account.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Body?

As I mentioned earlier, if you don’t want to show your face and even body, then go for SFW content. You can find a lot of niches such as cooking, fitness, gaming, and others. There are creators who are earning a lot from these niches as well.

The only thing that matters is your content must be very good because competition is high, and until you give something better and of high quality, you won’t get better results.


Ignore if someone says you can’t make money if you don’t show your face or even body. There is always earning potential if you create good content, and promote it well.

I have mentioned a few good ways, that you can employ to earn on OnlyFans without showing your face. I hope these tips help.

If you have concerns or queries, please do ask in the comments, and  I am here to respond to them. Thank you.

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