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A Guide to Developing Software in 2021

Software developers are among the highest sought after professionals in today’s increasingly digital workplace, especially with the switch for millions around the world to working from home in response to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. How is the landscape looking for developing software in 2021? 

Let’s answer this question!

How in Demand is Software Development?

As the world moves more and more towards full digital implementation, software is being developed at an increasingly fast pace and projects to go even further in the years to come. The prospects for working in an ever growing industry is a great sign if you’re looking to start developing software. If you aren’t a software developer already, now is a great time to start! If you are, there is still much to learn!

What Are Some Trends I Need to Know About?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, software developers have been in a sprint of sorts to pump out new apps and software. Developers are increasingly crunching more hours (albeit at home) and are trying to meet deadlines quicker. We as consumers are also utilizing our digital devices and relying on them more. There are a few definitive trends that are appearing in response to these issues. 

Adopting Low Code Programs

A term I am sure you have been seeing more and more, low code programs generally require less knowledge using their graphical interfaces than programming using the traditional hand-coded method. Low code programs are increasingly becoming more popular among software developers as the amount of time to code is significantly quicker. If you want an edge in the game, you should look into low code programming more. 

Keeping Up With All the Modern Tools

As we have been moving more towards a digital workplace, more social connectivity apps and organizational tools have been popping up in the app stores. For a cohesive workplace, it would be best to take advantage of organizational tools that keep all of the workers on the same page. Working with a modern professional software development company like Nisman Solutions can also make sure your project is up to date. 

Protect Against Hackers

As software developers are getting better at their jobs, so are those pesky hackers. In just 2018 alone, 63% of companies surveyed say their data may have been compromised due to a hacking breach in their systems. We increasingly hear of big data leaks regarding major companies like Facebook, Equifax, Chase etc. but these leaks happen each day to thousands of small companies and individuals around the world. It’s essential to keep you anti-virus and malware protection up to date!

Keep An Eye on Open Source Software

A massive trend happening throughout the tech world is open source software and the amount of choice people are being given. Some developers are releasing their products open source and relying on alternative streams of income (ad’s, sponsorship, crowdfunding etc.) to support their livelihood. As these software are becoming more popular and are actually often more secure, it is changing the way we use software and where we get it from. 

Make Sure You Have an Upgraded/Functional IT System

Believe it or not, some developers out there are not very pro-change! We get it, it’s easier to go with what you know vs learning something new. This way of thinking is very counterproductive. If your entire work system is outdated and the workflow is stalling, you are not getting the most production as you can. Hiring an IT consultant to identify shortcomings could prove to be very beneficial in keeping your system up to date and secure, while also improving the workflow and organizational skill of your team. 

Do Your Research, Keep Up to Date!

If you’re already crunching away code and sweating countless hours typing away, make sure to take some time to do your research as well! So often developers are caught lagging behind and missing key tools and programs that can help dramatically make their lives easier. Join a coding forum, keep networking with other developers, ensure you have the up to date data. Making software is one thing, understanding the climate in which we code in is another!

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